Where Are Greenies Made 2024? – (Revealed)

Greenies are completely made in the United States. The production plant of Greenies is located in Kansas City.  

Since 1996, the company has been making dental treatment products continuously. Its flagship product is Dental Chew which is designed to clean dogs’ teeth and freshen their breath.

Besides, Greenies also manufactures Immune Health Supplements, Pill Pockets, and Cat products. It became a leading manufacturer of dog food products in the USA within a short time.

However, the company offers both with and without grain products. They include easy-to-digest grains that contain a good source of nutrients including protein, fats, and vitamins.

Are Greenies made in China?

The answer is “No.” Greenies are not made in China at all.

Currently, Greenies are only made in the United States, particularly in Kansas City collecting ingredients from several countries around the world. The company did not release its exact sourcing information on its official website.

Each formula of Greenies pet nutrition is made according to the guidelines of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Who is the manufacturer of Greenies

Who is the manufacturer of Greenies?

Nutro Products, Incorporated is the manufacturer of Greenies. It is a subsidiary brand of Mars Incorporated which is based in Franklin, Tennessee.

The company maintains the highest standards and safety to manufacture the Dental Dog Treats products. Moreover, each product goes through a rigorous quality test before packaging.

Greenies pet food products are manufactured by a team of experts. They are experts in nutrition, food science, animal science, and veterinary science. Hence, they can create the perfect recipe for pet dental treat products.

The company manufactures each Dental Treat with a blend of nutritious and easily digestible ingredients that help to promote overall pet health. As a result, many pet lovers prefer Greenies products for their pet dog or cat.

Who owns Greenies?

Mars Incorporated currently owns Greenies. It is an American well-known manufacturer of confectionery and pet products.

In 2006, Mars acquired Greenies for an unrevealed amount. After the acquisition, Greenies had seen a great expansion throughout the whole country within a couple of years.

During that period, the company sold more than 315 million Greenies a year. Following the year, Mars made approximately $18 billion from sales.

Dr. Joseph Roetheli and Judy Roetheli are the founders of Greenies. They turned into successful entrepreneurs in 1996 by beginning the pet product company.

Greenies became one of the fastest-growing pet products manufacturers in the United States. It is the eighth-largest pet food company in the world and received over 4 dozen honourable awards.  

Do vets actually recommend Greenies?

Yes, Vets actually recommend Greenies products. Greenies products are accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC).

The brand has ensured the vet’s recommendation on its official website. In that case, it is really safe and nutritious to give your pets.

Greenies products have some kind of health benefit. The brand is unique in manufacturing dental treat products for pets distinguishing itself from competitor brands in the market.  

The popular Greenies dental chew is made of natural ingredients that are free from any harmful substances. It helps to maintain your dog’s healthy teeth. 

Veterinarians have no complaints about Greenies Dog Dental Treat & Chews. Hence, they recommend Greenies products for your pet dogs and cats.

How long do Greenies last after opening?

Once opened, Greenies product lasts one to two months.

However, the shelf life of Greenies products actually depends on some factors including storage conditions, weather, and storage places.

In addition, you have to follow the specific instructions provided on the packaging to preserve after opening the product package. Greenies products should be stored in a cool and dry place.

An unopened Greenies Dog Dental Treat ensures a shelf life of eighteen months from the date of manufacture. It is packaged with nitrogen to prevent fat oxidation for long-lasting.