10 Tents Made in the USA 2024 – (American Brands List)

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, adventurer, and nature lover, you understand the significance of tents.

While buying tents you may prefer American-made tents in terms of their remarkable features and unparalleled craftsmanship.

We have found 10 brands that offer US-made tents in the market. These brands are:

  • Tarptent
  • Zpacks
  • Tentsmiths
  • Springbar
  • Rainier Tent
  • Seek Outside
  • Denver Tent
  • Ellis Canvas Tents
  • Black Diamond Equipment
  • Bear Paw Wilderness Designs

Let’s look at these brands more in-depth at the bottom.

Tarptent tents made in the usa


Tarptent tents are quite popular in the competitive market due to their usability, lightweight, roomy, and weather protection. Tarptent tents are made using domestic and imported materials like Dyneema Composite Fabric.

It was founded in 1999 in California. That means, the brand has 24 years of experience in manufacturing weather-worthy tents. In the very beginning, the company hired 9 folks from Seattle for designing & sewing tents.

Using the highest-quality materials, Tarptent is still producing tents by expert craftsmen in the US-based factory. It moved its facility from Seattle to Nevada City, California.

Tarptent offers 19 models of tents in the market. Aeon Li, Dipole 1 DW, Rainbow, and Double Rainbow are popular tents of Tarptent.

Zpacks tents made in the usa


In 2004, Joe Valesko founded Zpacks while he was unable to find adequately lightweight gear. Zpacks’ current product lines include tents, tarps, backpacks, sleeping bags, and accessories.

Allowing for greater quality control, Zpacks’ industry-leading tents are proudly made in the United States. Zpacks ultralight tents are 100% manufactured in West Melbourne, Florida facility.

Craftsmen use Dyneema Composite Fabrics for manufacturing the strongest and most lightweight tents. It provides 360° rain protection. Some best-selling ultralight tents are on the following table.

Tent modelPrice
Plex Solo Tent$599
Altaplex Tent$669
Free Trio Tent$949
Duplex Zip Tent$699
DupleXL Zip Tent$749

These tents are available at the company’s official website with shipping facilities.

Tentsmiths tents made in the usa


Tentsmiths is an American brand that sells US-made highest quality canvas tents. It has been offering historical canvas tents with 40 years of manufacturing experience.

Each tent is cautiously designed and machine sewed in Rochester, New Hampshire by skilled craftsmen. They use cotton canvas for making Tentsmiths tents.

Tentsmiths tents are authentic, durable, waterproof, flame resistant, and long-lasting. Currently, the company offers 6 different types of tents. Here are some top-rated Tentsmiths tents:

  • Whelen Tent
  • Baker
  • Square Marquee
  • Officer’s Marquee
  • Wide Wall Tent
  • WWII German Troop Tent
Springbar tents made in the usa


Springbar has been leading the outdoor product industry by producing quality standard tents for more than 60 years. It offers both US-made and imported tents.

There are 9 different types of tents in Springbar product collections. All Springbar tents except Classic Jack & Highline series are proudly designed, cut, and hand sewn in its Salt Lake City workshop.

Springbar tents are quite expensive than its competitive brands in the market. Because they come with excellent features. Springbar tents are enough spacious, sturdy, durable, weatherproof, long-lasting, and comfortable.

Their tents meet the demands of hunters, professional outfitters, and weekend warriors through reliable performance. Springbar tents are made of quality materials including canvas, cotton, and vinyl by skilled craftspersons.

You may like the following US-made Springbar tents.

  • Skyliner Tent
  • Traveler Tent
  • Vagabond Tent
  • Compact Tent
  • Family Camper Canvas Tent

Rainier Tent

Rainier Tent is a division of Rainier Industries that is famous for manufacturing various types of tents. It has been manufacturing tents since 1896. They maintain the highest quality standard for supplying the finest products.

It has a 140,000-square-foot facility in Seattle, USA. Their products are made in the USA by skilled manufacturers with decades of collective experience. Rainier tents’ simplicity, flexibility, and style may amaze you.

