Where Are Sunex Tools Made 2024 – Is Sunex made in USA?

In the automotive repair and maintenance industry, Sunex has made a great impact. Sunex provides a variety of professional tools like Lifting Equipment, Air Tools, Impact Sockets, Shop Equipment, Hand Tools, and so on.

Sunex tools have an excellent finish and feel. Besides, they have widespread popularity and trust through innovative design and comparatively low prices.

To judge built-in quality, manufacturing facilities are important. Let’s find out “Where Are Sunex Tools Made?

The majority of Sunex tools are manufactured in Taiwan. This enables them to sell their products at a cheap price.

where Are Sunex tools made

Nonetheless, some Sunex tools are manufactured in the USA. For example, the manufacturer makes Sunex Shop Presses in the USA.

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To be more precious, let’s find out where each Sunex Tool is manufactured:

where are sunex torque wrenches made

Torque Wrenches

In Taiwan, the manufacturer makes Sunex Torque Wrenches using heavy-duty chrome molybdenum steel.

If you search for the best Torque Wrenches in the market, Sunex’s wrenches will appear at the top. Sunex’s Torque Wrenches are widely famous for:

  • 100% accuracy at all levels
  • Giving extra leverage for its lengths
  • Offering well-built and heavy duty
  • Easy to set
  • Providing good tactile
  • Affordability

Sunex Torque Wrenches is the best budget-friendly Torque Wrenches in the market.

where are sunex floor jacks made

Floor Jacks

The manufacturer makes Sunex Floor Jacks in China.

Sunex Floor Jack is comparatively lightweight. The Sunex 3-ton aluminum floor jack weighs only 58 pounds. Because of its aluminum construction, Sunex Floor Jack weighs very low.

The users of Sunex Floor Jacks have confirmed that these floor jacks are very stable. The jack works well. Sunex Floor Jack is easy to use and it pumps well.

Below are key features you can notice in Sunex Floor Jacks:

  • Lightweight
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Dual-piston Rapid Rise hydraulic lift
  • Prevent over lifting and ram overextension through bypass valves 

As Sunex makes their Floor Jacks in China, they can sell these products at comparatively low prices.

where are sunex jack stands made

Jack Stands

Like Sunex Floor Jacks, the manufacturer also makes Sunex Jack Stands in China.

On Amazon, the users of Sunex Jack Stands have referred to them as the “Great Jack Stands.” Users have liked the design and feasible construction of Sunex Jack Stands.

Sunex manufacturers are making Sunex Jack Stands with rugged steel legs and bracing. Besides, the manufacturer has set quick-lift technology in Sunex Jack Stands. Consequently, these products have gained enormous popularity in the market.

However, the manufacturer makes Sunex Jack Stands in China.

Tool Carts

Sunex Tool Carts are manufactured in the finest manufacturing facilities in Taiwan.

According to the manufacturer, some Sunex products are made overseas. Generally, Sunex makes the majority of its professional tools in Taiwan.

Sunex makes professional tool carts to keep your tools organized. They design and manufacture these useful tool carts in Taiwan.

Nonetheless, the manufacturer also makes some of its tool cart models in the USA.

Is Sunex Tools made in the USA?

The majority of Sunex Tools are manufactured in Taiwan. Nonetheless, Sunex manufacturers make some of their shop presses in the USA.

Using foreign components, the manufacturer makes Sunex Shop Presses in USA-based manufacturing facilities.

These USA-made Sunex Shop Presses are of good quality. Many users have recommended it highly. Though the Sunex Shop Presses are manufactured in the USA, they have set comparatively cheap prices.

Hence, you can easily afford made-in-USA Shop Presses from Sunex.

If you visit the Sunex e-commerce site, you will find a variety of repair and maintenance tools. Apart from Shop Presses, Sunex manufactures all of its products in Taiwan and China.   

Who makes Sunex tools?

For distributing and marketing policy, Sunex has established its HQ here in California, United States.

Alex Ning initiated the journey to serve the automotive aftermarket. Today, the company has expanded its manufacturing and distribution operations based on the needs of its customers.

Sunex offers lifting equipment to hydraulic presses. They have become a trusted manufacturer of automotive repair tools through their design and engineering.

In China, Taiwan, and the USA, the Sunex Corporation makes its automotive repair tools. They are committed to designing and manufacturing high-performance workplace solutions.   

Who owns Sunex tools?

Sunex is a privately-owned company. Alex Ning is currently running this automotive repair company.

Throughout history, the journey of Sunex started in the 1970s. They first initiated industry-leading impact sockets.

Since its birth, Sunex has been running all of its manufacturing operations. The company hasn’t been sold to any other company. The share value of Sunex company is rising day by day.

However, the founder of Sunex, Alex Ning, is still running all manufacturing and distribution operations of Sunex.  

Where are Sunex tools based?

Sunex tools are based in Travelers Rest, South Carolina.

The majority of Sunex tools come from overseas. Except for Shop Press, they make all Sunex tools in Taiwan and China.

Nonetheless, the company has set its headquarters in South Carolina. Sunex prominently deals in the USA through innovative repair tools for a reasonable price.

As all Sunex tools are distributed in South Carolina, we can conclude by saying that Sunex Tools are based in South Carolina.