Where Are SOG Knives Made 2024 – Is SOG Made in USA?

SOG knives are made in the USA, China, Japan, and Taiwan.

As it is a multinational company, it has manufacturing facilities in various parts of the world. Most outdoor usable SOG knives are made in Taiwan.

Where Are SOG Knives Made

In addition, Japanese factories are capable of creating some of the most durable blades worldwide due to impressive technologies.

On the other hand, the vast majority of SOG knives are designed and assembled in the United States. But the higher-priced folding knives are made in Seki City, Japan by G. Sakai.

Besides knives, the company also manufactures its own line of multi-tools including PowerLock & ParaTool. But SOG is well-known for its unique & solid constructed knives in the market.

The more affordable SOG knives and tools are manufactured in China & Taiwan. However, all of the knives or tools are cautiously checked for the best quality before being shipped and sold.

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Which SOG knives are made in the USA

Which SOG knives are made in the USA?

Nearly all of the SOG knives are proudly made or assembled in the USA.

SOG is an American brand and it has a variety of US-made knife collections. Such as,

  • Pentagon OTF- Blackout
  • Seal FX- Tanto
  • Pillar- FDE
  • Pillar- Blackout
  • Seal XR Serrated
  • Tac Ops
  • Spec Elite 1

Some particular types of SOG knives are enormously popular in the United States. Here the company has been manufacturing professional and outdoor use knives for 37 years.

SOG Specialty Knives, Inc. has chosen numerous locations around the country to manufacture its products. Previously, these knives were extensively made in a Lynnwood-based factory.

Does the US military use SOG knives?

No, the US military does not use SOG knives now.

Although the designer created replica SOG knives inspired by the US military, it does not officially ensure that they use SOG knives.

During the Vietnam War, various types of SOG Knives including Recon Bowie & Scuba Demo were created for a highly classified military group “MACV-SOG.”

Currently, any branch of the US Military uses none of those knives. The original models are now valuable items to collectors.

However, SOG Specialty Knives, Inc. is trying to reproduce those knives that were used during the Vietnam War by the US Military.

Who owns SOG knives

Who owns SOG knives?

GSM Outdoors currently owns SOG Specialty Knives, Inc.

Based in Texas, it is a leading brand that specializes in making innovative products for hunting & sport shooting.

In 2021, GSM Outdoors acquired the SOG Knives company. Since then, it is rolling as a parent organization of SOG Specialty Knives, Inc.

Where is the SOG field knife made

Where is the SOG field knife made?

SOG field knives are extensively made in China.

It is one of the best knives in the company. This knife comes with a 4-inch 7Cr17MoV straight stainless steel blade.

SOG field knife is very sharp with a comfortable rubber handle. This knife could be a part of your outdoor adventures.

Who made the original SOG knife?

Benjamin Baker made the original SOG knife.

He was the Deputy Chief of the US Counterinsurgency Support Office. The first SOG Knife was designed for US Military personnel during the Vietnam War.

Now SOG Specialty Knives, Inc. makes SOG knives through expert manufacturers. They are manufacturing some of the best blades & multi-tools in the United States.

In 1986, Spencer Frazer founded the company in Santa Monica, California & started manufacturing very similar to the original SOG knives.

For the last three decades, the company has successfully made several types of fixed-blade knives for survival & outdoor use.

Are SOG knives good quality?

Yes, SOG knives are good quality.

The company is well-respected for making high-quality & innovative knives for daily use. Since its inception, it has enjoyed great growth in the American markets.

After noticing some users’ reviews on the company’s official website we can undoubtedly say that it is one of the best brands.

Surprisingly, SOG knives are now confidently carried by users into the most demanding situation. In addition, users of SOG knives have rated them well.

These blades are best known for their excellent quality & aesthetics. SOG knives have made huge popularity due to some notable features including,

  • Strong and durable blades
  • Very sharp & well balanced
  • Excellent sheath system
  • Masterfully designed
  • Made of advanced steel
  • Comfortable handle
  • Lightweight & premium colors

By the way, users recommended SOG knives considering the circumstances. They are satisfied with the excellent performance of these knives.