The 8 Log Splitter Made in The USA 2024

Log Splitter Made in The USA

If you are looking for a log splitter made in the USA, you’ve come to the right place.

Only 8 companies make log splitters in the United States.

Some well-known American-made log splitter brands include Brave Splitter, Brute Force USA, American CLS, Northern Tool, Super Splitter, Timberwolf, Wood-Mizer, and Blockbuster Inc.

Let’s dive into each brand for more details.

Brave log splitter made in usa

Brave Splitter

Brave Splitter is a trusted name in the world of log splitters. The company carries two different types of well-constructed splitter series for your needs.

The most popular splitter series is the New Brave Vertical/Horizontal Series. It includes three different models. These are:

  • Brave VH 1724GC- available at $1,895
  • Brave VH 1730GC- available at $2,145
  • Brave VH 1737GX- available at $2,515

American workers make Brave Splitters in the USA, in the Rogers, Minnesota factory. They use the best components available domestically and internationally.

Brave splitters are one of the strongest hydraulic ram-splitters in the US market. These splitters perform efficiently for challenging applications in both vertical and horizontal positions.

Brute Force

Brute Force has been manufacturing firewood equipment, including commercial log splitters since 1997. It has a manufacturing facility and repair shop in Northern Wisconsin, USA.

All its products are proudly designed and made in the United States by expert manufacturers. The brute log splitter initially features a hydraulically adjustable splitting head, durable phenolic wear slides, an adjustable conveyor, a 2-stage pump, and a 1-year warranty.

Brute Force log splitter made in usa

Brute Force log splitters are more expensive than other local brands’ splitters. Some US-made log splitters of this brand are in the following table:

Splitter ModelPrice
Brute Force 20-24 Commercial ProStarts at $16,695
Brute Force 26-24 Re-Split MachineStarts at $29,895
Brute Force 13-24 CommercialStarts at $12,695

American CLS

American CLS is a leading manufacturer of top-quality splitters in the USA. It has many log splitter collections, such as Low Boy Log Splitters, High Boy Log Splitters, and Hydraulic 4-way Splitters.

These products are best known for their durability and standard performance. American CLS manufactures its log splitters in New York, USA.

American CLS log splitters made in usa

American CLS log splitters come with some notable features. Such as,

  • Commercial-grade Honda engine
  • 2-stage Hydraulic pump
  • Powder coated finish
  • Wedge backer & safety chains
  • Heavy-duty frame
Northern tool log splitter made in usa

Northern Tool

Northern Tool is a multinational company that manufactures North Star, Powerhorse, and several other brands’ log splitters in its Faribault, Minnesota, manufacturing facility.

The company designed and patented some unique types of log splitters in the industry. These splitters get up to 300 splits on a single charge. Additionally, they are easily switchable between horizontal and vertical splitting positions.

North Star 24-ton horizontal/vertical log splitter is one of its popular log splitters. It maintains a consistent split with the patented alloy steel wedge.

Every North Star splitter gives you power and efficient performance for the toughest outdoor jobs.

Super Splitter

Super Splitters offers best-selling log splitters that proudly bear “Made in the USA” tags. Super Splitters’ J and Heavy Duty Models are demandable and reliable log splitters.

The splitters of this brand feature up to twin 90-Ib flywheels, wide rack gears, powerful Honda engines, and up to 4 bearing rigid pivoting pushers. These features made Super Splitter’s log splitter a popular choice for woodworking professionals.

However, the production of Super Splitter takes place in a large factory located in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA.

If you want to buy a reliable and effective log splitter for outdoor work, Super Splitter’s wood processing equipment could be a better choice for you.


Timberwolf brand is known for its compact log splitters in the industry. The company has been committed to providing US-made superior wood processing equipment since 1995.

It has two manufacturing facilities in the USA. Both Timberwolf facilities are located in New York- one in Marathon and the other in Syracuse.  

Below are some popular American-made Timberwolf log splitter models:

  • TW-2 Log Splitter – available at $2,995.95
  • TW-3 HD Log Splitter – available at $8,395.95
  • TW-10 Large Log Splitter – available at $74,995.95
  • Alpha 6 Log Splitter – available at $14,545.95

These log splitters are easy to operate. They come with efficient & powerful engines that deliver plenty of power for smooth and continuous operation.


Founded in 1982, Wood-Mizer is an American manufacturer of a wide range of log splitters for farm operations, landowners, small firewood businesses, and wood-splitting companies.

Some of their most popular US-made log splitter models include Wood-Mizer FS300 29-Ton, FS350 Dual Action, and FS350 Skid Steer. These log splitters are designed with many unique features for maximum performance and efficiency.

The production of Wood-Mizer commercial log splitters takes place in Indiana, USA.


Blockbuster Inc. is a well-established brand of firewood processors and elevators. With extensive knowledge of logging, Tim Batey founded the brand more than 35 years ago.

The company initially focused on manufacturing firewood processors for the American market. Over the years, its products have gained enormous popularity which helped to export these products globally.

Blockbuster log splitter made in usa

American skilled craftspeople build all the firewood processors of this brand in the USA, particularly in the Mount Pleasant, Iowa factory.  Blockbuster Inc. firewood processors are reliable, portable, durable, and easy to maintain.

Model 22-20 is one of the most popular and best-selling log splitters of Blockbuster Inc. It is available at $71,500. Surprisingly! It can cut more than 3 cords of wood per hour.


Buying a log splitter proudly made in the USA is a wise choice regarding quality, durability,  and supporting local craftsmanship.

You can choose any of them for splitting firewood and contributing to domestic industries’ growth.