Where Are Max and Lily Beds Made 2024 & Who Makes

While purchasing bed frames, one must consider three major terms — aesthetic charm, protection, and stability.

In this regard, Max and Lily try their level best to maintain all basic needs in their beds. Many users have recommended Max and Lily beds for their sturdiness.

Hence, you may be curious about “Where are Max and Lily Beds made?”

Max and Lily Beds are manufactured in Vietnam. After designing in South Carolina, the manufacturer makes the sturdy beds of Max and Lily in the Vietnam manufacturing facilities.

According to the manufacturer, they work with exclusive facilities in Vietnam to ensure maximum quality.

where are Max and Lily beds made

Before manufacturing, Max and Lily prepare suitable designs in the US, maintaining the basic needs of the US people.

At the exclusive manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, they make sturdy beds by sourcing the best woods from the best places. 

Most Max and Lily bed frames are made of New Zealand pine wood. Besides, these pine woods are painted with non-toxic materials. Hence, it is safe for your little ones!

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who makes Max and Lily furniture

Who makes Max and Lily furniture?

The Maywood family makes Max and lily furniture.

According to the story of Max and Lily, they are a member of the Maywood family.

The Maywood family also makes kids’ furniture. They are promised to bring a tradition of superior quality, safety, and fun.

The headquarter of the Maywood family is located in New Jersey, United States. The Maywood family makes more than $5 million every year producing furniture for Max and Lily.  

Are Max and Lily bunk beds sturdy?

The answer is YES. Max and Lily bunk beds are made of solid, knot-free New Zealand pine wood which is strong and sturdy.

Max and Lily Bunk Bed can withstand weights ranging from 250 pounds to 800 pounds.

New Zealand pine wood is featured with:

  • Excellent adhesive properties
  • Clear finishes
  • Very good durability
  • Ability to acquire stains

These features have made New Zealand pine wood an excellent material for sturdy furniture.

As Max and Lily bunk beds are made of New Zealand pine wood, they are undoubtedly sturdy.

who owns Max and Lily

Who owns Max and Lily?

The Maxwood family owns Max and Lily.

Maxwood furniture is a family-owned and operated business. They are experts in making beds for kids.

For over 15 years, the Maxwood family has been running its manufacturing, distributing, and designing operations worldwide. In the furniture industry, they are the upcoming leaders.

How long is shipping Max and Lily?

After receiving your order, Max and Lily will take 10 to 15 business days to ship your beds.

You can order Max and Lily beds at their websites. Generally, they ship your ordered products from their warehouse in South Carolina.

It takes 10 to 15 business days to process, pick & pack your order. When your order ships, they send a text or email shipping notification.

Are Max and Lily ethical?

From safety-first details to sustainable materials, Max and Lily make all of their products in the finest Vietnam facilities.

No critical issues have been found addressing Max and Lily factories. They don’t promote child labor at their factories.

Hence, Max and Lily are ethical.