The 5 Wood Stove Made in The USA 2024 (Complete List)

Wood Stove Made in The USA

American-made wood stoves are renowned for their quality craftsmanship, stringent standards, innovative features, and reliability.

Purchasing wood stoves made in the USA contributes to the local and national economy by supporting American jobs and businesses. If you are looking for a US made wood stove, this article is only for you.

Only 5 companies make wood stoves in the United States.

Some well-known American-made wood stove brands include Vermont Castings, Hearthstone, Lopi, Buck Stove, and Englander.

Let’s dive into each brand for more details.

Vermont Castings wood stove made in usa

Vermont Castings

Vermont Castings uses FLEXBURN and Thermostatically Controlled Combustion technologies to make highly functional wood stoves. These wood stoves can be the best alternative as an excellent warm heat source in the middle of the winter.

Currently, its product lines include five sturdy wood stoves. One of its popular wood stoves is the “Defiant Wood-Burning Stove.” This stove is skillfully crafted and is perfect for mid-sized & larger rooms.

Vermont Castings wood stove usa made

Vermont Castings wood stoves are renowned for being energy-conscious. The company meticulously crafted wood stoves to provide unparalleled elegance and efficiency.

However, Vermont Castings manufactures wood stoves in Randolph, Vermont, USA, using domestic components.

HearthStone wood stove made in usa


Hearthstone wood stoves are significant in the US market due to their beauty and quality craftsmanship.

Each Hearthstone wood stove is entirely handcrafted in a Vermont-based facility by Vermont artisans.

They build all of the wood stoves using soapstone. As a result, these wood stoves can absorb the sharp heat of the fire as well as store the energy.

Thus, Hearthstone wood stoves keep a comfortable warm temperature in your home all day. Mansfield soapstone is a popular wood stove in the company’s large product lines.

It is the largest wood stove that comes with TruHybrid Technology. Its heat life is nearly 30 hours. This wood stove can heat up to 2,500 square feet of house.

Hearthstone wood stoves are the icon of true American craftsmanship. They are the industry’s most reliable, safest, and best-performing soapstone wood stoves for their outstanding features & innovative technologies.


Founded in 1979, Lopi is an American company that manufactures wood, pellet, and gas heating appliances. Its product lines include some premium quality EPA Cord Wood Standard tested wood stoves.

These wood stoves are proudly manufactured in the USA, particularly in a Mukilteo, Washington factory. The American skilled artisans handcraft every Lopi wood stove using the finest materials and advanced technology.

Lopi wood stoves are popular due to their solid American craftsmanship, reliability, optimum performance, unbeatable heating efficiency, and low smoke emission.

One of its best-selling stoves is the “Lopi Steel Wood Stove” which ensures dependable warmth for your home. The company assures on its official website that it offers the finest US-made wood stoves on the planet.

Buck wood stove

Buck Stove

Buck Stove is a trusted name in terms of making high-quality wood stoves. All of the wood stoves of Buck Stove are proudly made in North Carolina, USA.

Two series of wood stoves are in the company’s product lines- Fireplaces and Free-standing. Each series contains multiple top-performing wood stove models.

Buck stoves made in usa

The wood stoves of this company are efficient and built to last a lifetime. These stoves come with modern designs that perfectly suit any home.

The Model 91 of the Free-Standing Series is a best-selling wood stove. It can heat up to 3,200 square feet of home. This wood stove features a factory-installed blower, efficient heat exchange, ash removal tray, and air wash system.

Englander Stoves

Englander Stoves

Englander is mainly known as a wood stove manufacturer but also manufactures camp stoves, pellet stoves, venting products, and accessories. It has been manufacturing wood-burning appliances since 1976 in the USA.

The company has a 100,000-square-foot factory in Monroe, Virginia. Englander wood-burning appliances are entirely manufactured here. The company takes pride in building quality stoves on North American heritage.

Englander wood stoves made in usa

Englander wood stoves provide heat & pleasure and keep you warm for hours in winter. ESW0018 332-NC is a top-rated wood stove in Englander’s stove collections.

The recommended heating area of this US-made wood stove is nearly 2,400 square feet. It is an EPA-certified wood stove.

It features a cast iron arched door and an extra-large glass surface. As a result, it can provide a great view of wood burning and a cozy addition to any room.

Final Word

When it comes to American-made wood stoves, you have a selection of top-quality brands, each with unique features and craftsmanship.

Vermont Castings is known for innovation, Hearthstone for soapstone quality, Lopi for premium craftsmanship, Buck Stove for trust, and Englander for heritage.

Choose any, and stay warm while supporting the local and national economy.