Where Are Invicta Watches Made 2024 – Made in Switzerland?

Invicta Watches are made in China and Switzerland.

In proportion, most Invicta watches are manufactured in China using NH35A movements.

where are Invicta watches made

The Swiss-made Invicta watches use SW500 movements or Swiss Sellita SW200 movements.

Headquartered in Hollywood, Florida, Invicta operates its manufacturing and distribution operations.

Though Invicta-manufacturer makes its collection in Switzerland and China, the exclusive design of Invicta watches is created in the United States.

Consequently, Invicta watches flourish in the trends and styles that Americans love.

Within a couple of years of foundation, Invicta became a Swiss watch company by producing its movements in Switzerland.

Invicta watches feature some amazing characteristics. Some of the notable features of Invicta watches are:

  • Stainless Steel or Gold-plated cases
  • Water Resistiveness
  • Swiss movements
  • Luminous hands
  • Chronographs 

Invicta watches use premium materials to lead watch markets after some big fish. Some of the famous collections of Invicta watches are:

  • Speedway
  • Pro Driver
  • Subaqua
  • Russian Driver

Invicta watches are also known for their wide range of oversized chunky watches.

Invicta always represents fashion watches. They try to reflect fashions and styles loved by the community.

Hence, Invicta watches are produced as accessories for consumers instead of special knowledge or interest in watches. Particularly the bold one is predominantly made by Invicta.

In short, Invicta makes its fashion watches focusing on community users in Switzerland and China.

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are Invicta watches made in China

Are Invicta Watches Made in China?

The answer is YES. The majority of Invicta watches are made in China.

China has become a movement-crafting powerhouse like the largest in the modern world.

Chinese watch movements are not as perfect as Swiss ones, but they have earned customer satisfaction through their pricing.

Production cost in China is less compared to European countries. Due to lower production costs, many brands have established manufacturing facilities in China.

However, Invicta makes the majority of its fashionable watches in China.

Invicta manufacturers use Japanese NH35A movements in made-in-China Invicta watches.

The NH35A movements used in made-in-China Invicta watches are one of the market’s most popular non-swiss automatic movements.

The key features of NH35A movements are:

  • Reliability
  • Affordability
  • Availability

Made-in-China Invicta watches are an excellent choice for a watch modder or microbrand.

The accuracy of Japanese NH35A movements is recorded at -20 to +40 seconds a day under normal conditions.

In short, Invicta makes most of its watches using the Japanese NH35A movements in China.

Who Makes Invicta Watches?

The Invicta Watch Group makes all Invicta watches.

Invicta is a privately-held manufacturer of fashionable watches. Raphael Picard in Switzerland founded this brand.

Invicta operates all of its production and marketing operations from Florida. As a result, the watch brand remained an American brand.

The Invicta Watch Group is the parent organization of Invicta watches. Under the instructions of the Invicta Watch Group, all of its watches are exclusively manufactured.

Glycine Watch SA is the main subsidiary of the Invicta Watch Group. The Invicta Watch Group has factories in Switzerland and China.

Skilled artisans in Switzerland and China make Invicta watches following instructions from the Invicta Watch Group.

More than 146 employees work day and night at Invicta factories.

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Who Owns Invicta Watches?

The Invicta Watch Group owns Invicta watches.

In 1837, Raphael Picard founded Invicta watches in Switzerland. The watch brand has 186 years of watchmaking experience.

Although Invicta was founded in Switzerland, this watch brand’s headquarters is located in Hollywood, Florida.

Eyal Lalo, Gany Lalo, and Nadia Lalo are working as key personnel of Invicta watches.

However, Invicta has a partnership with Authentic Brands Group (ABG).

The Invicta Watch group makes $7.2 million in sales revenue annually.

Who Wears Invicta Watches?

You will hardly find celebrities wearing Invicta watches. This watch brand focuses on traditional and probably the simplest styles loved by the community.

Nonetheless, Invicta made an endorsement deal with the hall-of-fame NFL player Jason Taylor in 2012. He has been photographed wearing Invicta watches.