Where Are Citizen Watches Made 2024 – (Country+Factory)

Citizen watches are predominantly manufactured in Japan.

This Japanese brand has a long tradition of making Eco-drive movements in its state-of-the-art factories.

Nonetheless, some parts of the Citizen watches are made in Thailand, China, and Brazil. 

where are Citizen watches made

Individual precision parts of the Citizen watches are manufactured and assembled in numerous factories in Japan.

For example, the design of the Citizen watch is done in Tokyo, the manufacturing of gears is done in Yubari Factory, the movement is produced in Miyota Saku Factory, and so on. Let’s go through part by part…

After designing in Tokyo, numerous parts of the Citizen watches are manufactured in numerous factories. A list of Citizen parts and manufacturing factories are mentioned below:

Factory Name in JapanParts of Citizen Watch Manufactured
Yubari FactoryGears
Akita FactoryOscillating Weight
Iida Matsuo FactoryPlastic Components
Saitama Yoshimi FactoryCircuits
Citizen FineDevice FactoryCrystal Oscillators
Citizen MicroMotors
Kawaguchiko Citizen FineDevice FactoryDials
Kagoshima FactoryGears
Fuji Kawaguchiko FactoryPlastic Components

After manufacturing the parts of the Citizen watch, the movement is produced in Miyota Saku Factory. All processing of Citizen watch is done in the:

  • Kitakami Minami Factory
  • Tohoku Nishiwaga Factory
  • Tohoku Soma Factory

Later, Citizen watches get their shape in Iida Tonooka Factory and Myoko Factory.

In Japan, all Citizen watches are made by visiting these factories.

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Are Citizen Watches made in-house?

As a renowned watch brand, Citizen does all of its manufacturing in-house. They have large factories where they craft individual watch components for final assembly.

Citizen is a true watch brand that deals with amazing watches in over 130 countries. Through a significant process, all Citizen watches are manufactured in state-of-the-art factories.

As the demand for Citizen watches is rising, Citizen has expanded its manufacturing plants. Today, Citizen has joint ventures with Thailand and Switzerland.

A Citizen subsidiary in Switzerland also moves this watch brand. Consequently, Citizen has become the world’s largest watchmaker.    

are Citizen watches made in-house

Are Citizen Watch made in China?

The movement of Citizen watch is made in Japan. Generally, all parts of the Citizen watches are manufactured in Japan. But, they have recently launched joint ventures with China, Switzerland, and Thailand. 

Consequently, the case or the bracelet of the Citizen watch may be made in China.

Citizen is a Japanese brand. All parts of this brand are manufactured in numerous locations in Japan. As a renowned brand, the demand for Citizen watches is rising globally.

To cope with the excess demand, Citizen has launched joint ventures.

A report in Thailand revealed that Citizen has two factories in the Rojana Industrial Park in Thailand. The report also revealed the joint venture of Citizen with China and Switzerland.

The majority of Citizen watches are produced in Japan. The core movement of the Citizen watch is made in Japan. Nonetheless, some parts of Citizen watch may be produced in China or other countries.

are Citizen watch made in China

Is Citizen watch Swiss Made?

Citizen is a Japanese watch brand. Core parts of this brand are manufactured in Japan. Until 1938, Citizen was designed in Switzerland. Today, the design of the Citizen watch is done in Tokyo, Japan.

In 1918, the Citizen watch was founded by Japanese and Swiss inventors. Before 1938, the design of the Citizen watch was done in Switzerland.

After designing its components in Switzerland, the Citizen watch was exclusively produced in Japan. Since 1954, Citizen has been manufacturing its watch items in Japan under the license of Swiss and Japanese technology.

Hence, the Citizen watch is a Japanese product. It is not Swiss-made.     

who makes the movement for Citizen watches

Who makes the movement for Citizen watches?

For nearly 40 years, Miyota has been making the movement for Citizen watches.

Citizen is the inventor of the quartz movement. This brand first produced automatic mechanical movements.

In Japan, the movement for Citizen watch is produced in Miyota Saku Factory. The movement for the Citizen watch is renamed as the Eco-Drive technology.

The principle provided by Miyota in Citizen watch is very simple. It converts any kind of light into energy. An Eco-drive Citizen watch runs for months on a full charge even in darkness.

Producing movements for Citizen watch, Miyota makes a million-dollar fortune each year.

Are Citizen and Bulova the same company?

Bulova is an American timepiece manufacturer. In 1875, Bulova was founded. This company is a subsidiary of Citizen Watch Co.

Citizen owns six unique brands. These brands are:

  • Arnold & Son
  • Bulova
  • Frederique Constant
  • Alpina

In 2008, Citizen purchased the Bulova Watch Company. Bulova dominates the USA market through its luxury watch collection.

The vibrating quartz technology in the Bulova watch has made it special. As the owner of Bulova Watch Company, we can say that Citizen and Bulova are the same company.

Who owns Citizen watches?

Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. is the owner of Citizen watches.

In 2018, the annual revenue of Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. was reported to be $2.93 billion. Within four years, the company’s annual revenue has been reported as 287.02 billion.

The sales revenue of Citizen watch indicates how popular this watch brand is!

Each year, more than 30 million Citizen watches are manufactured. Since 1954, Citizen has been providing an excellent balance of value and quality.

Under Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. more than 12.55k employees are working. This giant Company has six subsidiary brands.


Citizen watches have excellent quality control. This watch brand uses solid materials along with a stylish look.

The United States Senator, Bernie Sanders, uses the Citizen Watch!

Compared with other brands, Citizen is probably the most affordable and luxury watchmaker.