4 Washing Machine Made in Germany 2024 – (Revealed)

Washing Machine Made in Germany

German washing machines are renowned worldwide for their precision, innovative features, superior performance, and commitment to quality.

Only 4 brands manufacture washing machines in Germany.

Some renowned brands such as Miele, Neff, STAHL, and Constructa offer German washing machines in the market & prioritize their domestic production.

These brands uphold the high standards of German craftsmanship. German manufacturers have solidified their reputation in the worldwide electronics industry by offering an extensive range of top-notch washing machines.

Let’s discover each of these brands that sell German washing machines.

Miele washing machine


Miele is a family-owned company specializing in manufacturing the best quality household & kitchen appliances, including washing machines, coffee machines, refrigerators, and dishwashers.

The company has a couple of production plants in Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Miele washing machines and washer-dryers are produced at the oldest production plant in Gutersloh, Germany.


One of its most economical and powerful washing machines is the WXF660 WCS TDos washing machine. It embodies innovative laundry care & maximum convenience.

The unique feature of this washing machine is automatic detergent dispensing support. Its automatic load recognition feature is ideal for both small and large loads efficiently.

Smart control systems and cutting-edge technologies make Miele washing machines a symbol of efficiency and sustainability.


Founded in 1877, Neff is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end household appliances in Southern Germany. They manufacture washing machines, ovens, cooktops, microwaves, and other kitchen appliances.

Neff has a large manufacturing factory in Bretten, Germany to produce its household and kitchen appliances. Expert manufacturers produce Neff products using the most innovative technologies in Germany.

Its product lines include two high-performance washing machines. These Germany-made washing machines are:

  • Neff W544BX2GB Built-in washing machine
  • Neff W543BX2GB Built-in washing machine

These washing machines contain an Intelligent Stepless Water System to reduce water use. Besides, they provide optimal washing results in up to 65% less time.

Neff washing machines are energy-efficient and budget-friendly. The premium look of the Neff washing machine enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home.

STAHL washing machine germany


STAHL is a German company best known for manufacturing commercial washing machines and laundry systems. Currently, the company offers three different types of washing machines to cover all bases for commercial washing applications.

These washing machines are:

  • ATOLL high-speed professional – Ideal for hotels, catering, and sports club
  • WS medium-speed – Ideal for ships and equestrian sports
  • DIVMAT hygienic – Ideal for hospitals, retirement & care homes, and rescue services

STAHL manufactures these high-end washing machines in Germany, particularly at the company’s factory in Sindelfingen.


To ensure maximum reliability for a long time, each STAHL washing machine is made from only high-quality and robust materials. They are energy efficient and consume less water during the washing process.

Constructa washing machine


Constructa is a subsidiary brand of BSH Hausgerate. It was a leading provider of automatic washing machines in the 1950s in Germany.

Now, BSH produces Constructa washing machines in Berlin, Germany. Constructa has a wide range of front-loaded washing machines.  CWF14G111 Frontloader is the top-rated washing machine of Constructa washing machine collections.

The best thing about this washing machine is less vibration & noise. It is durable, high-performance, energy-efficient, and water-saving.

Constructa washing machines are ideal for the care & protection of clothing. Their freestanding designs elevate the visual charm of your home.

Final Words

German washing machines are a testament to precision engineering, quality craftsmanship, and the legacy of unparalleled innovation.

Although it is difficult to find German washing machines, brands like Miele, Neff, STAHL, and Constructa have made it possible to offer German washing machines in the market.

If you seek an energy-efficient and superior-build German washing machine, you can buy the expected washing machine from any of the above brands.