Where is Nuzzle Pillow Made 2024 – Is It Made in USA?

Nuzzle pillow brand is widely recognized for its zero-gravity technology.

The pillow provides excellent neck support to help you sleep well and prevent headaches.

Let’s find out, “Where are the excellent technologies of Nuzzle pillow made?

Nuzzle pillow is manufactured in Canada.

Canadian entrepreneur, Jack C, has taken the pillow industry to the next level. Using zero-gravity technology, a Nuzzle pillow is manufactured to disperse pressure equally, resulting in maximum comfort during rest.

where is Nuzzle pillow made

In the Canadian factories, some young entrepreneurs have developed Nuzzle’s zero-gravity technology. You hardly find any pillows in the market which use this innovative technology.

Though the manufacturer makes Nuzzle Pillow in Canada, you can order this pillow staying outside Canada.

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Is the Nuzzle Pillow made in the USA?

The answer is No, Nuzzle Pillow is not made in the USA. Rather, it is a Canadian product.

The manufacturer has used advanced technology in the Nuzzle pillow. They have named this technology Zero-gravity. Young entrepreneur, Jack C, has developed Zero-gravity in Canada.

Though Nuzzle Pillow is a Canadian product, it is available in the United States. They ship their products to numerous countries including the USA.

Hence, staying in the United States, you can purchase the Canadian Nuzzle pillow.

What company makes the My Nuzzle Pillow?

The Nuzzle™ pillow company makes the My Nuzzle Pillow.

My Nuzzle Pillow is one of the advanced creations by Canadian entrepreneurs. This pillow is super soft and supports your neck while sleeping.

My Nuzzle Pillow is featured with —

  • Two adjustable inner layers
  • Soft and adjustable layer for stomach sleepers
  • Zero-gravity technology
  • Silky smooth finish
  • Neutral spine alignment
  • Temperature regulation technology
  • Smart adaptive fabrics

For the circumstance features, the manufacturers often call it a NASA inspired pillow.

The Nuzzle™ pillow company itself develops zero-gravity technology in Canada. They don’t have any parent company. Besides, the company doesn’t have any production facilities outside Canada.

Who owns My Nuzzle Pillow Company?

Canadian entrepreneur Jack C owns My Nuzzle Pillow. He is also the inventor of zero-gravity technology.

In 2004, My Nuzzle Pillow began its journey. Within a short time, this company has gained enormous popularity for its innovative technology.

My Nuzzle Pillow is a small privately-held company. Under the leadership of Jack C, My Nuzzle pillow has become a $32 million business in the United States.

What is My Nuzzle Pillow made of?

The manufacturer uses 100% nano-coil fiber in My Nuzzle Pillow. 

Thousands of nano-coil fibers are used in 1 Nuzzle pillow. The use of nano-coil fiber has made it super soft. Besides, the texture of the Nuzzle pillow has retained its shape.

Using different polymers, the Nuzzle pillow company makes nano-coil fibers.