Rainier tents are UV resistant and much easier to clean. These tents can stand up to any unexpected weather condition due to their excellent durability.

Alpine Lite Track Tent, High Peak Tent, and Emergency Relief Tent are the three most demandable Rainier Tent collections.

Seek Outside tents made in the usa

Seek Outside

Seek Outside is best known for manufacturing reliable tipi tents. It has strived to produce lightweight and weather-worthy tents for all-season use.

The company has a skilled craftsman team who sewed the products for providing an adventurous experience to enthusiasts. Each Seek Outside tipi tent is 100% made in its own facility located in Colorado.

Using modern ultralight materials, these tents are marketed with a traditional conical shape.  Seek Outside tipi tents features:

  • Interior utility loop
  • Small pack size
  • Heavy-duty dual-zippered interior entry
  • Tub floor
  • Enough spacious
  • Sturdy, waterproof, and durable
  • Easy to set up

Let’s look at the current best-selling Tipi Tents of Seek Outside.

  • Cimarron Pyramid Tent
  • Redcliff Tent
  • Silex 1p XL
  • 8 Person Tipi Tent
  • Courthouse Packable Tent

Denver Tent

Denver Tent is a renowned American brand specializing in outdoor recreation products including tents, agriculture & construction products, and custom fabric solutions.

Alfred Proctor founded the company in 1890. It is one of the oldest tent manufacturers in the United States. The company’s canvas tents remain popular among outdoor enthusiasts, with models like Colorado Lodge Tent, Colorado Range Tent, and Maroon Bell Tent.

Denver tents have been on top choice for years due to their durability, reliability, and outstanding performance in any weather conditions.

Manufacturing of Denver tents took place in the brand’s own facility located in Denver, Colorado, USA.  Denver Tent continues to be the premier tent manufacturer in the state.

However, according to my research, Denver Tent exclusively manufactures all of its products only in the United States.

Ellis Canvas Tents

Ellis Canvas Tents have 30 years of experience to create the most functional tents in the world. Each tent is designed and handcrafted in its facility based in Durango, Colorado, USA. 

You can use Ellis Canvas tents normally in snow or rain without any issues. Besides, you can add a wood-burning stove to tents if needed.

For ensuring the highest quality, Ellis Canvas tents go through rigorous tests before shipping. While enjoying your time in the wilderness, these tents will be keeping you warm, dry, and comfortable.

Ellis Canvas tents are more expensive than other brands in the industry. Usually, most people desire to buy the following tent models of Ellis Canvas Tents.

  • Prairie Tent – available at $1,605
  • Shackleton Tent – available at $1,995
  • Split-Torrent Tent – available at $2,400
Black Diamond Equipment tents made in usa

Black Diamond Equipment

In the outdoor product industry, Black Diamond Equipment is a reliable name for producing the most innovative mountain equipment. The company got into operation about 33 years ago.

It designs and manufactures outdoor products for climbing, skiing, and particularly tents for mountain adventure. Notable Black Diamond tents include Mesa 2-person Tent, Fitzroy Tent, Hilight 2P Tent, I-Tent, Eldorado Tent, and Mission 3P Tent.

Black Diamond tents are made at the facility of this brand located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Put simply, your favorite Black Diamond tent is American-made.  

Bear Paw Wilderness Designs

Bear Paw Wilderness Designs is the last company in this article that made enormous popularity by producing some outstanding tents & accessories.

According to its official website, all products of this brand are only made in Colorado, USA. Currently, Bear Paw Wilderness Designs sell 6 different types of tents in the market.

Bear Paw Wilderness Designs tents are less expensive and amply stable. All tents are made with water-resistant Silnylon & Dyneema. Some most popular tents of this brand are-

  • Pyratent 2 – available at $295
  • Hexatent 3 – available at $345
  • Bear Den – available at $300
  • Diamond Solo – available at $545