8 Gloves Made in The USA 2024: American Brands List

Gloves Made in The USA

Genuine leather gloves are extremely rare to find in the current market that proudly bears “Made in the USA” labels.

In this article, we have listed some brands that sell quality gloves made in the USA. These companies are:

  • Sullivan Glove
  • Midwest Quality Glove
  • Turtle Gloves
  • Vermont Glove
  • Golightly Cashmere
  • North Star Glove
  • Geier Glove Company
  • Wintergreen Northern Wear

Let’s take a closer look at each company for more detail.

Sullivan Glove made in usa

Sullivan Glove

Sullivan Glove is an American glove maker that was founded in 1941. The company has been manufacturing comfortable and durable gloves using top-grade materials in its own US-based factory for years.

It has warehouse and manufacturing facilities in Bend, Oregon. From classic works to motorcycle riding, Sullivan Glove offers different gloves for use anywhere. Its expert craftsmanship really amazes the consumers.

The company collects real leather from deer, elk, buffalo, and goats to make these gloves. The best thing is that every pair of gloves is expertly hand sewn.

Currently, Sullivan gloves have great demand in the market. Deerskin Classic, Deerskin Shorty, Elk Shorty, Elk Gauntlet, and Buffalo Roper are some of the bestselling American-made gloves of this brand.

Midwest Quality Glove made in usa

Midwest Quality Glove

Midwest Quality Glove, Inc. is a USA-based company that manufactures safety clothing and gloves. It was founded in the mid-1930s in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The company has three manufacturing factories in Chillicothe, Missouri. They manufacture garden gloves, outdoor hunting gloves, max performance gloves, safety gloves, and more.

Midwest gloves are made of top-grain and SUEDE leather. These leathers are stiff, heavy, and long-lasting. So, the gloves made of these leathers are undoubtedly high-quality.

They collect top-grain leathers from several animals including buck, cow, deer, and goat. Currently, the company has manufacturing and distribution facilities in Canada along with the USA.

Turtle Gloves made in usa

Turtle Gloves

Turtle Gloves is an American maker of innovative fingerless gloves, mittens, apparel, and accessories. All of its products are proudly made in the United States.

American professional craftsmen are responsible for making quality products of this brand. Turtle Gloves was founded in Michigan. Additionally, it has a manufacturing facility at the same location.

They use domestic materials for making gloves. Sometimes they import necessary materials overseas. These gloves are mostly made of polyester and fabrics.

As a result, Turtle fingerless gloves are warm and comfortable to wear on hands. In addition, these gloves are machine washable. However, Turtle gloves could be your best companion in freezing temperatures.

Vermont Glove made in usa

Vermont Glove

Vermont Glove is an American company that manufactures top-quality and expensive gloves. Founded in 1920, it is one of the oldest glove manufacturing companies in the USA.

The company has a net zero factory in Randolph, Vermont.

Every pair of Vermont gloves is hand sewn by skilled craftsmen with exceptional care in the company’s own factory. Due to the complexity of the patterns & shapes, it is quite difficult to automate crafting.

They do not have any manufacturing facility outside of the USA. So, Vermont Glove sells only American-made gloves in the market. Each glove goes through a quality test before marketing.

Vermont gloves are made of 100% goat leather. They use different thicknesses for different parts of the glove. In that case, these gloves remain rugged and supple while working. You can get Vermont gloves between $100 and $160.

Golightly Cashmere glove made in usa

Golightly Cashmere

Golightly Cashmere makes gloves, apparel, and accessories in the USA. It has a manufacturing factory in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. American expert craftspeople are making Golightly Cashmere products in this factory.

The company offers high-quality cozy and functional gloves for both men and women. Golightly Cashmere gloves are made of Scottish Cashmere Yarn that is 100% sustainably sourced from goats.

These gloves last long and provide infinitely warmth, comfort, and style. Golightly Cashmere gloves can be wearable for two seasons. The glove keeps you comfortable under extreme weather conditions.

North Star Glove

Founded in 1910, North Star Glove is an American company that makes superior gloves for America’s workers. Every pair of North Star gloves is made in a Tacoma, Washington factory by experts.

The company makes different types of gloves to cover all ranges of special uses in difficult environments. Here are some best-selling North Star gloves:

  • North Star white ox canvas
  • 310 Buckaroo Leather Palm
  • North Star winter lined buckaroo
  • 420 soft tan glove
  • North Star Wildland
  • Canvasback goatskin leather glove

North Star Wildland Firefighting gloves are made of side-spilled cowhides. Craftspeople only use the best leather to ensure these gloves last as long as possible and provide extra protection.

Geier Glove made in usa

Geier Glove Company

For more than 80 years, Geier Glove Company has been manufacturing some of the world’s finest leather gloves in the USA. It has a factory in Centralia, Washington.

Geier Glove Company makes gloves using the best leathers collected from elk and deer.  The company strives to give you the best possible fit while working, driving, or riding.

They do not have other factories overseas. Every product of this brand is made by American workers in its Washington-based factory. These gloves are really budget-friendly and affordable to buy.

As Geier gloves are made from top-grade hides so these gloves are long-term useable. Geier Deerskin gloves are warm, ultra-soft, and perfect for keeping the cold out.

Wintergreen Northern Wear glove made in usa

Wintergreen Northern Wear

Wintergreen Northern Wear is an American clothing brand. It was founded in 1987.  Currently, its product lines include:

  • Anoraks
  • Jackets
  • Gloves
  • Beanie
  • Hoodie
  • Coat
  • Shell pants

Wintergreen Northern Wear gloves have made enormous popularity due to their unique design and quality. These gloves are designed, cut, and sewn in its own factory located in Ely, Minnesota.

They make gloves using wind-proof double-layer thick Polartec fleece & 3-ply Supplex nylon. Wintergreen Shell Over Mitts are the best selling gloves of this brand. This glove is made of nylon and multi-layer wool.

You can buy Wintergreen Shell gloves for $89. These gloves are lightweight and machine washable. The company crafted gloves focusing on consumer demands as well as designed for longevity.