The 6 Wallet Made in USA 2024 – (Full Updated List)

Wallet Made in USA

Wallet is an essential accessory for holding money & necessary cards, especially when traveling. Many companies make wallets in various locations worldwide.

Only 6 brands manufacture wallets in the USA

Several renowned brands that sell American-made wallets include Filson, Shinola, Tanner Goods, Flowfold, Casupo, and Disc Studio.

American-made wallets are generally known for their quality craftsmanship, durability, and longevity. Keep on reading to learn more in detail…

Filson wallet made in usa


Founded in 1897, Filson is a leading manufacturer of apparel and accessories. Its product line includes wool jackets, vests, shirts, sweatshirts, hats, wallets, and other accessories.

The company offers 8 different types of US-made wallets in the market. Filson Bridle Leather BI-Fold wallet is a best-selling wallet that is handcrafted in Seattle, Washington.

It is made of vegetable-tanned bridle leather and heavy-duty bonded nylon thread. This wallet is far superior in weight, finish, and quality.

Filson wallets are sturdy and provide enough room to carry your money and credit cards. They are genuinely comfortable to keep in your pockets.

Shinola made in usa


Shinola is an American company that manufactures watches, bags, wallets, belts, and other small leather goods.

Although Shinola is best known for manufacturing watches, it also manufactures some high-quality wallets for both men & women in the USA. The production takes place in a New Center, Detroit factory.

Shinola products made in usa

Using domestic leather, local craftspeople produce Shinola wallets in the USA. Shinola Slim Bifold is a popular US-made men’s wallet with a unique leather-lined cash pocket.

On the contrary, Shinola Utility Passport Wallet is a popular US-made women’s wallet. It comes with five faille-lined card pockets & unlined passport pockets.

Shinola wallets are designed to withstand decades of travel. Their quality and craftsmanship may far exceed your expectations.

Tanner Goods wallet

Tanner Goods

Tanner Goods takes immense pride in crafting exceptional leather goods including wallets, belts, bags, and accessories. Each belt, wallet, and leather accessory Tanner Goods produces is meticulously handcrafted in the United States.

Using the highest-quality leather, the skilled artisan team designed Tanner Goods wallets in Portland and sewn in Minnesota.

The company is committed to making durable and long-lasting wallets. Tanner Goods wallets are made with sturdy materials and built to last long without being curved.

Utility Bifold – Natural is the best selling wallet of Tanner Goods. It is an ideal option for carrying your credit cards and money.

Casupo wallet made usa


Flowfold is an American company committed to supporting local communities and manufacturing. All Flowfold products including wallets, bags, backpacks, and other accessories are entirely made in Maine, USA.

The company produces some of the best quality wallets in its own facility using sustainable fabrics and sturdy materials. Recycled Sailcloth Vanguard is a popular US-made wallet of Flowfold wallet collections.

It is made with recycled sailcloth fabric. As a result, this wallet is skinny, durable, and lightweight. It is an ideal wallet for holding about 5 credit cards, medical insurance cards, business cards, and cash.

Flowfold wallet


Casupo is a leading manufacturer of sustainable leather wallets. They use a mix of vegetable-tanned leather as well as full-grain leather for making quality wallets.

Each Casupo wallet is exclusively made in the USA, particularly in California. Mini Envelope Wallet with RFID Protection is a California-made popular wallet in the Casupo wallet lines.

It is a sleek and space-saving card holder that is ideal for safely keeping all cards & cash together. Casupo wallets are very trendy & stylish.

Disc Studio

Disc is an American independent company that continues to bring out exciting products. The company assures that every product is created at the highest sustainable quality.

Currently, the company offers two US-made wallets. These are:

  • Disc Hero Wallet – Heart
  • Disc Hero Wallet – Star

Disc wallets are proudly made in San Francisco. They are made with durable full-grain vegetable-tanned leather. They are super slim, lightweight, and long-lasting. 

The unique feature of the Disc wallet is its holding capacity, which can carry up to 4 cards without stretching the original dimension of the wallet. It is a perfect substantial protective case.

Final Words

While wallets made in the USA are indeed rare, a few brands such as Filson, Shinola, Tanner Goods, Flowfold, Casupo, and Disc Studio sell US-made wallets in the market.

So, you can buy an American-made wallet from any of the above brands that suit your needs & style.

Investing in wallets from any of the above companies means you are conscious about getting the highest quality products or supporting the local business and the growing American economy.