Where is Brandy Melville Made 2024? – (Revealed)

A regular teenage girl or a young woman will definitely recognize Brandy Melville on the first call. It has made a fashion wave among girls worldwide even though this brand is controversial for its single-size clothing.

Brandy Melville’s official LinkedIn page states that it manufactures clothes in Italy. However, over half of its clothing line comes with Made In China tags. Therefore, this brand has manufacturing facilities in both Italy and China.

Where is Brandy Melville Made

However, China and Italy are only some of the places where Brandy Melville manufactures its garments. Some of its clothing lines are produced in the United States and European countries.

Are you curious to know more about Brandy Melville? Well, here we are for you. Read the following article to discover more about this women’s clothing and fashion brand.

Who owns Brandy Melville?

Brandy Melville is a family-owned brand. Currently, Stephan Marsan is chief executive officer and owner of this company.

In the early 80s, Silvio Marsan and Stefan Marsan, his son, opened a clothing store. Their business grew over the years, and in 2009, Marsan’s stores reached the United States.

This Marcon’s family business is the root of the Brandy Melville brand. It is registered as a company in Italy. Thus, it follows the Italian Company Act and European Union rules and regulations.

Another member of Brandy Melville besides Stephan Marsan is Salvatore Rianna. He is the chief financial officer of this women’s fashion brand.

Though Brandy Melville has some controversial workings, it is still one of the most demanded clothing brands among teenagers and young women. It is due to its fashion sense and unique policies in making clothes.

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Is Brandy Melville from China?

Brandy Melville is an Italian brand. However, the company makes half of its clothing line from China.

China is a desirable region for most industrialists. The Chinese region’s labor act is not up to the mark. Workers have to work a minimum of 40 hours per week. And the wages for their work are not worth it.

Besides, in China, factory workers work six days per week and get one day off. Chinese industries do not maintain ethical production. Therefore, for higher profit and production, China is an ideal region.

Now, let’s talk about Brandy Melville. This brand also manufactures its products in China, even though it is an Italian company. So, what can be the reason? Well, the answer is straight: less investment and more profit.

But again, not all Brandy Melville clothes come from China. Some are made in Italy, Switzerland, and the United States. But again, among these three places, Italy is the place where Brandy Melville makes most of its clothing.

Well, let’s talk about where you can get Brandy Melville for yourself. This brand has 175 stores in 97 countries. The countries with the most stores are listed below:

  • Indonesia
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Norway
  • The United Kingdom
  • The United States

However, don’t worry if you are in any of these countries. Brandy Melville ships its garments worldwide. Just order through its website store.

What kind of fabric does Brandy Melville use?

Most Brandy Melville clothes, especially shirts, intimates, and tops, are made of 100 percent cotton. But in some clothing, such as jeans and bottoms, the brand uses up to 30 percent polyester.

Brandy Melville targets young women with excellent figures. Most customers of this brand are teenage girls with great fashion sense. To make fast fashion clothes, Brandy Melville sometimes has to use synthetic materials in its clothing.

But again, the brand always focuses on comfortability. If you wear a brand’s clothes with discomfort, you will probably stop purchasing its products. Thus, the brand has taken this matter very seriously for consumer coziness.

Besides all these, the brand does not use any additives or chemicals that can create allergic reactions. Therefore, it is suitable for any woman.

If you go to Brandy Melville’s website store, you will see all the clothing is under 30 dollars. It is a fair range of price. You can get this brand’s garments at that cheap price due to the natural materials used for the production.

Why is Brandy Melville controversial?

Well, Brandy Melville is notoriously famous for its controversial policies. One of the most significant controversies is made for its single-fit clothing manufacturing.

Going to a random clothing store will find different fits for the same garment, such as S, M, L, XL, etc. However, Brandy Melville’s policy is foreign. The brand manufactures only one-fit clothing.

As a result, chubby or skinny women cannot wear Brandy Melville’s clothes. It has made people so angry about this brand. However, the brand’s popularity did not fall but rose.

Due to this odd policy, teenage girls buy this brand’s clothes to express their excellent body size. And the girls who cannot wear this brand’s product do workouts every day to have a taste of wearing this brand’s clothing.

In other words, Brandy Melville has made an excellent fashion wave among young girls.

However, this is not the only controversy about this brand. According to Daily Mail, Brandy Melville’s CEO has been firing employees for being overweight or black. This decision violates the indiscrimination norms.