Where Are Kizer Knives Made 2024 – Is It Made in China?

Kizer knives are made in China. This knife manufacturing company is considered one of the premier knife producers outside of China.

No doubt, Kizer challenges products that are manufactured in the United States. Because the quality of their products is the same as US quality.

This article will help to find some other questions related to Kizer’s owner, quality, and the marketplace from where we can purchase them. So, let’s see…

where are Kizer knives made

Are any Kizer knives made in the USA?

The answer is NO. Kizer knives are not made in the USA, rather they are importing their materials and equipment from the USA.

Not only from the USA they import their materials but also from Japan. They constantly collaborate with custom knife manufacturers.

Kizer is the pioneer of top-end Chinese knife manufacturers. In fact, a few years ago, there remained a sound dose of stigma connected with “Chinese Knives” among gatherers in the United States.

Kizer and other companies, including

  • Reate
  • WE Knives
  • Stedmon

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Are Kizer knives German?

NO, Kizer knives are not German. They are Chinese only.

Kizer is a Chinese company and sometimes their products are imported from Japan and the United States.

USA and Japan-based products help to craft Kizer knives, they implement wire EDM machines for the accurate cut of each part.

They are engineered for tolerating extreme pressure. Every knife of Kizer is accomplished entirely by the magic hands of a master cutler, bringing the final finish, sharpness, action, and fit.

are Kizer knives German

Who owns Kizer knives?

Tizi Outdoor owns Kizer Knives.

The company’s headquarters is based in Guangdong province, China. On average, they are manufacturing EDC type of products.

Tizi Outdoor always targets the mid-range market and tries to sell its products around $75 to $200 dollar.

Although Tizi Outdoor is a Chinese company, it also retains a vast number of collectors around the world for maintaining its quality and price.

Is Kizer knife good quality?

According to customers’ reviews, the Kizer knife is of good quality. They are really high-quality and affordable Chinese-manufactured knives.

For innovative design language, Kizer even tries to build up good partnerships with other renowned brands that are related to manufacturing knives.

The company’s attention is putting all the details of their company through their knives. If you are into ergonomic or fancy folders everyday knives then you should have to bear a Kizer knife.

Kizer’s knife blades work effortlessly on a plane or smooth ball bearing locks or pivot solid. Besides, their knives are offering a lifetime passion for traditional and fine art craftsmen.

You can constantly expect the smoothest action from Kizer knives. Their finish and fit are very accurate with proper blade centering.

Kizer’s knives do not cut corners on manufacturing or materials. Equally, the company does come to be well-off designs from various companies.

So, it can be easily stated that the company is a competent, ethical, serious, and overall good-quality knife manufacturing company.

They retain over 300 knives right now on the market. Some prominent models of Kizer knives are given below;

  • Sheepdog XL (Kizer C01C)
  • Feist
  • Kizer Microlith
  • Kizer Mini Begleiter
  • Kizer Vanguard Series Domin
  • Kizer Dukes
  • Kizer Gemini

Where to buy Kizer knives?

Kizer knives are available on both offline and online platforms.

They are a reliable brand that is sold through original stores and outlets with customer service and warranty policy.

Kizer knives are available on Amazon, Ali express, eBay, and Smkw. They equally own a website for selling products.

The price is so reasonable and truly affordable starting from $70 dollar.