Where Are Rolex Watches Made 2024 – Is It Swiss Made?

Rolex watches are renowned worldwide for their exceptional quality and iconic status. These watches are a statement of refined taste and a symbol of enduring excellence in the world of luxury.

Many people wondered “Where are Rolex watches made?” In this article, we will delve into the captivating realm of Rolex watches & explore the manufacturing facilities.

According to the official website, Rolex watches are made, assembled, and tested exclusively in Switzerland. The entirety of Rolex watch production takes place across four key locations in Switzerland: Acacias, Bienne, Plan-les-Ouates, and Chene-Bourg.

Where Are Rolex Watches Made

Another production facility of Rolex watches is under construction in Bulle. Rolex has made a strategic and forward-thinking decision by consolidating the entirety of its production on four manufacturing sites.

The company strives to improve watches based on customer needs constantly. Rolex watches can withstand extreme conditions for their precision craftsmanship and stability.

Are Rolex Watches Made in China?

No, Rolex watches are not made in China. There are no Chinese components or movements in a genuine Rolex watch.

Rolex watches are 100% designed and assembled in Switzerland. The company has multiple Swiss-based manufacturing plants specializing in different aspects of the watch’s construction.

You may find numerous counterfeit Rolex watches in the local market tagged with “made in China.” However, the real Rolex watches are only manufactured in Switzerland.

Rolex watches made in China

Who Makes Rolex Watches?

Rolex SA makes Rolex watches. It is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer. Since its inception, Rolex SA has been manufacturing Rolex watches.

In addition, Rolex has a subsidiary company named “Montres Tudor SA.” This company also designs and makes watches under the Rolex brand.

Rolex SA and its subsidiary brand have an expert manufacturing team including designers, mechanical engineers, and meticulous quality controllers. They make it possible to epitomize Rolex watches as a part of a luxury lifestyle.  

Every watch is designed and made to withstand the test of life. Ensuring seamless usability is a cornerstone of the company’s philosophy while making watches.

Rolex watches are crafted using the highest quality materials available. Besides, every timepiece undergoes rigorous quality testing procedures to ensure impeccable performance and reliability before it reaches the watch market.

Who Owns Rolex?

The Hans Wilsdorf Foundation has owned Rolex since 1960. It is a private family trust established by Hans Wilsdorf. He is the founder of Rolex.

Hans Wilsdorf, a German businessman, founded Rolex SA in 1905 and introduced the first Rolex wristwatch in the market. In 1960, he transferred his complete ownership stake in Rolex to the foundation.

This foundation still holds sole ownership of Rolex SA and exercises comprehensive oversight over all aspects of the company’s activities from production to distribution. Hence, it has no single owner.

How Do You Know If a Rolex is Real?

A sound check is a great way to determine a real Rolex watch. However, there are multiple effective methods to spot an authentic Rolex watch including,

Crown marking: 

The crown logo on the real Rolex watch is well-defined with sharp edges and fine detailing. You will find the crown mark above the Rolex name on the authentic watch.

Serial number: 

Every Rolex watch comes with a 4-8 digit serial number that corresponds to a specific model & configuration. The serial number is perfectly marked in a solid line and it will shine in the light.


If possible, open the case back of the watch to inspect the movement. Genuine Rolex movements bear the Rolex name and logo. The individual parts of the watch will be immaculately finished.

Additionally, you will find modern technologies including optical scanning and 3D printing on the real Rolex watches.

Cyclops lens: 

The Cyclops lens magnifies the date window by 2.5 times and is centered perfectly. Additionally, the date will be visible clearly.


The authentic Rolex watches have some weight because of their solid construction. Be wary if the watch feels unusually light or cheap.

Examine case back: 

The Rolex watch’s case back does not contain the crown marking or logo of the company. You will find a clear case back on the real Rolex watches.


The genuine Rolex watch comes with a premium box. Besides, you will get little green papers like credit cards or family bargains loyalty cards.

By carefully examining these features, you can determine whether a Rolex watch is authentic or counterfeit

Why is Rolex So Expensive?

Rolex watches are so expensive because of their quality craftsmanship and precision engineering. The company uses only the finest and most expensive materials to make watches.

Expensive materials like Gold, Cerachrom, Platinum, Titanium, and 904L steel are used to make Rolex watches. Hence, these watches are expensive in the market.

The company invests heavily in research and development to innovate and improve its timepieces. As a result, it needs technological advancements. This commitment contributes to the high prices of Rolex watches.