The 12 USA Made Axe in 2024 (Complete American List)

made in usa axe

Are you willing to buy a US-made axe and want to support the American economy? If yes, this article is for you.

Only twelve companies make axe in the United States.

Some well-known American made axe brands include Estwing, Vaughan Mfg, Council Tool, Fire Axe, Leatherhead Tools, Razor-Back, Ampco Safety, American Tomahawk, Brant & Cochran, ECHO, Hardcore Hatchets, and Lehman’s.

Let’s learn a little more in-depth about the list of these American axe manufacturers.


Estwing is a renowned American manufacturer of striking tools like hammers, axes, and pry bars. Earnest O. Estwing founded the company in 1923.

An expert manufacturing team manufactures all Estwing claw hammers, axes, and other tools using the highest possible standard materials.

Estwing axe made in usa

The production of this company takes place in Rockford, Illinois, USA. Estwing tools became the benchmark for the American striking tool industry.

Estwing axes have a great demand in the market for their quality craftsmanship. Here are some popular Estwing axes:

  • Sportsman’s Axe
  • Black Eagle Double Bit Axe
  • Camper’s Axe with Tent Stake Puller
  • Hunter’s Axe

Estwing axes could be a great choice regarding precision, power, and durability.

Vaughan Mfg axe

Vaughan Mfg

Vaughan Mfg is a world leader in manufacturing quality hand tools, including axes, hammers, and pry bars. It was founded in 1869 by Alexander Vaughan.

The company offers a complete line of hatchets and axes that fit your lifestyle. Vaughan axes come in a variety of styles. Some best-selling axes of this brand are in the following table:

Vaughan axe made in usa
Axe ModelPrice
SC1-1/4 Supersteel Camp Axe$26.56
ZS1/2 Sub-Zero Sportsman Axe$23.37
SCS1-1/4 Camp Axe with Sheath$31.21

These axes are made in the United States, particularly in an Illinois facility. Vaughan axes are lightweight, rust-resistant, durable, easy to carry, and budget-friendly.

Council tool axe

Council Tool

Council Tool has been manufacturing some of the high-quality axes and other striking tools in the market for over 100 years. It was founded in 1886.

The company has a production facility in Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina, USA. All of the Council tools are proudly produced in this US factory.


Council Tool has a wide range of axe collections in its product lines. 2 IBS Hudson Bay Camp Axe is one of its best-selling axes, available at $79.87.

It features a 24-inch curved wooden handle, steelhead, and sport utility finish. It is used for light splitting, chopping, and cutting wood.

Fire axe made in usa

Fire Axe

Fire Axe Inc. is an American manufacturer of durable and quality axes. The company manufactures all axes in the USA, particularly in Los Angeles, California.

Fire Axe Inc. currently offers three types of US-made axes in the market. These axes are:

  • 8Ib Flathead Axe – available at $280.25
  • 6Ib Pickhead Axe – available at $266.75
  • JP Special Pickhead Axe – available at $253.25

Each axe is made of high-grade tool steel. Fire axe features an ideal blade for the optimum balance of sharpness & durability. These axes come with both wood & fiberglass handles.

Leatherhead Tools

Leatherhead Tools is an iconic name in the American hand tools industry. The company has served quality tools to firefighters, rescue personnel, and law enforcement teams for years.

Its product lines include Lockwood hook, halligan, flat head axe, and other tools. Leatherhead axes are ideal for ventilation, forced entry, and overhaul.

The company offers Ultra-Force Axes, Flat Head Axes, and Pick Head Axes. These axes are 100% made in the United States using high-carbon steels.

Leatherhead axes are designed for maximum comfort & function. These axes come with solid pultruded fiberglass non-slip handles.

Razor-Back axe made in usa


Razor-Back has a strong presence in the American hand-powered landscaping tools market. The brand was launched in 1936 and became a part of AMES Companies in 2006.

It manufactures hammers, scrapers, picks, tampers, axes, and other specialty tools. All of its products are proudly manufactured in the USA using a combination of cutting-edge technology.

According to the company’s official website, Razor-Back has production plants in all 50 states in the USA. The Razor-Back Single Bit Michigan Axe is one of the best-selling axes in the American market.

This axe features a 33-inch fiberglass handle and strong steelhead. It is an ideal axe for trimming, pruning trees, and splitting wood.

