The 14 Smokers Made in The USA 2024

Smokers Made in The USA

If you are looking for top smokers made in the USA, this article is all you need. We will fill you in on everything you need to know about made in usa smoker brand.

We have listed 14 companies that manufacture smokers in the United States. The companies are:

  • Yoder Smokers
  • Smokin Brothers
  • Pitts & Spitts
  • Hasty-Bake
  • Mak Grills
  • Horizon Smokers
  • Texas Pit Crafters
  • Lang BBQ Smokers
  • Meadow Creek Welding, LLC
  • Twin Eagles Grills
  • Assassin Smokers
  • Weber Grills
  • Cookshack
  • Myron Mixon Smokers

Now, let’s know more details about these brands.

Yoder Smokers made in usa

Yoder Smokers

Yoder Smokers is an American manufacturer of competition-grade smokers & BBQ grills. All its smokers are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA, in a Kansas-based factory.

Currently, the company offers more than 35 US-made smokers using iron and sweat. Some popular smokers of this brand are:

  • 24 x 36 Flat Top
  • Loaded Wichita
  • Kingman
  • YS480S Competition
  • Santa Fe 20

Yoder smokers are strong, heavy-built, and long-lasting. These smokers have standard features such as cooking door counterweight, heat management plates, pot warmers, integrated probe ports, and expanded metal shelves.

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Smokin Brothers

Smokin Brothers specializes in manufacturing quality smokers and grills. The company has a large manufacturing factory in Southeast Missouri.

Each smoker of this brand is wholly manufactured and assembled in the USA. Smokin Brothers offers pure wood pellets, sauces, accessories, and a wide range of smokers.

Smokin Brothers Commercial Big Red Grill is one of the best-selling smokers in this company’s product lines. It features 120 sq ft of cooking surface, 6 racks, 4 burners, and two 120 Ib hoppers.

This smoker can hold up to 8 full steam pans easily. Hence, it has a great demand in the American market.

Pitts & Spitts smoker made in usa

Pitts & Spitts

Pitts & Spitts has been manufacturing smokers, grills, and fire pits in Texas since 1983. These products are entirely handcrafted using the highest quality domestic materials.

Ultimate Upright Smoker Pit is a best-selling and popular smoker of this brand. It has an offset firebox and a perfect cooking chamber for the best cooking experience.

This smoker is made with 304 stainless steel. You can use it for anything from making pizza to cooking brisket & fish.

Hasty-Bake smoker made in usa


Hasty-Bake is an American manufacturer of some of the finest smokers and grills on the market. All Hasty-Bake smokers and grills are 100% made in the USA, particularly in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Legacy 131 is the most famous smoker of Hasty-Bake. It is perfect for a large family. This smoker provides 523 square inches of cooking space for an ideal cooking experience.

It is easy to clean as well as easy to use. Hasty-Bake smokers can last up to 25 years with the right level of care and proper maintenance. Every smoker of this brand is handcrafted using solid stainless steel.

Mak Grills Smokers made in usa

Mak Grills

Mak Grills Smokers are manufactured in the USA with precision engineering. The company has a production plant in Oregon. All the smokers of this brand are made here in this factory.

Expert American manufacturers make the smokers of this brand to exacting standards. Mak Grill Smokers are famous in the US market for their premium constructions, versatility, and reliability.

Besides, Mak Grills sources its necessary materials and parts within the United States. The company strives to maintain quality standards and build extraordinary products.

The Mak One-Star General is an industry-leading smoker grill made from aluminized steel. It features 3-inch swivel casters, a high-temperature powder coat, a commercial-grade roaming thermocouple, a removable stainless steel firepot, and a lifetime warranty.

Horizon Smokers

Horizon Smokers manufactures a wide range of Trailer and Backyard smokers in the United States. The company first opened its factory in Perry, Oklahoma.

The main goal of this brand is to make the absolute best smokers in the country. As a result, it always focuses on quality design, excellent construction, and user experience.

20” RD Special Marshal Smoker is one of the popular smokers of the Horizon Smokers brand’s lineup. It has a sliding convection system & extra thermometer for monitoring temperature.

This smoker features a 44-inch long horizontal cooking chamber, 22-inch long firebox, heavy-duty hinged lids, fuel efficiency, extra wood storage shelf, and counterweight for easier lifting.

Texas Pit Crafters

Texas Pit Crafters manufactures high-end smokers, barbecue pits, and grills in Houston, Texas, USA. The company takes pride in providing US-made smokers in the market.

Texan craftspeople manufacture all of the products of this brand. PM 75 JR is a best-selling smoker model of Texas Pit Crafters. It comes with some outstanding features.

It features 700 square inches of cooking surface, stainless steel front tray, utensil hooks, and heavy-duty rubber wheels.

This smoker has three burner options- Infrared burner, H-Type burner, and Pressure burner. It is perfect for cooking anything like searing steaks, tuna steaks, and boneless chicken.

