The 8 Made in USA Sawmill Brands 2024 (Complete List)

Made in USA Sawmills

There are a lot of sawmill manufacturers in the world. When it comes to sawmills made in the USA, there are few reputable brands to choose from.

Only eight companies make sawmills in the United States.

Some well-known American-made sawmill brands include Wood-Mizer, Timbery Sawmills, TimberKing, New England Pine, Hud-Son Forest, Haddon Tools, Granberg, and EZ Boardwalk.

These companies are known for producing high-quality portable and stationary sawmills for various applications, including lumber production and woodworking.

Each brand offers a range of models with different features and capabilities to meet the needs of both hobbyists and professional sawyers.

Let’s dive into more details…

Wood-Mizer sawmills made in usa


Since 1982, Wood-Mizer has been proudly manufacturing its sawmills. While manufacturing Wood-Mizer sawmills, premium quality steel is cut, welded, formed, and painted in their state-of-the-art manufacturing plant.

Regarding portable sawmills, Wood-Mizer LT15 stands as an exceptional choice. The machine is capable of turning logs into valuable lumber.

Wood-Mizer is an ideal option for personal woodworking projects and small businesses. In the 1980s, Wood-Mizer was completely new in the market. The company began leading the sawmill industry by providing automated systems at an affordable price.

Wood-Mizer sawmills are engineered for performance and quality. The company offers a complete line of portable sawmills for full-time sawmill operations and woodworking hobbyists.

The manufacturers of Wood-Mizer sawmills use domestically or globally sourced components in their advanced factories in Indiana, USA.

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Timbery Sawmills made in usa

Timbery Sawmills

The best thing about Timbery Sawmills is its affordable pricing. According to its manufacturers, Timbery Sawmills remain affordable for its smart manufacturing and continuous improvement.

Don’t worry about the product quality of Timbery Sawmills. They do not compromise materials quality while manufacturing in their factories.

Timbery Sawmills USA made

The Timbery M100 has a sleek design and some amazing features like:

  • Easily removed head
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable bed
  • Travel and storage option

Besides, the Timberley M285 portable sawmill has everything that makes the model such a great buy.

The manufacturers of Timbery Sawmills use domestically or globally sourced components in their Indianapolis manufacturing plant to give the shape of its sawmills.

TimberKing sawmills


TimberKing sawmills are extremely tough and reliable. The manufacturers of TimberKing sawmills use the highest quality materials in their factories to ensure rugged specifications.

The original product of TimberKing is the Belsaw circular mill. The model was in constant production from 1929 to 1988.

TimberKing sawmills made in usa

TimberKing sawmills are made of massive solid-welded steel cutting decks. The TimberKing 1600 Portable sawmill combines direct-action hydraulics and massive cutthroat. The company also offers a warranty against their defects.

The manufacturers of TimberKing sawmills use domestically or globally sourced components in their Kansas City manufacturing plant to make their sawmills.

New England Pine

New England Pine Timber Co. provides professional-grade forestry equipment. The company also offers Milling Products and Wood Products to customers globally.

Since its birth, New England Pine has provided customers with professional forestry equipment and milling guidance throughout the United States.

New England Pine is still active in engineering and investing in new forestry equipment in Connecticut.

The manufacturers of New England Pine use domestically or globally sourced components in Connecticut to make its sawmills.

Hud-Son Forest sawmills

Hud-Son Forest

The best thing about Hud-Son Forest is its durability. The company designs its sawmills for easy use for personal and commercial purposes.

Since 1949, Hud-Son Forest has been manufacturing and selling industry-grade sawmills, chainsaws, and logging tools.

Hud-Son Forest sawmills made in usa

Hud-Son Forest is economically priced for any woodcutter. Many users have rated it as a unique portable sawmill.

Hud-Son Forest Equipment has become a leading USA forestry equipment through its commitment to its customers and passion for excellence in sawmills.

The manufacturers of Hud-Son use domestically or globally sourced components in their Barneveld, New York-based manufacturing plant.

Haddon Tools

Haddon Tools makes great beams of big logs. It is capable of making very nice lumber. The adjustable size of Haddon Tools allows your chainsaw to cut the size precisely.

Haddon Tool’s sawmill will allow you to make short work of downed trees. The tool also fits all chainsaws and attaches to the bar in seconds.

The innovative attachment of the Haddon Tool’s sawmill will clamp to your chainsaw and convert your chainsaw into a highly portable sawmill.

Haddon Tool’s sawmill ensures a straight cutting path. You can easily cut great lumber of all sizes and thicknesses for projects with the Haddon Tool’s sawmill.

While manufacturing in the Michigan-based factories, Haddon Tools manufacturers source their raw materials from global and domestic retailers.


The innovative feature of the Granberg sawmill is its versatility and heavy-duty performance. The clumps onto the chainsaw bar of the Granberg sawmill do not require drilling. 

The manufacturers of Granberg have stated that their patented CNC-machined billet and brackets are more accurate and virtually unbreakable.

Granberg sawmills made in usa

Granberg sawmill is perfect for all business sizes and budgets. Since 1960, Granberg has been manufacturing high-quality sawmills.

The industry expert manufacturers of Granberg make its sawmill in Pittsburg, California.

EZ Boardwalk

The best thing about EZ Boardwalk is its innovative design. According to its manufacturers, the innovative design of EZ Boardwalk allows the sawyer to efficiently operate and maintain its portable sawmill investment while producing lumber.

The design of the EZ Boardwalk sawmill has enabled its sawyer to remove its transport wheels and axle when in operation.


EZ Boardwalk has a sturdy frame with engines of enough muscles. Adjustments of the EZ Boardwalk sawmill are also easy. The mill head of EZ Boardwalk is fully welded together.

The unique design of the EZ Boardwalk includes the 15-degree angled head. Skilled manufacturers of EZ Boardwalk make their sawmills in Emden, Missouri, with its domestically or globally sourced components.