Where Are Old Navy Clothes Made 2024 – Made in USA?

Old Navy Clothes are made in Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, EI Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and so on.

where are Old Navy clothes made

Old Navy is an American clothing and accessories brand based in San Francisco, California. The fashion house has nearly three decades of experience fulfilling its customers’ demands.

Old Navy has stores in premium locations across the United States. Besides, Old Navy clothes are sold outside the United States.

You will find Old Navy stores in New York City, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Mexico City, Manila, and so on.

The best thing about Old Navy clothes is their updated styles. The fashion brand has proven itself as a unique and fast-fashion house worldwide.

Besides, Old Navy has celebrated the democracy of style through its clothes featuring the following characteristics:

  • On Trend
  • Affordability
  • Playfully Optimistic
  • High Quality

Old Navy offers a variety of styles at an affordable price. As a result, students, working men and women, and entry-level graduates can shop at Old Navy.

However, Old Navy manufacturers make every item with special care. The manufacturers often use recycled cotton and recycled polyester in Old Navy clothes.

Consequently, Old Navy clothes can control moisture and provide comfort. Besides, recycled cotton has made the Old Navy slightly waterproof.

Old Navy clothes are hypoallergenic, which doesn’t show sweat-like synthesis. Excellent combinations of recycled cotton and polyester have made Old Navy Clothes that can keep you dry naturally.

Numerous third-party manufacturers in Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka make Old Navy clothes with great care.

Before importing, the corresponding Old Navy authority checks these products for a while and ensures the production quality.

In short, Old Navy imports its clothes overseas, ensuring the best quality.

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are Old Navy jeans made in America

Are Old Navy Jeans Made in America?

Most Old Navy Jeans are imported from overseas. Its jeans are hardly manufactured in America.

Old Navy is a giant distributor of quality jeans. The fashion house has 850 stores around the United States and Canada.

Since 1994, Old Navy has been the prominent subsidiary of Gap Inc. Like its parent organization, Old Navy makes its clothes in various locations worldwide.

Old Navy operates its major manufacturing operations in Asian countries like Bangladesh, China, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and so on.

Licensed manufacturers in the circumstance countries make Old Navy jeans. While manufacturing, the manufacturer uses locally sourced 100% cotton fabrics.

Besides, Old Navy manufacturers make non-stretch jeans specially for women.

Old Navy is committed to making women’s jeans using more recycled cotton and eco-friendlier sustainable jeans.

In short, Old Navy jeans are not made in the United States. Instead, its Jeans and Clothing are manufactured overseas.

Are any Old Navy Clothes Made in China?

The answer is YES. The Old Navy fashion brand makes the majority of its clothes in China.

You will find 10 Old Navy stores in China. Among these ten stores, six of which are located in Beijing.

As the production cost in China is comparatively low, many fashion brands prefer China for their manufacturing operations.

Among Asian countries, the Old Navy operates its major manufacturing operations in China. Besides, the Old Navy sources its raw materials exclusively from China.

The Chinese textile industry has grown rapidly. The country offers cheap labor and a stable business environment to entrepreneurs.

Consequently, the Old Navy has established its manufacturing plants here in China. In these advanced textile factories, Old Navy makes its jeans, shirts, T-shirts, women’s collection, and so on.

Who Manufactures Old Navy Clothes?

Gap Inc. manufactures Old Navy Clothes.

Since 1994, Old Navy has been operating all its manufacturing and marketing operations under Gap Inc.

Before 1994, Old Navy was named Gap. The corresponding authority established Gap Inc to make Old Navy its Subsidiary.

Since then, Gap Inc. has been manufacturing Old Navy’s clothes.

Currently, Gap Inc. has 892 factories in numerous countries around the world. Maintained by third-party manufacturers, Gap produces quality fabrics and clothes in its global production ventures.

Does the Old Navy Use Child Labor?

No, the Old Navy production facilities don’t use or promote child labor.

Every factory registered by the Old Navy doesn’t promote or use child labor. The brand maintains ethical ways of marketing and manufacturing.

According to the Old Navy manufacturer, all its factories are sweatshop-free and child-labor-free.

Besides, the manufacturer makes all Old Navy clothes using certified organic cotton. The fashion house also has the certification of fair trade.

The Old Navy strictly maintains the sustainability of its products. Thus, we can say that Old Navy is an ethical brand.

who owns the Old Navy

Who Owns the Old Navy?

Gap Inc. owns the Old Navy.

Under the brand name Old Navy, Gap Inc. launched its subsidiaries. Hence, Old Navy was created by Gap Inc. in 1994.

Gap Inc. has been manufacturing and marketing all Old Navy clothes in numerous countries worldwide.

Today, Gap Inc. has four subsidiaries. These primary divisions of Gap Inc. are:

  • Old Navy
  • Banana Republic
  • Athleta
  • Gap

As the owner of Old Navy, Gap Inc. makes more than $1 billion in sales revenue every year. Gap has taken numerous steps to promote the business of Old Navy Clothes.