4 Dehumidifiers Made in USA 2024 (Revealed & Analyzed)

Dehumidifiers Made in USA

American-made dehumidifier usually signifies quality craftsmanship, premium design, and a commitment to environmental & labor standards. If you are looking for a dehumidifier made in the USA, this article is for you.

Only 4 brands manufacture dehumidifiers in the USA

Several renowned brands that sell American-made dehumidifiers include AprilAire, Santa Fe, Quest, and DCA.

These US-based companies uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship and contribute to the local economy.

Let’s discover each of these brands in detail.

AprilAire dehumidifier


AprilAire has been providing some of the best quality humidifiers since 1954. All AprilAire dehumidifiers are proudly made at Madison and Poynette facilities in Wisconsin, USA.

One of its bestselling dehumidifiers is the AprilAire E07070-Pint dehumidifier. It is built with corrosion-resistant aluminum coils, and it can reduce airborne viruses.

AprilAire made in usa

The best feature of this dehumidifier is its 70 pints moisture-removing capacity in a day. It is heavily built and features a washable filter.

AprilAire dehumidifiers provide healthy air in your home that ensures better sleep, more productivity, and virus protection. Besides, they balance the home’s humidity and reduce dust mites.

Santa Fe dehumidifiers

Santa Fe

Santa Fe manufactures a wide range of high-quality dehumidifiers that protect your family and property from the harmful effects of uncontrolled moisture.

The production of Santa Fe dehumidifiers takes place in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Santa Fe offers a complete line of whole-house ventilating dehumidifiers that are healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient.


Santa Fe Ultra205 Dehumidifier is a top-rated dehumidifier in the company’s product lines. It is ideally suitable for large homes with high ceilings.

This humidifier can provide the proper amount of fresh air ventilation for up to 5,000 square feet of space. It is an efficient water removal machine that can remove up to 25 gallons of water per day.

Santa Fe dehumidifiers are well-built, strong, and energy-efficient.


Quest is an American company best known for producing the most efficient commercial dehumidifiers with long warranties in the market.

All Quest dehumidifiers are exclusively built in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Quest 506 is a popular dehumidifier in the company’s high-efficiency dehumidifier series.

Quest dehumidifier made in usa

The best feature of this dehumidifier is its 506-pint capacity. It makes the dehumidifier one of the most powerful and energy-efficient commercial air filtration machines.

It is an ideal product for use in indoor growing facilities, greenhouses, warehouses, and other industrial spaces.


DCA is a renowned American brand that manufactures some of the best quality dehumidifiers to heat and cool air in residential swimming pool rooms and industrial places.

The company offers an extensive line of horizontal dehumidifiers and vertical dehumidifiers in the market. DCA4100T is one of the best selling dehumidifiers in its product lines.

DCA xhumidifier made in usa

It is a non-water heating assist dehumidifier that comes with the standard microprocessor control system and TEFC Blower 2 hp motor.

DCA builds all dehumidifiers in its own facility located in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, USA.

Final words

While the American market is over-flooded with dehumidifiers made overseas, there are still some renowned brands such as AprilAire, Santa Fe, Quest, and DCA that prioritize domestic production by making them in US-based facilities.

You can buy an efficient US-made dehumidifier from any of the above brands.

By opting for an American-made dehumidifier, you can enjoy the benefits of superior excess moisture-removing technology and contribute to the growth of the American national economy.