Where Are JanSport Backpacks Made 2024? – (Revealed)

The popularity of JanSport bags among North American and European high school and university students is boundless. This brand has become a common name for backpacks in those regions.

JanSport’s headquarters is in Alameda, California, USA. However, it manufactures and assembles backpacks in several countries across the globe. The countries where JanSport backpacks are made are given below:

  • China
  • Lesotho
  • Thailand
  • Cambodia

But JanSport purchases zippers from Japan. Also, the fabric used in its backpack comes from Wichita, Kansas. Thus, JanSport backpack production is something we can say is versatile.

Where Are JanSport Backpacks Made

Oh, do you want to know more about JanSport? Well, dive into the following text to learn everything you need about this backpack company before you buy one.

Who manufactures JanSport backpacks?

JanSport does not manufacture its bags. The brand has dealt with some third-party manufacturers in different countries to do the fabrication and assembly for them.

If you check your JanSport bag’s label, you will see it is made in a Chinese manufacturing hub. By manufacturing hub, a factory or industry that connects manufacturing partners with the dealer company.

There is a company in Panyu Village, Guangdong, China, named Keng Tau Handbag Company. This company manufactures backpacks for JanSport.

Like this, there are other manufacturers in some countries where JanSport produces its backpacks for the business. Now, the question is, how does JanSport control the backpack’s quality?

Well, we need to look at JanSport’s supply chain for that. The primary cloth, Cordura, used in its backpacks comes from Kansas, United States. And the zipper comes from Japan. Both suppliers are JanSport’s partners.

Besides, the quality of the products is thoroughly checked under strict supervision. Therefore, the final product becomes flawless and of excellent quality.

But again, JanSport gives a lifetime warranty to its backpacks. It is a massive commitment that most companies avoid. So, there are better options than quality fluctuation for JanSport backpacks.

VF Corporation

Who owns JanSport backpacks?

An American apparel and footwear company, VF Corporation, owns the JanSport backpack brand. It acquired JanSport in 1986.

In 1967, Murray Pletz founded JanSport using the reward money he got from a contest by the Aluminum Company of America. After establishing the company, he named it after his wife, Jan Lewis.

Murray Pletz started JanSport under Blue Bell Overall Company. Blue Bell is an American jeans and clothing manufacturer. Previously, it was known as Hudson Overall Company. Interestingly, its production facilities are all across the world.

In 1986, VF Corporation purchased JanSport from Blue Bell. Since then, JanSport has been operating under VF. Now, let’s learn a little about VF, shall we?

VF Corporation, also known as Vanity Fair, is an American apparel and footwear brand. In 1899, John Barbey established this apparel company in Colorado. Currently, its headquarters is in Denver, Colorado.

However, VF Corporation is not a permanent umbrella for JanSport. In December 2022, VF announced it would sell JanSport if it got around 500 million dollars. However, it is a matter of uncertainty.

What material is the JanSport backpack made of?

JanSport primarily uses polyester and nylon for its backpack clothes. However, the brand also has leather bag lineups as well.

One of the most lucrative features of a product is the material texture and durability. In both of these, JanSport backpacks have achieved high marks with flying colors. Let’s crack the reasons one by one.

JanSport uses polyester as its backpack’s clothes because it can resist moisture. Besides, polyester has the quality to dry up quickly in minutes. Also, if you are looking for water-resistant cloth, the polyester would be ideal.

But some JanSport backpacks are made of nylon materials. These bags will not protect your valuable items from rain or other liquids.

When discussing JanSport backpack materials, how can we forget about leather? JanSport has a lineup of leather bags. The leather this brand uses is exceptionally high quality and built to last.

All these materials come from various regions of the world. However, the quality of the clothing has no compromise as the materials are the ones that represent the most.

Now, let’s talk about the zippers. JanSport uses zippers that come from Japan. And you know, Japan is known for its purity and quality of products.

What made JanSport famous?

JanSport hit the limelight in 1972 when the brand brought the Dome Tent into the apparel market.

In 1972, JanSport invented the Dome Tent. After the first week of release, it became so famous that the brand could not keep up with the demand in the market. The orders were coming faster than the production speed.

It was a massive success for a small company at that time. In 2022, JanSport celebrated that huge success’s 50th anniversary. Now, JanSport is one of the two mega backpack companies in the US bag market.

Besides the dome tent, JanSport backpacks have certain features, such as durability, appealing design, less expensive, etc. It has made this brand more famous than any other backpack brand.