7 Hammer Made in USA 2024: American Brands List

Hammer Made in USA

Hammers have been an essential companion of craftsmen from construction works to DIY.

You are in the right place if you market for a made in USA Hammer. Only seven companies make hammers in the United States.

Some well-known American made hammer brands include Estwing, ABC Hammers, AMPCO Safety, Hardcore Hand, Jackson Professional, Douglas, and NC Black.

Let’s dive into more details.

Estwing hammer made in USA


Estwing is an American company that manufactures hammers, axes, and other tools. It was founded in 1923 in Illinois. It is one of the oldest companies in the USA.

The company manufactures hammers and other tools in its own factory located in Rockford, Illinois. It is about 90 miles northwest of Chicago.

They manufacture a hammer from a single piece of solid steel. In that case, every hammer provides unsurpassed balance and excellent durability.

Estwing became famous in the state when Neil Armstrong used its geologist’s hammer during the moon mission training. Currently, the company offers some of best selling US-made hammers on the market such as,

  • Claw hammers
  • Builder series framing hammers
  • DeadBlow hammers
  • Rip hammers
  • Crack hammers

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ABC Hammers made in usa

ABC Hammers

ABC Hammers is an American leading manufacturer of quality standard hammers. It was founded in 2009. All of the ABC hammers are proudly manufactured in the United States.

It has a large manufacturing facility and a corporate office in Sarasota, Florida. American craftsmen manufacture ABC hammers from special brass, bronze, and alloys.

Additionally, the company makes all components of hammers in its own factory. That is why they can customize or personalize the hammer according to the customer’s choices.

ABC Hammers offers some expensive hammers than other brands in the market. You can get those hammers between $106 and $200.

AMPCO Safety Tools

AMPCO Safety Tools is a manufacturer of non-sparking and non-magnetic hand tools that was founded in 1914.

The company manufactures adze, axes, hammers, clamps, forks, hatchet, and other tools in the USA and overseas.

Nearly all AMPCO hammers are made in its US-based factory. Its American manufacturing facility is located in Garland, Texas. Here are some US-made AMPCO hammers:

  • H-19FG Claw Hammers
  • H-00FG Ball Peen Hammers
  • H-41FG Cross Peen Hammers
  • H-17FG Dbl Face Engineers Hammers
  • H-38FG Backing Out Hammers
  • H-20 Brass Head Claw Hammers

AMPCO Safety Tools uses fiberglass handles for its hammers. In that case, AMPCO hammers are 10 times stronger than wooden handled hammers.

These hammers are available between $18.99 and $400 in the market.

Hardcore hammer made in usa

Hardcore Hand Tools

Since 2010, Hardcore Hand Tools has been manufacturing hand tools in the United States. Hammers, hatchets, and axes are its core products.

Hardcore Hand Tools manufactures quality standard hammers in its 18,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant in Hillsboro, Illinois. They collect 100% raw materials from the USA to manufacture tools.

The company provides budget-friendly hammers in the market. Hardcore hammers come with hickory wood handles. That is why, these hammers are lightweight and allow better grip while striking.

Some American-made popular & best selling Hardcore Hand Tools hammers are in the following table:

Blunt Force Smooth Face Hammer$89.99
Hardcore Hammer 2.0 Natural$99.97
Hardcore Hammer 2.0 Zombie Red$119.97
Purple Heart Homes Hammer$119
Hardcore Hammer 2.0 Blackout$169

You can get Hardcore Hand Tools hammers on its official website and other e-commerce websites including Amazon & eBay.

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Jackson Professional Tools

Jackson Professional Tools is an old American company that was founded in 1876. The company is famous for manufacturing shovels and wheelbarrows.

Additionally, its German-style hand drill hammer is quite popular in the market.

American craftsmen make Jackson Hand Drill Hammer in the company’s own manufacturing factory located at South Cameron Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Jackson Hand Drill Hammer is now available at $40.

The Jackson Hand Drill Hammer comes with a thick 10-inch hickory handle. It provides excellent strength and durability when striking toward an objective.

Douglas hammer made in USA

Douglas Tool

Douglas Tool is an American manufacturer of high-quality & expensive hammers. Every product of this brand is proudly manufactured in California by Todd Douglas Coonrad.

Currently, the company offers TC20, 17oz, and 20oz hammers in the market. You can get these hammers between $175 and $305. Douglas Tool has changed framing hammers by producing TC20 framing hammers.

They manufacture Douglas hammers using both US and non-US components. Regarding design & craftsmanship, Douglas TC20 hammers are quite different from other brands’ hammers in the market.

NC Black made in USA

NC Black

NC Black manufactures a range of handmade micro-tools and hammers. All of its products are hand fabricated in its own manufacturing facility located in North Carolina.

They use traditional, engineering and cutting methods to make professional hammers using high-grade steel and wood. Its excellent finished wooden handles allow comfort striking to the users.

The best thing is that you can use some hammers of this brand to the tightest and tiniest areas. NC Black manufactures and sells budget-friendly inexpensive hammers in the market.

Currently, NC Black offers more than 20 types of hammers including:

  • Padre hammer
  • Nano nylon mallet hammer
  • Monty hammer
  • Angelina hammer
  • Large engraving hammer
  • Nano spiculum hammer
  • Green Micarta raising hammer