Lang BBQ Smokers made in usa

Lang BBQ Smokers

Lang BBQ Smokers is a renowned American brand that offers personalized smokers. It uses a revolutionary way of grilling.

There are several types of smoker cookers in the brand’s product lines. The 36-inch Hybrid Patio is the best value smoker of Lang BBQ Smokers’ product lineup.

It can hold up to 72 pounds of food at a time. Made of stainless steel, it features charcoal BBQ grills, a bottom storage rack, a patio cart, and an offset firebox, according to the customer’s choice.

This small cooker is perfect for a small family. Lang BBQ Smokers team hand-crafted all the smoker cookers in the USA, particularly in Nahunta, Georgia.

The company is factory direct only, so you cannot buy smokers from this brand anywhere else. You can purchase them only on the company’s official website.

Meadow Creek smoker made in usa

Meadow Creek Welding, LLC

Meadow Creek Welding LLC is a family-owned company that manufactures outdoor cooking equipment. Its product lines include BBQ smokers, steak grills, tank smokers, offset smokers, cabinet smokers, and patio grills.

These products are entirely handmade in the United States. The brand has a production plant in New Holland, Pennsylvania.

Meadow Creek PR36 Backyard BBQ Smoker could be an excellent choice for a small family. It is one of the most versatile and reliable cookers of this brand.

You may like this smoker because of its heavy-steel construction, smooth welds, handsome designs, and excellent performance.

Twin Eagles Grills

Twin Eagles Grills is an American company that manufactures a range of high-performance BBQ grills, smokers, and outdoor cooking equipment in Southern California, USA.

Domestic Twin Eagles C Series 30 is a popular grill of this brand. You can cook vegetables and meat using the zone dividers of this grill.

On the other hand, this model allows us to regulate different temperatures. It can heat quickly. In addition, its rotisserie system provides consistent and uniform meat rotation while cooking.

Assassin Smokers made in usa

Assassin Smokers

Assassin Smokers specializes in manufacturing smokers, grills, and custom trailers. All of these are 100% handmade in Macon, Georgia, USA.

It has several types of smokers in its product lines. Assassin 17 Gravity-Fed Insulated Smoker is quite a famous smoker among other smokers of this brand.

This smoker has outstanding features, such as a large cook chamber and multiple racks, it is lightweight, holds up to 12 Ibs charcoal, and is heavy-build.

Every Assassin smoker is made of the highest quality materials. In addition, these smokers are affordable, versatile, reliable, and user-friendly in the US market.

Weber Grills

Weber Grills is a premier manufacturer of charcoal, gas, and electric grills in the USA. Using the best quality materials, all of the products of this brand are proudly made in Huntley, Illinois, USA.

SmokeFire Sear+ is a new smoker series of Weber Grills. Currently, there are two smoker models in this series. These two smokers are:

  • SmokeFire Sear+ ELX6 Wood Fired Pellet Grill
  • SmokeFire Sear+ ELX4 Wood Fired Pellet Grill

These two smokers can cook at 600 degrees F.  They provide added cooking space for cooking more at one time. They are made with WEBER CONNECT technology.

You can adjust the settings and will get instructions on your smartphone. Thus, you can perfectly grill your desired food within a short time.


Cookshack is a renowned American brand that manufactures Pellet Fired Smokers, Electric Smokers, Charbroilers, Pizza ovens, and other cooking equipment.

The production of this brand takes place in Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA. It has an extensive smoker collection. Currently, Amerique Electric Smoker Oven is a best-selling smoker of this brand.

It has become sold more due to its excellent features. It can hold up to 50 Ibs weight. Besides, it has 1008 square inches of cooking area to cook more at once.

The double-walled construction surrounds 850 degrees F spin-glass insulation for keeping the smoker cool. This smoker is easy to use and clean.

Myron Mixon Smokers made in usa

Myron Mixon Smokers

Myron Mixon Smokers offers four different types of US-made smokers in the market. The company operated its business and production facility from Unadilla, Georgia.

The H20 Smoker series of this brand is quite different from other smokers in the market. There are five smokers in this series. H20 Water Smoker is the best-selling smoker among the five smokers of this series.

It takes water smoking up a notch to cook hot and fast. Though it is different from charcoal smokers, the result is always delicious. The patented water pan is designed with a water fill system.

This smoker ensures a perfect cook every single time. Thus, it became a reliable smoker in the market. It is the best water smoker available right now on the US market.

Final Word

American smoker market is rich with options, each brand offering a unique blend of craftsmanship and innovation. From Yoder’s competition-grade designs to Weber’s tech-integrated smokers, there’s something for every BBQ enthusiast.

Whether you prioritize handcrafted traditions like Pitts & Spitts or versatility like Mak Grills, these brands showcase the best of American manufacturing. Consider your cooking style and preferences to find the smoker that perfectly suits your needs.

No matter which brand you choose, you’re investing in the dedication and quality that define American-made smokers. Happy smoking!