The 5 Range Bags Made in the USA 2024

Range Bags Made in The USA

While outing for shooting, plinking, or competition purposes, you might search for the best fit of range bags. Your choice might include the compact one with a professional design to hold as many pistols and rifle magazines as practicable.

Several manufacturers in the USA produce range bags for firearm enthusiasts. Some well-known brands include Vertex, Lynx Defens, Osage River Gear, and Alen.

These companies offer a range of options, including durable materials, various sizes, and compartments for organizing firearms, ammunition, and accessories.

When looking for a range bag made in the USA, consider factors like size, material, storage capacity, and user reviews to find a bag that suits your needs.

Let’s dive into more details…

Vertx range bag made in usa

Vertx COF Range Bag

The best feature of the Vertx COF Range Bag is its storage and organization.

The storage capacity of the Vertx COF Range Bag varies between 9 liters to 15 liters (9L ~ 15L). Besides, these bags offer you removable and adjustable padded shoulder options.

Vertx COF Range Bag comes in two different types. One is the course of fire heavy range bag, and the other is the course of fire light range bag.

The overall dimensions of these two types also vary. This brand has been in the market for many years. It has made a splash in the tactical range bag market.

Vertx has the backing of Warren Buffett! The company makes all its range bags in its advanced production facilities in the United States.

The Vertx COF Range Bag’s unique design has pull-out ammo trays and compartment options. Besides, these range bags feature the following characteristics:

  • Removable 6-pack magazine holder
  • Extensive U-shaped dual-zipper top access with lockable zipper pulls
  • Two ammo caddies
  • Six zippered abrasion-resistant mesh pockets

While purchasing the Vertx COF Range Bag, you may complain about its pricing. If you are looking for a great art in a range bag, Vertx will be the best choice. In this case, you have to compromise Vertx’s pricing.

concord range bags made in usa

Concord Range Bag

Concord is the perfect choice if you are searching for a large, heavy-duty range bag. The brand makes its high-quality range bag in North Carolina using 600D magnatuff fabric.

The magnatuff fabric is a 600 denier with a polyurethane coating and a durable water-repellent finish.

Besides, the Concord range bags feature two gun inserts and are backward compatible with all pistol range bag inserts.

Concord range bags are perfect for those who take more than two firearms to the range.

The Concord range bags also come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Osage River Gear range bags made in usa

Osage River Range Bag

The Osage River Range Bag has 600 D ballistic nylon and heavy-duty zippers. Thus, the manufacturers of this brand ensure premium quality by manufacturing their products in the United States with superior materials.

The Osage River Range Bag offers functional storage for outdoor lovers besides its construction materials. The heavy-duty zippers in the Osage River Range Bag protect your gear from wear.

The Osage River Range Bag also has carry handles and shoulder straps to carry the bag according to your needs. Besides, the Osage River Range Bag is affordable and lightweight.

The additional feature of the Osage River Range Bag is 2 adjustable padded dividers and 9 spacious compartments to organize your items.

In short, the Osage River Range Bag is a solid choice with decent organization, storage, and sturdy construction.

Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bags made in usa

Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag

According to the manufacturers, Lynx Defense is the premier range bag manufacturer in the United States. Ensuring the highest quality standards, Lynx Defense produces its products in the United States.

Lynx Defense initiated the business of constructing the range bags in 2013. The manufacturers use 500 D Cordura nylon fabric to make the exterior of their range bag.

The best thing about the Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag is its detachable range mat. While at the range, the range mat is excellent for safely placing your firearms.

Besides, the mat offers you cleaning of your firearms through packcloth fabric. Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag is the perfect size for two handguns. The straps, pads, and velcro are all quite sturdy and comfortable.

Allen Company Range Bags made in usa

Allen Company Range Bag

Allen Company Range Bag is designed to stabilize your bag with a rigid bottom. Thus, your gear won’t tip over and spill the bag’s contents.

Besides, the Allen Company Range Bag has multiple exterior pockets to hold shooting glasses, ammunition, choke tubes, and various gear items.

Allen Company Range Bag has a storage capacity of 22 liters. It offers four medium size external pockets for additional storage. Thus, you don’t need to be worried about the storage options of the Allen Company Range Bag.

Regarding pricing, the Allen Company Range Bag may cost you roughly $23. Considering the primary features of the Allen Company Range Bag, it may be a solid choice for you.

Again, the Allen Company Range Bag comes with a one-year warranty. This single-year warranty covers defects in materials and artistry. The company also provides a full refund or replacement policy within 30 days.