Where Are Zolucky Clothes Made 2024? – (Revealed)

Zolucky is a Chinese company, and it did not disclose the production site location of its clothing.

It is a China-based fast fashion e-commerce company known for offering products at a cheap price range. It sells a wide range of women’s trendy apparel items, including tops, pants, blouses, t-shirts, and sweaters.

Where Are Zolucky Clothes Made

As Zolucky is a Chinese company, it is highly possible that its products are entirely made in China. However, there needs to be more information available about the Zolucky manufacturing facility location at this moment.

What country is Zolucky located in?

Zolucky is located in China. According to the sources, the company has an international location in the United Kingdom.

However, the company has not established an operational location in the United States or North America. All Zolucky clothing items are shipped from China through third-party delivery companies.

What rating does Zolucky have?

Zolucky has 4.3 ratings out of 5 on casual short-sleeved tunic tops that we have found on Amazon.

As far as we know, Zolucky raises concerns among buyers about its legitimacy due to false advertisements, an ambiguous return policy, and inaccurate product descriptions. The company provides dresses made of the lowest-grade materials.

Some websites have conveyed that customers are only partially satisfied with their service and product quality. Many people claim that Zolucky is not a reliable company at all. It delivers different clothing than it advertises publicly.

The fabrics of Zolucky clothing are cheap and have weird feelings. Additionally, they smell like chemicals. Buyers suffer a lot trying to return the clothes to the company. The company needs to acknowledge the return instructions correctly.

Before buying Zolucky clothing, it is best to check customer reviews to get a proper idea of the quality of apparel items.

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Who owns Zolucky?

As a privately held company, Zolucky is owned by itself. It does not have any individual owner right now.

Zolucky has been in business since 2019. The clothing brand was founded mainly focusing on the European and American clothing markets. Anyway, it did not get enough popularity in the American clothing market untill now.

The founder and other key personnel information of Zolucky have yet to be discovered to the public. Zolucky is interested in disclosing only some detailed information as part of its business strategy.