Where is Kendra Scott Jewelry Made 2024 – Made in USA?

Kendra Scott Jewelry is widely renowned for its high-quality baroque rings, pendant necklaces, and earrings. Its trendy unique pieces definitely make fashion sense and are equally occasion-friendly.

A variety of designs and styles has come from Kendra Scott Jewelry. Have you ever wondered, where is Kendra Scott’s jewelry actually made?

where is Kendra Scott jewelry made

Where is Kendra Scott’s jewelry manufactured in 2023:

There remains a controversy in manufacturing the Kendra Scott Jewelry. Initially, Kendra Scott used to tell that all products are manufactured in Austin, Texas. But later it turned out that they are manufactured in China, Thailand, and India.

In 2002, Kendra Scott started her jewelry company out of her additional bedroom in Austin. But there she couldn’t have colored gemstones and what she fetched were terribly sky-high prices.

Is Kendra Scott’s jewelry made in China?

Yes, Kendra Scott Jewelry is made in china. However, they are first manufactured in Austin, Texas.

Kendra Scott left Austin because materials for her jewelry were not available and the pricing was also high. But in China, it is easy to have those materials and affordable too.

how can you tell if Kendra Scott is real

How can you tell if Kendra Scott is real?

To be honest, there are plenty of ways to find out whether Kendra Scott is real or not. Some of them are given below;

Real Gold: No doubt, Kendra Scott’s jewelry is made of gold. But there are a few differences between its Fine Jewelry, Regular Jewelry, and Demi-Fine Jewelry. You must focus on gold vermeil, gold-plated brass, and solid gold alloy.

Different Alloy and Lines: Affordability and durability totally depend on different alloys. As a whole, alloys provide a variety of shades, sheens, and colors to the Scott jewelry. Because alloy contains a rich amount of copper.

Real Gold Vs Gold-Plated Jewelry: Real gold can be washed with dish soap and warm water. Even they are scrubbed with a soft-bristled toothbrush or soft brush. But gold-plated jewelry doesn’t come with these supports.

is Kendra Scott's jewelry made of real gold

Is Kendra Scott’s jewelry made of real gold?

Yes, Kendra Scott’s jewelry is made of real gold. The company uses 14-karat gold. For its jewelry, Kendra uses gold alloy bewith an anti-rust finish.

Various kinds, colors, and shapes of gold are used in Kendra’s jewelry. Mainly, rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold are used in different pieces of its jewelry.

If an alloy contains 10-karat of gold then it is considered real gold. Here, Kendra jewelry provided 14-karat gold. So, it is definitely made of real gold.

The Karat rating: It defines how many parts are pure in terms of 24-karat. In 14-karat, there are 10 parts alloy and 14 parts gold. It means the jewelry is approximately 58% of pure gold.

For Fashion Jewelry and Fine Jewelry, the company uses 14-karat gold. Whereas, it uses 18-karat gold for Demi-Fine Jewelry.

Is Kendra Scott an American company?

Yes, Kendra Scott’s company is American.

At 19, Kendra started her business in Austin, Texas. At first, the company made hat boutiques but not gained much profit from that. Later on, the making of hat boutiques was stopped after 8 years.

who makes Kendra Scott

Who makes Kendra Scott?

Kendra Scott is the maker of the jewelry company.

In 2021, Kendra was announced as the executive chairwoman, founder, and lead designer of a jewelry brand named Kendra Scott. She managed the company staying in Texas. The company has three core pillars. They are;

  • Family
  • Fashion
  • Philanthropy

Kendra proves herself and obtained a place in Forbes. She was able to develop a culture and brand that authentically makes a positive difference and values giving back to the community.

Who owns Kendra Scott Jewelry?

Berkshire Partners owns Kendra Scott Jewelry.

Kendra Scott has opened some outlets around the Midwest and South while neglecting the fashion system of Los Angeles and New York. In 2016, she handed over a little part of the company to Berkshire Partners at a cost of $1 billion.

Right now, the company retains 100 retail shops throughout 36 states. Besides, the products are sold in Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, 900 specialty boutiques, and Nordstrom.

Wrap Up

This beloved American brand always offers some best jewelry options for people who are interested in buying good-quality jewelry. As Kendra Scott provides the most suitable equipment and materials to manufacture the finest jewelry.

Although the brand’s collection is expensive, it is worth the demand for maintaining high quality.