Ampco Safety Tools

Ampco Safety Tools is an American company that manufactures non-sparking and non-magnetic hand tools. August Littman founded the company in 1914 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In 1922, the company first introduced a line of aluminum bronze safety hand tools in the USA. Now, it manufactures and sells more than 60 tools, including axes, awls, barrel hooks, brushes, and hammers.

Ampco axe made in usa

The vast majority of Ampco tools are designed and manufactured in the USA. Ampco Safety Tools has a production plant in Garland, Texas, where skilled craftspeople proudly make most of the products, including axes.

My research found two types of US-made axes in Ampco Safety Tools’ product lines. These are Flat Head Axe and Pick Head Axe.

They both are non-sparking, non-magnetic, and corrosion-resistant. The heavy-built excellent construction ensures a long lifespan for Ampco axes.

American Tomahawk

American Tomahawk is one of the most trusted names in manufacturing quality tomahawks, a type of single-handed axe. It is a US-based company that was founded by Peter Lagana in 1966.

The company is best known for manufacturing modern tomahawks for the US Military. However, it has a wide range of axes for outdoor uses. The three most popular tomahawks of this brand are:

  • American Tomahawk Model 3 (Hickory Handle) – available at $249.00
  • American Tomahawk Model 1 (Nylon Handle) – available at $189.00
  • American Tomahawk Model 2 (Hickory Handle) – available at $$239.00

All of these tomahawks are made in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. Professional craftspeople make these tomahawks using American 1060 steel in the company’s facility based in Tennessee.

Currently, tomahawks from the American Tomahawk Company are the most reliable and affordable in the US market you may ever need.

Brant & Cochran axe made in usa

Brant & Cochran

Brant & Cochran is a well-known American axe manufacturer. It has a large manufacturing facility in South Portland, USA. All of its products are made here in this factory.

The company manufactures some accessories like field kits along with axes. However, the axe is its key product.

Allagash Cruiser and Dirigo Belt Axe are two best-selling axes of this brand. Brant & Cochran axes are made of 1050 carbon steel.

These axes are durable, lightweight, and ideal for splitting, kindling, and splitting firewood. Brant & Cochran axes come with Amish-turned hickory handles that provide extra comfort striking.


ECHO was founded in November 1972 with 2-cycle engines and some handheld products. It is a subsidiary brand of Japan’s Yamabiko Corporation.

Over the years, the brand expanded its product collection. They manufacture engine drills, axes, blowers, chainsaws, edgers, and other power tools.

ECHO axe made in usa

ECHO has a 588,000 square feet manufacturing facility in Lake Zurich, Illinois, USA. Most products, including axes, are extensively made here in this facility.

There are four different axes in ECHO’s product lines. These are:

  • ECHO HA-1142 Axe – available at $63.99
  • ECHO HA-1282 Axe – available at $79.99
  • ECHO HA-1363 Axe – available at $89.99
  • ECHO HA-1366 Axe – available at $69.99

ECHO axes have user-friendly features such as durable oil-rubbed finished steel blades, hickory solid handles, and tempered cutting edges. Their high-carbon steel blades provide superior strength while splitting wood.

Hardcore Hatchets made in usa

Hardcore Hatchets

Hardcore Hatchets takes pride in making premium quality hammers, hatchets, and axes in the United States. It has a production facility in Peotone, Illinois.

All of its products are 100% American-made. Besides, the company sources raw materials from the United States to make those products.

Hardcore axe made in usa

Axes of the Hardcore Hatchets company have great demand in the US market because of their premium construction and high performance.

One of its popular axe models is the “Closeout Conservationist TR Axe with 28 inches Green Handle” available at $149.95. This axe features a natural 4140 steelhead and a green handle.

Lehman's axe


Lehman’s is a family-owned and operated American company founded in 1955 by Jay Lehman. Although axes are not the key products of this brand, it has a wide range of high-quality axe collections.

Lehman's axe made in usa

The company offers hand-forged axes manufactured in both Sweden and the USA. However, Lehman’s Lumberman’s Axe is wholly manufactured in the United States.

It features a sharp 1050 carbon steel head and an Amish-made hickory handle. This reliable axe is perfect for splitting firewood efficiently.