9 Sleeping Bags Made in The USA 2024 – All Brands Listed

Sleeping Bags Made in The USA

The primary purpose of a sleeping bag is to provide warmth and thermal insulation through its synthetic insulation. While purchasing a sleeping bag, you may search for USA-made sleeping bags.

This article has overviewed the nine USA-based sleeping bag manufacturers. Stay tuned…

Here is the list of USA-made sleeping bags:

  • Exxel Outdoors
  • Enlightened Equipment
  • Katabatic Gear
  • Feathered Friends
  • Nunatak
  • Wenzel
  • Western Mountaineering
  • Wiggy’s Inc.
  • ZPacks
Exxel Outdoors sleeping bag made in USA

Exxel Outdoors

Exxel Outdoors operates the largest sleeping bag factory in Haleyville, Alabama. The Alabama-based Exxel factory is capable of manufacturing four million sleeping bags.

However, Exxel manufacturers make approximately two million sleeping bags in its Haleyville, Alabama-based production facility.

According to the production unit, Exxel Outdoors sleeping bags are ideal for use in the spring, fall, and summer seasons. The extra-large sleeping bags of Exxel Outdoors features the following:

  • A Soft Lining
  • A Waterproof Polyester Shell
  • Plenty of Insulation
  • Ability to keep warm in temp. down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit

Currently, you will find rectangular-shaped Exxel Outdoors sleeping bags made from imported materials.

The Exxel Outdoors production unit plans to bring their mummy and shaped sleeping bag production to their Alabama factory.

Thus, Exxel Outdoors is a USA-based manufacturer of sleeping bags.

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Enlightened Equipment sleeping bag made in usa

Enlightened Equipment

Enlightened Equipment sleeping bags are all about versatility. The brand offers an extensive range of customizable options for its customers.

If you are an adventure enthusiast, you may choose Enlightened Equipment sleeping bags. Because Enlightened Equipment offers ultralight camping quilts, especially for padding adventures, backpacking, and backpacking.

Enlightened Equipment sleeping bags’ outer shell is semi-transparent, DWR-coated 10D nylon. This special nylon contributes to its featherweight of 19 oz.

Over 50 employees make your favorite Enlightened Equipment sleeping bags in Winona, Minnesota, today.

The brand operates a 50k-square-foot manufacturing facility in Winona, Minnesota. Enlightened Equipment is dedicated to creating handmade and custom products that help people experience the wild places of this beautiful world.

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Katabatic Gear sleeping bag made in usa

Katabatic Gear

The best thing about Katabatic Gear is its continuous baffles. According to its manufacturers, the baffles in Katabatic Gear sleeping bags are straight from one side to the other.

The continuous baffles in Katabatic Gear allow down to be moved to the quilt’s top, bottom, or sides when the temperature fluctuates.

Thus, you can move them down to the bottom or sides on warm nights, allowing a little heat to escape.

Users of Katabatic Sleeping Gear have ranked it as an adorable quilt-style sleeping bag as it is pretty warm to sleep with on a sleeping pad or in a hammock.

Katabatic Gear sleeping bags are:

  • Very Warm
  • Very Light
  • Very Comfortable

Besides, the Katabatic sleeping bags are the best quilt for fastpacking. Their designs are innovative and well-engineered. Using the finest materials available, the manufacturers of Katabatic Gear sleeping bags make their products in-house.

However, Katabatic Gear imports the bag shell. After importing bag shells, the manufacturers design, fill and finish their products in the state-of-the-art production facility in Colorado.

Feathered Friends sleeping bags made in USA

Feathered Friends

The unique thing about Feathered Friends is its oversize foot box design. This innovative design will give your feet the space needed. Thus, your foot doesn’t need to push against the down.

Apart from the foot box design, Feathered Friends will keep you warm and comfortable. The bag can be packed efficiently and should last a decade or more if properly cared for.

Besides, Feathered Friends offer specially designed sleeping bags for shoulder season conditions in autumn and spring.

Feathered Friends sleeping bags are made of 900+ fill goose down covered and protected by the breathable and waterproof Pertex Shield. Thus, your favorite Feathered Friends sleeping bag stays dry.

Feathered Friends is a reputed brand. The company is well-known for making unflashy and high-quality products for people who use them the most.

Don’t worry about durability. A lifetime warranty backs Feathered Friends sleeping bags.

Nunatak sleeping bags made in usa

Nunatak USA

The innovative thing about Nunatak is its adjustable girth. This unique feature allows you to be comfortable from 60-degree nights to below-freezing.

Besides, Nunatak sleeping bags can adapt to changes in clothing. You can wear a midweight down jacket inside the bag for lightweight winter use.

Nunatak sleeping bags also come with underside insulation replaced by a single ultralight layer of fabric.

While manufacturing Nunatak sleeping bags, the manufacturers use 900 or better goose down or sophisticated shell fabrics in their state-of-the-art production facility.

Today, Nunatak has become a full-time business operator in Moab, Utah.

Wenzel sleeping bags made in the usa


Wenzel sleeping bags come with a naturally thick design. The rough exterior shell and its spacious design have made Wenzel sleeping bags one of the best options for users.

Wenzel bags are also comfortable on bare ground. Its exterior shell and design have made it a perfect make-shift picnic blanket.

Apart from sleeping bags, Wenzel is also known for:

  • Backpacking backpacks
  • Apparel
  • Outdoor gear

The fleece of the Wenzel sleeping bag is ultra-soft. The bag has a hood to keep your head warm. The Wenzel sleeping bag doesn’t pack down very small.

Wenzel is a part of Exxel Outdoors. The brand manufactures and operates all of its business from Colorado. Wenzel manufacturers are experts in crafting gear.

Western Mountaineering sleeping bags made in usa

Western Mountaineering

A personal commitment to excellence drives Western Mountaineering sleeping bags. Thus, these sleeping bags have remained fair, accurate, honest, and the best.

Regarding the extraordinarily close contest for the best backpacking sleeping bag, Western Mountaineering wins the Editor’s Choice Award.

Western Mountaineering manufacturers make all their sleeping bags in San Jose, California, using the finest materials.

All Western Mountaineering sleeping bags are filled with 850+ power goose. You will find a variety of Western Mountaineering sleeping bag models in the market.

In short, Western Mountaineering is a lightweight enthusiast that comes with plenty of options.

Wiggy's sleeping bags made in usa

Wiggy’s Inc.

The unique feature of Wiggy’s Inc. sleeping bag is its Lamilite insulation and contoured hood section.

Wiggy’s Inc. is also a competitive manufacturer of sleeping bags in the industry. The brand has a long-run reputation. Wiggy’s Inc. sleeping bags offer a lifetime warranty.

Industry expert manufacturers make every Wiggy’s Inc. sleeping bag using Lamilite insulation. The use of Lamilite insulation in Wiggy’s Inc. sleeping bag has made it ultra-soft. Besides, Lamilite insulation eliminates heat loss from convection.

ZPacks sleeping bags made in usa


The innovative feature of ZPacks sleeping bags is their excellent ventilation. Besides, one of the unique features of the ZPacks Mummy sleeping bag is its fully unzippable foot box.

ZPacks sleeping bags are specially designed for back sleepers. These items are nice and warm, and their zipper does not have a draft tube to seal out cold drafts.

Though ZPacks sleeping bags cost you a bit higher, these products are built with high-quality materials. Since 2005, ZPacks manufacturers have been producing quality sleeping bags in the United States.