Where Are Stone Mountain Purses Made 2024 – (Revealed)

In the leather industry, Stone Mountain is recognized for ‘Butter Soft’ leathers crafted to provide maximum utility.

As an important part of your journey, you must want your purse to be made in advanced facilities.

Let’s find out, where are Stone Mountain purses made.

Stone Mountain purses are manufactured in China. Traditionally, skilled USA-based craftsmen manufactured Stone Mountain purses in the city of Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Today, you won’t see the made-in-USA tag on the Stone Mountain purses.

where are Stone Mountain purses made

Rather, Stone Mountain LLC imports its products from China.

Stone Mountain has a long legacy of producing —

  • Handbags
  • Luggage
  • Jackets
  • Accessories

In 1978, Stone Mountain came as a USA-based and family-owned business. They were proudly producing leather bags or purses in the traditional Stone Mountain City, Georgia.

But, Stone Mountain is no longer producing handbags or purses in the USA. They prefer to import these products from China.

This may be their business strategy as production cost in China is very low.

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Who makes Stone & Co handbags?

Chinese craftsmen are making Stone & Co handbags today. Before the Chinese acquisition, all Stone & Co handbags were manufactured in the USA.

Stone & Co offers a variety of handbags and purses in many different designs and styles. You may be familiar with the bucket bag style of Stone and Co.

Many users of Stone & Co handbags have rated them as good quality. Stone & Co handbags for women have satisfied customers amazingly.

While carrying Stone & Co handbags, you will feel stylish and comfortable! The below features you will easily find at Stone & Co handbags:

  • Heavyweight materials
  • Higher GSM
  • Long-lasting and durable fabrics
  • Enough stiffness to bear loads
  • Style design and texture

Due to marketing strategy, Stone & Co import their products from China.

Hence, Chinese craftsmen are now producing Stone & Co handbags.

What material are Stone Mountain purses made of?

From handbags to luggage to wallets, Stone Mountain has it all. They use premium materials for these products.

According to the manufacturer, Stone Mountain purses come in a wide variety of materials —

  • Fabric
  • Canvas
  • Cotton
  • Leather
  • Nylon
  • Faux leather

Not only purses, but Stone Mountain also uses top-grain leather for its accessories. The use of Soft Leather has made Stone Mountain Purse a premium item.  

In the Chinese manufacturing facilities, Stone Mountain purses make your desired products. This brand has a long legacy of trustiness. They are promised to provide quality and stylish products.

Are Stone Mountain purses real leather?

Yes, the manufacturer has confirmed that Stone Mountain purses are real leather.

Since its foundation, Stone Mountain purses are renowned for their —

  • Durability
  • Functionality
  • Great value

The manufacturer uses soft leather in Stone Mountain purses. Consequently, Stone Mountain purses have some key features like —

  • Holding important items
  • Carrying comfort
  • Protecting against mechanical and climatic effects
  • Guarantee a good look
  • Easy organization and access
  • Use for many years

The use of leather always gives extra utility. Stone Mountain purses have gained enormous popularity by giving various utilities.  

The most important thing is that the used leather in Stone Mountain purses won’t do any harm to your skin. There is no use of chemicals in Stone Mountain purses.

In general, Faux leather is often made from vinyl. Stone Mountain uses genuine leather which is completely free from PVC. Hence, there is no problem with Stone Mountain purses.

How to spot a fake Stone Mountain purse?

In most cases, real Stone Mountain purses can be recognized for their distinctive design, affordability, and craftsmanship.

To spot fake Stone Mountain purses, you can follow the below steps —

Firstly, identify the logo. On each handbag, the Stone Mountain logo is embossed in leather. A scripted “S” sits within a square of the Stone Mountain purses logo.

Secondly, examine purses with quality craftsmanship. Stone Mountain purses are made of soft leather including pebble and glove leather.

Thirdly, check the price tag. Stone Mountain purses are less expensive compared to Burke and Dooney. From $49 to $150, you can easily get Stone Mountain purses.

Fourthly, look for multiple interior pockets. Real Stone Mountain purses have a cell phone and a detachable interior key ring pocket.

Finally, try to purchase your desired Stone Mountain purses from authorized dealers. You can also purchase from their verified website.  

Wrap Up

Stone Mountain purses have been running its multidimensional business for many years. They are a reputed brand in the leather industry.

As the demand for their products has grown, Stone Mountain LLC has transferred their production facilities overseas.