Where are Juki Sewing Machines Made 2024

Juki sewing machines are made in Vietnam, China, and Japan.

It is a Japanese company that manufactures domestic sewing machines and industrial sewing machines.

where are Juki sewing machines made

The company’s headquarters is based in Tama-shi, Tokyo, Japan. Juki is one of the prominent and leading industrial machine producers.

To manufacture their machines they use high-technology surface mount technology (SMT) assembly equipment. That’s why Juki is the no.1 machine manufacturer in the globe.

Juki’s products are available on six continents and in about 170 countries.

This article will offer you an overall idea about Juki’s overlockers, the company’s owner, its competitor, and Juki’s rating. So, stay tuned…

Where are Juki overlockers made?

Most of the Juki overlockers are made in China and the minority are made in Japan and Vietnam.

China’s manufacturing factories are full of consistent and strong exporters. The products (Juki Overlock Machines) that are coming from china are featured by reliable manufacturers and suppliers.

Juki overlock sewing machines can be classified into various types according to their types and functions.

When you purchased a Juki overlock machine you should look for some critical areas, including

  • Types
  • Machine
  • Material
  • Function

The company’s overlock machines are sold by the piece and they start from $486 to $15200 per piece. Some models of Juki overlocker are;

  • Juki MO- 1000 Serger
  • Juki DU- 1181N
  • Juki DDL- 8700

Who makes Juki sewing machines?

JUKI Corporation makes Juki sewing machines. The company is the parent company of the renowned JUKI America, Inc.

In Tokyo, Japan, the headquarters of Juki Corporation is located, with subsidiaries worldwide. It is engaged in manufacturing sewing machine technology for more than 75 years.

Right now, they are supplying their sewing machines, related products, and types of equipment in over 170 countries.

Juki Corporation generates a revenue of 67% per year. The balance of Juki Corporation’s business includes the Juki SMT mounting, assembly system, and home sewing machines.

The company offers an expanded line of sewing items and equipment for the apparel sector ranging from overlock, cover stitch machines, and lockstitch to automated sewing systems and electronic bar tackers.

Are Juki machines made in China?

The answer is YES. Juki machines are made in China and the manufacturing company is Juki (China) CO., LTD.

In 1990, the company’s first overseas industry for household and industrial sewing machines was founded in China.

Also, it started a manufacturing facility in China for industrial sewing machines in 2000.

Juki (China) CO., LTD has acquired full ownership of another industry named JUKI XIN XING INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Its head office is based in Langfang City, China.

In China, the company, Juki (China) CO., LTD is a subsidiary of Juki. Whereas JUKI XIN XING is a joint venture of Juki bearing 256 numbers of employees.

The Chinese industry of Juki is mainly engaged in manufacturing industrial sewing machines along with other products related to sewing machines.

Are Juki and Janome the same company?

The answer is NO. Juki and Janome are not in the same company.

Juki retains its manufacturing plants in Japan, Vietnam, and China. On the contrary, Janome has been in Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan.

But both Janome and Juki are from Japan as well as both are selling their products in the United States for a while.

Juki came into the market in 1945 during World War II but Janome was established in 1921. At this point, Janome acquired 100 years of experience that Juki doesn’t have.

These two brands have some comparisons in terms of power, lineup, build quality and ease of use.

Power: Juki offers a mighty power that is more for some users. Because Juki always manufactured powerful units of sewing machines for industrial uses.

Whereas, Janome also provides a decent amount of power but not as much as Juki provides. Janome sewing machines’ power is controllable.

Lineup: Juki is not considerably wider in terms of the sewing machine lineup. They are limited. But Janome bears a much wider lineup.

Build Quality: The majority of the users welcomed Janome’s sewing machines’ build quality. Despite Juki’s attention being on their industrial sewing machines.

Ease of Use: Juki sewing machines are really comfortable for skilled sewers. On the other side, Janome is best for beginners.

However, Janome also retains suitable sewing machines for professional use, and many of them offer advanced features.

Both Juki and Janome are powerful but in some cases, Juki offers the best heavy-duty sewing machines that money can buy.

Is Juki a good sewing machine brand?

Although it’s a diplomatic question, if we look at customer reviews then we can definitely say that Juki is a good sewing machine brand, especially for professional use.

Juki brand is known for its efficiency and quality products across the world. Many small businessmen and individuals prefer Juki as it comes with a vast range of stitches and features.

Especially for industrial purposes, Juki always distributes the most powerful and fastest units. Even their products are suitable for both commercial and home use.

The brand’s machines are renowned for their ease of use and durability. In addition, Juki is equally popular with quilters.

In conclusion, the Juki brand is considered the no.1 manufacturer globally.

Who owns the Juki Sewing machine?

JUKI Corporation owns the Juki sewing machines. This Japanese company was established in 1945.

Today, JUKI Corporation is one of the top-notch manufacturers that is competing with other renowned sewing brands, including Brother, Janome, Singer, and Bernina International.