The 8 Umbrella Made in The USA 2024

Umbrella Made in The USA

Even though numerous umbrella manufacturers exist worldwide, many prefer purchasing locally made umbrellas. You’ve come to the right place if you’re one of them. This article is your guide to finding proudly manufactured umbrellas in the USA.

We’ve conducted extensive research and identified eight companies offering high-quality umbrellas in the United States.

Brands such as ShedRain, Frankford, American Holtzkraft, FiberBuilt, Davek, BeachBub, TUUCI, and Stromberg Brand are well-known for their American-made umbrellas.

These umbrellas are typically crafted using durable materials and advanced technology to ensure they can withstand various weather conditions. While the availability of USA-made umbrellas may vary depending on your location and where you shop, they are generally appreciated for their reliability.

Let’s dive into more details…

Shed Rain umbrellas made in the usa

Shed Rain

Shed Rain has a strong presence in the American outdoor equipment market for its umbrella. It offers four types of outdoor umbrellas, including compact and stick.

The production of these umbrellas takes place in Downtown Portland, Oregon. Vortex V2 54” Vented Jumbo Compact is a popular umbrella in the company’s product lines. Vortex V2 is one of the most advanced umbrellas in terms of features.

It features an automatic open & close system, steel frame, vented canopy, lightweight and grooved TPR rubber grip handle. It is perfect for escorting a date and helping your friend stay dry.

The best thing about this umbrella is that it can withstand wind speeds up to 75 mph. However, Shed Rain’s umbrellas are ideal for use in any weather.


Frankford is an American dynamic outdoor equipment company specializing in manufacturing modern and traditional shade solutions. It has various umbrella collections, including Cantilever and Patio umbrellas.

The company takes pride in making umbrellas in the USA using only the best materials available. Frankford manufactured umbrellas in Philadelphia until 2010. Now, it manufactures all of its products in New Jersey.

Aurora Cantilever is a popular umbrella among the company’s umbrella collections. This umbrella allows you to maximize your space without a traditional center post.

It is made of 100% marine-grade fabrics. Full 360° rotation with an Infinity Tilt system is its innovative feature. As a result, you can change the positions effortlessly according to the sun’s position.

Frankford Aurora Cantilever withstands 25 mph winds. This umbrella can protect you from harsh sunlight and rain.

American Holtzkraft

American Holtzkraft is one of the forefront of umbrella manufacturers in the United States. It offers wooden and aluminum umbrellas.


The company has a corporate sales office and manufacturing facility in Mount Pleasant Mills, Pennsylvania. It has merged with Pennsylvania Dutch craftsmanship to manufacture the finest quality umbrellas.

American Holtzkraft Aluminum Umbrellas are best known for their strength and durability in the marketplace. The 202P is the most durable aluminum model among other umbrellas in the company’s Aluminum series umbrellas.

This umbrella features a marine-grade aluminum pole, rotating canopy, stainless steel hardware, reinforced pocket, and brushed aluminum finish.

You can experience the most dependable umbrella for any weather conditions through the American Holtzkraft Aluminum umbrella.

FiberBuilt Umbrellas made in usa

FiberBuilt Umbrellas

FiberBuilt Umbrellas is a renowned name in the world of superior quality umbrellas. The company’s umbrella collection includes Prestige Powder Coated, Prestige FiberTeak, Euro, Cantilever, and Beach umbrellas.

These umbrellas are exclusively made in the United States, particularly in a Fort Lauderdale, Florida factory. But the necessary components without canopies are imported from outside of the USA.

FiberBuilt Cantilever Umbrella has an excellent reputation in the industry for durability in all types of harsh weather conditions. It can provide you with 100 square feet of comfortable shade outdoors.

This umbrella has outstanding features like rectangular aluminum ribs, a customizable canopy, a bronze-finished frame, a trigger lift, a foot-activated rotator, a steel base, and marine-grade fabric.

Davek umbrella made in usa


Davek has been making unique umbrellas perfect for outdoor use since 2005. Davek umbrellas are meticulously crafted in New York City using the finest materials.

The company manufactures Traveler, Solo, Elite, Savile, Golf, and Mini umbrellas. The Davek Solo is a best-selling and fan-favorite umbrella of Davek. It is a perfect individual-sized weatherproof umbrella that combines durability & sophisticated style.

It comes with a unique wind-resistant RigidFlex Frame System. Besides, it has an auto-open and auto-close button system. As a result, it is easy and comfortable to use.

The rigidity and flexibility make the Davek Solo umbrella special. Davek makes the waterproof canopy using 190 thread count microfiber fabric. In addition, the company crafts the handle from genuine zinc alloy.

Davek umbrellas are baked with an unconditional lifetime guarantee, which is the best customer benefit. Every umbrella of this brand is performed wonderfully in torrential rainstorms.


The best thing about BeachBub umbrellas is the American Lifeguard Association proudly endorses them. BeachBub is renowned for its wind-resistant beach umbrella systems.


You can buy BeachBub umbrellas’ components and accessories separately and set them up quickly on a sand beach. This beach umbrella withstands up to 44.4 miles per hour wind speed.

Every component is exclusively manufactured in the company’s Greensboro, North Carolina factory. An expert artisans team manufactures the accessories of BeachBub umbrellas.

The company’s beach umbrellas are easy to carry, set up, and takedown. BeachBub umbrellas are ideal for a real sunny day experience at the beach.

TUUCI umbrellas made in usa


TUUCI is a leading quality shade product manufacturer that enhances outdoor commercial and residential environments. Its product line includes a wide range of Parasols and Cantilever.

These shade products are proudly made in Miami, Florida. TUUCI makes shade products using anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and polymer components.

TUUCI’s Ocean Master Mega Max is a perfect umbrella that suits all large outdoor shade needs. It is customizable and withstands up to 45 mph wind speed.

It provides expansive shade, profound strength, sleek design, and reserved beauty. You can optimize your shade experience with TUCCI’s optional heating system, and Ambia LED light.

Stromberg Brand umbrella made in usa

Stromberg Brand

Established in 1942, Stromberg Brand is an American company that manufactures a variety of umbrellas, including Folding, Patio, Inverted, and Golf umbrellas.

According to the sources, Stromberg Brand has a production plant in Valley Cottage, New York, making umbrellas.

One of its top-selling umbrellas is The Compact Econo Folding Umbrella – SB 1100. It features a manual opening, a strong metal shaft, a fiberglass rib, and a rubberized black handle.

Stromberg Brand umbrella has a sophisticated design, various color options, superior imprinting capabilities, and an affordable price range.

Stromberg Brand’s umbrella could be an ideal gift for any celebration.