The 5 Hiking Boots Made in the USA 2024

Hiking Boots Made in The USA

Made in the USA hiking boots are known for their quality and durability. Several American manufacturers produce hiking boots that are popular among outdoor enthusiasts. These boots are often made using high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Some well-known brands that manufacture hiking boots in the USA include Wolverine, Keen, L.L. Bean, Danner, and Red Wing. These companies prioritize sustainability and quality in their production processes, often leading to boots built to last.

Buying hiking boots made in the USA supports local manufacturing and ensures you invest in a product designed for rugged outdoor use.

While they may be slightly more expensive than imported options, their durability and quality make them a worthwhile investment for avid hikers.

Now, take a closer look at each brand for more in-depth.

Wolverine hiking boots made in usa


Wolverine is an American footwear brand that specializes in manufacturing high-quality boots and shoes. Its product lines include hiking boots, work boots, safety toe boots, shoes, clothing, and accessories.

Its production takes place in Big Rapids, Michigan, USA. The company collects necessary materials and components from several locations around the country.

Wolverine hiking boots have a significant presence in the American market. Each pair of Wolverine hiking boots is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in the company’s factory.

Men’s Spencer Waterproof Hiking Boot is one of the best-selling hiking boots in Wolverine’s boot collections. It comes with some outstanding features. Such as,

  • Waterproof nubuck
  • Rubber cup outsole
  • Removable cushion
  • Water-shedding nylon upper part
  • Perfect stitching with strong yarn
  • Lightweight and heavy construction
  • Sleek finish

This boot is cautiously made to ensure comfort, high performance, and durability. You can enjoy your outdoor adventures with this US-made Wolverine hiking boot.  

Keen hiking boots made in usa

Keen Footwear

Keen Footwear has been recognized as an iconic footwear brand with a wide range of footwear products, including shoes, boots, sandals, and accessories for both men and women.

The vast majority of footwear items of Keen Footwear items are exclusively made in the United States. The company has a large manufacturing factory in Portland, Oregon.

There are more than 100 boots in the company’s product collection. Men’s Zionic Waterproof Hiking Boot is quite popular among these boots of Keen Footwear.

This hiking boot is perfect for your outdoor adventures. It comes with a unique combination of speed and stability. As a result, it is faster, more fun, and more comfortable to use.

Men’s Zionic Hiking Boot has some standard features, including responsive cushioning, nimble traction, lightweight TPU outsole, waterproof membrane, quick dry lining, and removable PU insole.

Customers are massively impressed by this hiking boot. Keen Footwear has been striving to provide fashionable and heavy-construction boots & shoes for nearly two decades.

L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean is an American outdoor gear, clothing, and footwear manufacturer. It manufactures and sells several types of boots including hiking, snow, insulated, and hunting boots.

All of these boots are wholly manufactured in the USA. The company has production facilities in Brunswick and Lewiston, Maine. Skilled craftspeople make these boots using the finest leather & waterproof rubber.

Men’s Eco Woods Hiking Boots is the top-rated hiking boots in the company’s footwear collection. It is made from up to 20% recycled materials like webbings and laces.

This hiking boot is comfortable, lightweight, fashionable, and perfectly fitted with the foot. It features a VertiGrip outsole that gives excellent traction while walking.

However, L.L. Bean manufactures some more outstanding hiking boots.  You can get a better hiking experience by using L.L. Bean hiking boots.

usa made hiking boots


Danner manufactures some of the best boots for hiking, hunting, work, and military in the United States. Its unparalleled quality products are proudly handcrafted in Portland, Oregon.  

The company has an extensive collection of footwear products. Currently, Mountain Light is the best-selling hiking boots in its footwear collection.

Danner has been making Mountain Light hiking boots for over 30 years in the USA. This hiking boot is handcrafted with full-grain leather, Vibram Kletterlift outsole, and waterproof GORE-TEX liners.

It became an ideal hiking boot for some outstanding features. Such as,

  • Full-grain leather upper part
  • Waterproof and breathable liners
  • Round & flat laces
  • Legendary stitch-down construction
  • Re-craftable
  • Sleek finish & lightweight

Danner Mountain Light hiking boot is a mark of superior craftsmanship in the United States.

Red Wing hiking boots made in usa

Red Wing Shoes

Red Wing Shoes is a popular American footwear brand that manufactures hiking boots, work boots, casual boots, shoes, and accessories.

All of the footwear products are made in the USA. The company has a large production plant in Red Wing, Minnesota. They manufacture more than 5 thousand pairs of shoes and boots daily through the factory.

TRUHIKER is one of the most popular hiking boots of Red Wing Shoes. It is a fast, flexible, and CSA-approved hiking boot for the best hiking experience.

This hiking boot features a Vibram outsole, a 3-layer approach waterproofing system, slip resistance, full-grain leather upper, and high ankle support. You can use this hiking boot in summer and winter without any hazards.