9 Hunting Boots Made in USA 2024: American Brand List

Hunting Boots Made in USA

For those who value quality craftsmanship and supporting local industries, hunting boots made in the USA offer a compelling option.

These boots not only boast exceptional design and performance but also contribute to the American economy.

In this article, we will explore the 9 hunting boots brand made in the USA. Here is the list of these companies:

  1. Chippewa Boots
  2. Danner
  3. Schnee’s
  4. Carolina Footwear
  5. L.L. Bean
  6. Rocky Boots
  7. Russell Moccasin
  8. White’s Boots
  9. Red Wing Shoes
Chippewa Boots made in the usa

Chippewa Boots

Chippewa Boots offers US-made boots that are proudly made in its factory located in Carthage, Missouri. Every pair of boots is handcrafted by American craftsmen who are truly masters in their crafts.

They make Chippewa boots using the very best domestic and overseas materials. Thus these boots are the most reliable, authentic, and heritage luxuries footwear that withstand countless adventures for years.

Here are some popular American-made Chippewa boots for work and outdoor use, particularly for hunting:

  • Chippewa Boots 25110 Brome
  • Chippewa Boots 23923 Cutter
  • Chippewa Boots AE5003 Cross Terrain
  • Chippewa Boots 73211 Bolville
Danner hunting boots made in the usa


Founded in 1932, Danner is a footwear company that specializes in manufacturing superior boots for hiking, hunting, work, and outdoor use.

Danner boots are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon by expert American craftsmen. They make every pair of boots using only high-quality leather including LWG Gold-Rated Leather and the best materials available.

You may like the following waterproof Danner hunting boots.

  • Danner Elk Hunter
  • Danner Men’s Grouse
  • Danner Hood Winter Light
  • Danner x Filson Grouse

Danner boots are best known for their high durability and the perfect balance between style and effectiveness.

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Schnees hunting boots made in the usa


Schnee’s is an iconic name in the American footwear industry for manufacturing the world’s best hunting boots. The company manufactures a wide range of insulated and uninsulated hunting boots in its Bozeman, Montana factory.

Hunting boots of this brand have some key features such as Goodyear rubber outsole, exclusive leather upper design, rebuildable, dual density 100% poly midsole, waterproof, and lightweight.

Some US-made Schnee’s hunting boots are on the following table:

Schnee’s Extreme 13”$399.00
Schnee’s Hunter II 10”$359.00
Schnee’s Guide ADV 10”$309.00
Schnee’s Forester ADV$209.00
Schnee’s Hunter Pull On$349.00
Schnee’s Hunter II 16”$399.00

As one of the oldest footwear brands, it strives to provide authentic and dependable classic boots continuously for anywhere use.

Carolina Footwear

Carolina Footwear is an American company that manufactures different types of boots using industry-standard designs and sophisticated construction techniques at its Martinsburg, Pennsylvania factory.

The company offers a wide range of rugged & durable boots including loggers, light duty, lace-up, hikers, and rubber boots. Carolina Footwear’s loggers are well-suited for hunting.

ELM Logger, Spruce Steel Toe Waterproof Logger, Birch Comp Toe, and Insulated Birch Comp Toe are considered popular boots of the Carolina Footwear brand.

Carolina Footwear boots are made of the finest hand-picked leather and the very best materials including GORE-TEX, Full-Grain leather, and rubber.

L.L. Bean hunting boots made in the usa

L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean is a renowned American privately-held clothing and footwear brand, best known for its wide range of boot collections. L.L. Bean boots are suitable for a variety of outdoor activities including hunting, hiking, and fieldwork.

It has more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing quality footwear products, particularly hunting boots. In the very beginning, the company started its business selling a single product, the “Maine Hunting Shoe.”

However, L.L. Bean currently manufactures several types of boots at its American manufacturing facilities located in Brunswick and Maine. Every pair of L.L. Bean boots are handmade by experienced craftspeople.

Rocky hunting boots made in usa

Rocky Boots

Rocky Boots has been contributing to the American growing economy for years by producing all of its footwear products in the United States. It was founded about 91 years ago with a tiny shoe factory in Southeastern Ohio.

Over the years, the brand expanded its production facilities. Rocky Boots footwear is proudly designed and made in its Nelsonville, Ohio factory. Rocky hunting boots are quite famous for their rugged and durable build.

Below are the company’s most popular American-made hunting boots:

  • Rocky BearClaw Gore-Tex Hunting Boot– available at $232
  • Rocky ProLight Hunting Waterproof Snake Boot – available at $157
  • Rocky Retraction Waterproof Side-Zip Snake Boot – available at $167
  • Rocky Lynx Waterproof Snake Boot – available at $167

These real USA-made boots could be the best companion in your thrilling adventures.

Russell Moccasin boots made in the usa

Russell Moccasin

Russell Moccasin is one of the world’s leaders in manufacturing boots for work, hunting, hiking, fishing, and outdoor use. The footwear brand has been crafted by hand since 1898.

Each boot of this brand is exclusively handmade in Berlin, Wisconsin, USA. Russell Moccasin takes pride in producing excellent boots using domestic premium materials.

Signature South 40 Bird Shooter is one of Russell Moccasin’s popular hunting boots. It is available at $680. It features Vibram 360 Force sole, heavy-duty bull hide leather, sturdy construction, and water-resistant.

White’s Boots

White’s Boots is a reputable footwear manufacturing company based in Spokane, Washington, USA. In the early 1850s, the company was founded as a family business by the Otto White family. 

American craftspeople make boots of this brand in a Spokane-based manufacturing factory. Each pair of boots is hand-welted and hand-bottomed by their master bootmakers.

White’s boots offer a truly customized fit, comfortable steps, and extra support while walking or running. Its superior flexibility, durability, and rebuildable features attract buyers.

There are five different types of boot series in the company’s current product lines. White’s Boots footwear is really suitable for hunting, hiking, and other outdoor work.

Red Wing Shoes

Red Wing Shoes is the final name on this list. It is an American footwear brand known for its industry-standard boots and shoes, particularly hunting and hiking boots.

The company has manufacturing factories in Minnesota, Missouri, and Kentucky.  American master boot makers produce handmade Red Wing boots and shoes in these facilities using domestic materials.

For ensuring the highest quality, Red Wing hunting boots are tested by both amateur and professional hunters. These boots are specially made for allowing you maximum comfort and support during hunting.