4 Made in USA Can Opener 2024: American Brands List

Made in USA Can Opener

The primary purpose of a can opener is to remove the lid from a metal can in such a way that does not allow contamination of the can’s contents by metal shavings. Besides, it prevents injury.

While purchasing a can opener, you may search for a USA-made one. This article is all about the USA-made can opener.

Here is the list of USA-made can opener manufacturers:

  • OhSay USA
  • Nemco
  • Ez-Duz-It
  • Edlund

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OhSay USA can opener made in USA


Some users have rated OhSay USA can opener as the World’s best.

OhSay USA can opener is heavy duty. The best thing about OhSay USA can opener is its weight and quality. The oversized black non-slip grip handle of the OhSay USA can opener will surely amuse you.

The non-slip grip handle provided by OhSay USA can opener is thick and rubberized for comfort. Besides, OhSay USA can opener is an easy turn crank. Its torque prevents wrist and hand issues.

OhSay USA can opener has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Since 2012, OhSay USA has been selling its USA-made can opener.

Industrial experts make your favorite OhSay USA can opener using premium-grade materials. The manufacturers have confirmed that the OhSay USA can opener is made from 1008 Carbon Steel. If proper care is taken, the OhSay USA can last a lifetime.

The blade used in OhSay USA can opener is heat-treated and zinc plated. The blade is very sharp and can easily cut the entire circumstance of the can.

OhSay USA can opener opens small tomato paste cans and large commercial cans.

Nemco can opener made in the usa


The innovative thing about Nemco can opener is its mechanical design. Nemco can opener cuts down horizontally into the rim for improved food safety.

The Nemco can opener will lessen the stress on your elbows and let you say goodbye for good to slam, lift, puncture, and rip an opening.

Every product under the brand name Nemco is manufactured in the United States, ensuring manufacturing standards.

The innovative features of the Nemco can opener cuts from the side of the can instead of on top. This cutting technology ensures the cutter never contaminates food, and the lid can come off without jagged edges.

The handle used in Nemco can opener operates entirely without using the gears. It also guarantees smooth and low-maintenance operations.

Nemco can opener is made of stainless steel and aluminum nickel-plated construction. After sourcing raw materials, expert manufacturers make Nemco can openers in advanced manufacturing facilities across the United States.

Ez-Duz-It can opener made in USA


The best thing about the Ez-Duz-It can opener is its long-lasting durability. The can opener is also easy to operate.

Steuby-manufactured Ez-Duz-It can opener gained popularity quickly because of its easy and smooth gear-driven operation.

The swing design and engineering mind behind the Ez-Duz-It deluxe hand-held can opener has made it heavy-duty machinery. The manufacturers Ez-Duz-It make their can openers from heavy gauge steel and chrome-plated carbon steel in the United States.

Edlund can opener made in USA


The best and unique feature of the Edlund can opener is its less turning force. The plastic bushing used in Edlund can opener ensures less turning force than other can openers.

Using Edlund can openers, you can easily open metal cans or jars. The Edlund can opener operates 4 to 6 cans per minute.

Edlund has been the commercial leader in the manufacturing of commercial can openers. The company operates one of the largest manufacturing plants in Burlington, and their can openers last for a long time.

Apart from these, Edlund can opener is:

  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Features electric and manual model

Edlund can opener has gained user satisfaction in the market.