Where Are JET Tools Made 2024 – Is It Made in USA?

JET is an American complete line of equipment that offers woodworking, metalworking, air tools, and heavy-duty material hand tools. It is considered one of the top brands in commercial & professional level equipment.

JET Tools has been providing its products for more than 60 years in the industrial marketplace. As it is a leading brand, the first thing you may wonder is: “where are JET Tools actually made?”

JET Tools are manufactured in a couple of countries including the United States. The company is headquartered in La Vergne, Tennessee & most of the products are marketed from there.

where are JET tools made

As of today, JET Tools also manufactures equipment in more than five countries including-

  • China
  • Taiwan
  • Germany
  • France
  • Russia
  • Switzerland
  • Australia

In particular, some products of this company are manufactured in certain locations. These are-

ProductsMade in Country
BandsawThe USA
Drill PressesChina
Table SawTaiwan

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are Jet power tools made in the USA

Are Jet power tools made in the USA?

The answer is “Yes.” JET power tools are made in the United States. In addition, the brand also manufactures and markets other woodworking & metalworking machinery including bandsaws in the American production plant.

The company has a vast network of distributor partners across the world. As a result, they can sell all of the machines exclusively from the manufacturing plant within a short period.

JET has settled in La Vergne, Tennessee with parts support, customer service, and warehouse facilities. In the very beginning, the brand had only one store in Washington. Over the years, it expanded multiple stores across the USA.

Are JET tools made in China?

Yes, JET Tools makes machinery in the Chinese mainland. According to the sources, the company has world-class manufacturing plants both in Ningbo & Laizhou.

On the other hand, its offices are located in Taichung, Shanghai, and Hangzhou. Across the whole country, JET Tools has a large distributing chain for selling its machinery.

JET Tools was one of the first importers of woodworking and metalworking equipment in Asia. At present, it has made a favorable position in the machinery industry. China has been considered the second-largest market for JET tools.

who makes JET tools

Who makes JET tools?

JPW Industries makes JET tools. It is a global machinery & industrial equipment manufacturer that has been manufacturing JET tools since the end of the 1950s.

JPW is committed to being the supplier of the JET brand in 20 countries throughout the world. It has a couple of distribution centers in the USA. One of them is located in La Vergne, TN.

Where are JET Tools based?

JET Tools is based in Tennessee. At the beginning of the business, the company introduced a full line of air tools. Five years after the foundation, it launched woodworking equipment in the tools markets.

JET has grown its product line with the best features and excellent service. Its metalworking machinery items have gained huge popularity while other renowned brands are decreasing their annual revenue.

Is JET Tools still in business?

Yes, JET Tools is still in business and increasing its innovative machinery day by day to meet up consumer demands. At present, its estimated revenue is more than $16 million each year.

JET hasn’t announced going out of business yet. Instead, the company expanded its manufacturing facilities and distribution centers in several countries. Its consumer demands have increased more than in the past couple of years.

Currently, JET Tools is competing with other well-known brands including-

  • Cantek America
  • Wm. F. Hurst
  • Akhurst

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Who owns JET Tools?

JPW Industries is the current owner of JET Tools. The parent organization was founded by Scott Leichtling. JPW is also the owner and manufacturer of Powermatic, Wilton, and Edwards along with JET Tools.

It is operating all of these brands from the La Vergne-based headquarters. Anyway, Leslie P. Sussman founded JET Tools in 1958 with a small hardware store in Tacoma, Washington.

Wrap Up

JET is one of the top-selling brands to buy your tools for daily use. People love its superior quality products, innovation, and service as well. JET Tools is undoubtedly doing well in the industrial marketplace in recent years.