Where are Sleep Number beds made 2024

Sleep Number manufactures some of the finest sleep products available in the market. The company is well-known for its prominent product “Sleep Number bed”.

Before buying a Sleep Number bed, you may wonder; “Where are Sleep Number beds made”

Sleep Number beds are manufactured in the USA. The company have four facilities in four cities. Those are Salt Lake City, UT, Irmo, and SC.

where are Sleep Number beds made

Sleep Number retains six regional locations for distribution in the US.

The company’s headquarters is placed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US. Sleep Number also has distributing and manufacturing facilities in Utah and South Carolina.

Sleep Number beds are entirely controllable with the help of a button installed on the beds.

Besides buttons, they also provide a Sleep Number app or remote to control the air. Even each and every side of Sleep Number beds are adjustable.

The Sleep Number offers different numbers of warranties. The core line and 360 smart come with a 15-year warranty.

Even the company allows a 100-night trial before ordering its products.

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where are Sleep Number mattresses made

Where are Sleep Number mattresses made?

Sleep Number mattresses are also made in the USA.

This brand is one of the most successful ones in terms of adjustable air-bed class.

The company’s smart bed category adds nine different mattresses and those air mattresses are adjustable. The brand manufactures nine sizes of mattresses.

The twin bewith twin XL sizes come with one air chamber while all other sizes offer two air chambers, on both sides. The dual chambers support people in choosing their preferred mattress settings.

The mattresses are made of polyester or polypropylene fabrics, which makes them breathable and soft. Its mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified.

The foam used in the mattress retains a reasonable quantity of volatile organic compounds.

Who manufactures Sleep Number?

The Sleep Number Corporation manufactures Sleep Number products. The company is located in Minneapolis, MN. All products are manufactured in the US.

In 1987, Sleep Number set on its journey as the name of Select Comfort Corporation. Across 50 countries with 570 stores, the brand’s products are available for purchase.

They are also the official partner of the National Football League. Sleep Number products are regularly ranked in terms of customer satisfaction.

The brand offers consultations with certified “Sleep Professionals.”

Who owns Sleep Number?

Shelly R. Ibach is the owner of Sleep Number. She is constantly the President, Chairman, and CEO of Sleep Number.

Sleep Number and Synchrony have united their financing partnership. To increase customer growth and experience, they will make some joint investments together.

Besides beds and mattresses, Sleep Number also manufactures pillows and various sleeping accessories.

Is Sleep Number ethically made?

The Sleep Number is firmly committed to maintaining its business conduct to the utmost standards of social responsibility and ethics. They are trying to provide their customers with ethically originated products.

The company supports the primary movement of ending human rights violations and environmental devastation. Besides all these, the company’s beds have some common problems. The problems are;

  • Trench Effect
  • Comforts
  • Malfunctions and Breakdowns
  • Prices are increasing day by day
  • Customer Services

That’s why customers are questioning their ethics.