Where is Travelpro Luggage Made 2024 (Made in USA!)

Travelpro luggage is made in China. Every luggage is made focusing on strict quality control standards to ensure reliability and durability.

Although Travelpro is an American company, its production takes place outside of the United States.

Where is Travelpro Luggage Made

The company has been selling a wide range of premium-quality luggage for more than 30 years. It is one of the most trusted luggage brands for travelers and airline employees.

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Who manufactures Travelpro luggage?

Local skilled artisans manufacture Travelpro luggage in China under the instruction of the Travelpro company. They collect necessary materials from various suppliers around the world.

Travelpro luggage is thoughtfully designed & meticulously constructed by expert manufacturers. Hence, they assure the highest quality luggage than its competitor brands in the market.

The soft-side Travelpro luggage is crafted from dense fabrics with a protective DuraGuard coating. In that case, it helps to resist water, stains, and abrasions during rigorous traveling.

On the other hand, the hard-side Travelpro luggage features ultra-strong polycarbonate shells that help to resist cracking, splitting, and scratches.

Where is Travelpro Luggage Made

Who owns Travelpro luggage?

MidOcean Partners currently owns Travelpro. It is a New York-based asset management firm.

In 2016, Travelpro Group was acquired by MidOcean Partners for an undisclosed amount. In recent years, Travelpro has gained enormous popularity as one of the leading marketers of high-quality luggage.  

Bob Plath founded the luggage supplier brand in 1987. He was a Northwest Airlines pilot. At his retirement, he founded the company and revolutionized luggage in the travel industry with a few simple tweaks.

Currently, Travelpro is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. Besides, it has seven office locations throughout the United States.

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What is the quality of Travelpro luggage?

Travelpro luggage collections are best known for their impressive quality and functionality. Their smooth-rolling wheels and well-organized spaces make them a top choice for airline professionals.

Each Travelpro luggage is made with the PrecisionGlide system. It combines three innovations-

  • MagnaTrac self-aligning for 360° magnetic spinner wheels
  • Patented Contour Grip for comfortable & easy maneuvering
  • Patented PowerScope airline-grade aluminum extension handle

One of its unique features is an external USB A & C ports system. Besides, it provides up to 5 packing options that can customize your packing versatility.

Travelpro luggage strongly withstands rigorous travel. Their robust constructions suit your short business trip and extended vacation.

Currently, Travelpro is the preferred luggage brand for hundreds of crews in 90 airlines and countless travelers worldwide.  Travelpro luggages are hassle-free and easy to carry anywhere.

Is Travelpro worth buying?

Travelpro luggage is worth buying depending on the individual’s travel requirements, preferences, and budget constraints.

They are strong, roomy, elegant, and easy to wheel. Travelpro luggage fits much more than you would think.

The company never compromises the quality. Every luggage undergoes rigorous tests to ensure the highest quality before being in the market.

Travelpro luggage enhances the travel experience. They are very sturdy, lightweight, well-built, and long-lasting. In that case, they could be an ideal companion during traveling. Travelpro luggage keeps you organized on vacation.

If you are a frequent traveler, the durability and top-notch quality of Travelpro luggage could make it a sound and worthwhile investment.