Where Are Timex Watches Made 2024 – Is It Made in USA?

Timex Watches are manufactured in the US, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, France, India, and Switzerland. 

Based on technology developed and other criteria, Timex imports its products. 

Nonetheless, most Timex components are produced near the company’s headquarters in Connecticut, United States. 

where are Timex watches made

Timex had a great reputation for watchmaking during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, the watch brand vastly relies on third-party manufacturers around the world.

The manufacturer uses mechanical and quartz battery movement in the advanced Timex manufacturing plants.

In proportion, Timex manufacturers make comparatively smaller amounts of mechanical movement than quartz batteries.

The quartz movement used in Timex watches is exclusively produced in Switzerland. Timex watches are made of American materials with high-quality Swiss movement.

Some Timex watches also come with Miyota movements. The current made-inChina Timex watches especially feature this kind of Japanese movement in its watches.

Skilled artisans in Asian and European countries make every piece of Timex watches using premium and solid materials. Timex has advanced factories in many countries worldwide, especially in the United States.

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Timex Watches Made in the USA

Are All Timex Watches Made in the USA? 

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Timex manufacturers made all of their watches in the United States. Today, Timex operates a joint manufacturing process in numerous countries worldwide. 

You will find Timex factories both in Asia and European countries. More than 5000 employees work in Timex factories. 

Timex is an American watchmaking country. The company operated a vast manufacturing process in Connecticut, USA, in the 19th and early 20th centuries. 

Today, Timex watches are manufactured in numerous locations. Timex manufacturers are now using both Swiss and Japanese movements in their watches. 

Timex watches made-in-China or Asian regions especially feature Japanese movements, whereas the USA-made Timex watches feature quartz movements.  

However, Timex still manufactures most watch components across the United States. The watchmaking company has one of the largest production plants in Connecticut, USA. 

When did Timex Stop Making Watches in the USA? 

In 2001, Timex closed its watch-making chapter here in the USA. Today, they only manufacture some of its watch components in Connecticut, USA. 

Timex watches are no longer manufactured in the United States. Instead, the company operates many production facilities around the world. 

Timex manufactures its watches in China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and India in Asia. Production costs in Asian countries are comparatively low. 

Timex mainly stopped its US-based plants due to high production costs and availability. 

Before the 20th century, Timex was running its USA-based factories smoothly. But, they stopped their USA-based factories in 2001 due to affordability. 

are Timex watches made in China

Are Timex Watches Made in China?

The answer is YES. Timex watches are now made in China. 

Timex was a complete American brand of watchmaking before the 20th century. In the mid-20th century, Timex faced a financial crisis. 

Consequently, the company stopped its USA-based factories as production cost was high. 

Timex manufacturers are now making their watches in Asian and European countries. The company is now operating giant manufacturing operations in China. 

The made-in-China Timex watch features Japanese and Chinese movements. Due to the production of Timex watches in China, you can easily afford Timex watches. 

Apart from China, Timex also makes its watches in the Philippines, India, and Hong Kong. The manufacturer in these countries also uses the Japanese and Chinese movements.  

who makes Timex watches

Who Makes Timex Watches? 

Timex Group B.V. makes all Timex Watches. 

Based in Connecticut, USA, Timex Group makes all of the components of Timex Watches. The group has advanced factories in China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and India. 

Timex Group is a widely known American-Dutch holding company. This watch-making company is the parent organization of many watch brands.

More than 5k employees work under the Timex Group B.V. Timex manufacturer made $1.4 billion in sales revenue in 2021. 

Is Timex Closing down? 

Timex has closed nearly all of its USA-based plants. The company has closed down its last manufacturing plant in Little Rock. 

Though Timex became insolvent, our research found that Timex is not closing down in the upcoming years. 

Timex Corporation has reformed the manufacturing and marketing policy of Timex watches.  

Consequently, Timex has contracted with many third-party manufacturers worldwide, resulting in continuous production and supply. 

Timex Corporation has also invested in Timex to cope with the financial crisis. Hence, there is still hope for Timex watch lovers. 

Due to the involvement of China, Timex watches have become more affordable than their previous versions. 

In short, Timex is not closing down.