12 Fishing Rods Made in USA 2024: American Brands List

The fishing rod is the primary thing while fishing in water bodies. In 2021 the global fishing rod market was $1.03 billion, which is expected to be $1.62 billion by 2030!

If you are market for a US made Fishing Rods, this article will give you an overview of American made Fishing Rods:

Here is the list of USA-made fishing rods:

  • Cajun Rods
  • Carbon-X Rods
  • Edge Rods
  • Falcon Rods
  • Grandt Rods
  • Hammer Rods
  • Lamiglas
  • Kistler Rods
  • RazrRods
  • St. Croix Rods
  • Winston Rod Company
  • Thomas & Thomas

Let’s find out what’s the specialty of these USA-made fishing rods:

Cajun Rods made in USA

Cajun Rods

Cajun Rods are designed to catch multiple species of fish using different techniques.

The majority of Cajun Rods are made of carbon fibers. Thus, fishing rods made by Cajun are incredibly lightweight. Besides, these rods boast highly high stiffness and tensile strength.

Cajun Rods’ Black Bayou fishing rod series features fast action rod tips and ultra-responsiveness.

The enhanced power cores of Cajun Rods’ can catch you winning a trophy!

Since 2007, Cajun Rods have manufactured high-quality Carbon Fiber fishing rods in their USA-based factories. Sometimes, Cajun Rods import the highest quality fishing rod components available and later assembles them in their factories.

Carbon-X Rods

Carbon-X Rods are designed in conjunction with professional anglers to ensure top-level performance. One of the advantages of Carbon-X Rods is the high-efficiency transfer of energy.

Using graphite and carbon fiber, the manufacturers of Carbon-X Rods make their fishing rods in the USA.

In the fishing rod industry, Carbon-X Rods is a newly developed manufacturer. The primary goal of Carbon-X Rods is to ensure excellent fishing performance.

Besides, the developed technologies of Carbon-X rods transmitted bite detention to the hand instantly while fishing in water bodies.

In 2007, David Gray established the fishing rod manufacturing industry in the USA under the brand name “Carbon-X Rods.” Since then, the company has been making a million-dollar fortune through its professional-grade technologies.

Edge Rods

If you prefer to enjoy fishing with premium fishing rods, Edge Rods are worth a close look. All of the components of Edge Rods are focused on enabling maximized feel of everything.

Gray Loomis established Edge Rods company to produce the highest-quality fishing rods. To do so, Gray Loomis and his team meticulously hand-rolled and finished every component of Edge Rods with the highest quality guides and materials.

Besides, the strategic marketing of Edge Rods is noticeable. Edge Rods directly sell its products to the consumer to eliminate retail markups.

Thus, Edge Rods are worthy of attention regarding the highest-quality and most affordable fishing rods made in the USA.

Falcon Rods made in USA

Falcon Rods

In the fishing gear industry, Falcon Rods is a well-known experienced company. The brand has over 30 years of experience.

Falcon has developed well-known cutting-edge equipment for the most passionate fisherman. The manufacturers use 100% graphite blanks in their fishing rods. Consequently, these fishing rods come with extreme durability.

Throughout history, Falcon Rods was founded in 1990 by John Beckwith and his fishing partner George Neal.

Falcon manufacturers are confident in their built-in rods. They provide five years of warranty.

The most robust material for fishing rods is graphite. The Falcon Rods manufacturers use graphite in their fishing rods. Thus, they are confident in their products.

Besides, the Crossmatch technology used in Falcon Rods has made the brand an industry leader.

Grandt Rods

The best thing about Grandt Rods is their fast action with extremely high modulus material. The Grandt manufacturers also use high-strain graphite in their fishing rods.

The use of graphite in Grandt Rods has made it lightweight. The brand also features the finest custom fishing rods in the world.

Grandt Rods are backed by the finest lifetime warranty. The brand is committed to bringing you top-quality products and services.

According to passionate fishermen, Grandt Rods are sensitive and durable. The innovative technology offered by Grandt Industries has made its fishing rods extremely lightweight.

Regarding warranty, Grandt Rods offer a 100% unconditional lifetime warranty.

Hammer fishing Rods made in USA

Hammer Rods

Hammer Rods is a Harrison, Arkansas-based manufacturer of fishing rods. Before assembly, each component of Hammer Rods is flex-tested. These fishing rods are most suitable for anglers.

While manufacturing Hammer Rods, the manufacturers use 100% graphite. The manufacturers are focused on the sensitivity, power, and performance of Hammer Rods.

The users of Hammer Rods have explained that the grips of Hammer Rods are up to the mark. Hammer Rods manufacturers believe that their users can catch more fish whether you are a beginning angler or a top-level pro.

Regarding durability, Hammer Rods offer a limited lifetime warranty on all its rods. It may be an excellent option for a serious tournament angler.


Based in Washington, Lamiglas makes high-quality fishing rods. Since 1949, Lamiglas has been innovative in fishing rod development.

The innovative technique used in Lamiglas has made it:

  • Durable
  • Powerful
  • Responsive in casting distance
  • Lure responsive

Lamiglas aim to provide the perfect action and specs for the fishery. Thus, they don’t compromise anything regarding materials while manufacturing Lamiglas fishing rods.

Kistler fishing Rods made in USA

Kistler Rods

Kistler Rods is an innovative apparatus in the fishing rod industry. The best thing about Kistler Rods is the introduction of magnesium and helium.

Kistler Rods has altered the environment and landscape of the freshwater fishing scene. Serious fishermen choose a Kistler Custom fishing rod to give a competitive edge.

According to its manufacturers, you will notice the presence of Kistler Custom fishing rods, whether the BASS Elite, FLW Tour, or Bassmaster Classic Tournament.

The Kistler Helium Spinning Rods are made with highly high modulus blanks. These high-modulus blanks are made of 100% Japanese Carbon.

Besides, the tip of each Kistler Rod is made with a tangle-free Kigan frame. Kistler Rods are best known for their unmatched sensitivity and strength.

Razr Rodz made in USA

Razr Rodz

Razr Rodz has over 37 years of expertise in the fishing rod industry. The innovative design and traditional materials of Razr Rodz have given extra attraction.

The unique thing about Razr Rodz is its ultra responsiveness to the softest bite. Besides, Razr Rodz has brought power to the rear section of the rod.

Razr Rodz is made of high-quality graphite blanks to provide ultimate sensitivity for the perfect presentation.

St. Croix Rods made in USA

St. Croix Rods

The best thing about St. Croix Rods is their ability to measure distances accurately. Besides, St Croix Fishing Rods feature graphite blanks and cork tape handles.

St. Croix Rods has created a complete series of extreme-performance surf rods. The manufacturers use SCII graphite fiber in St. Croix Rods’ manufacturing plant in Wisconsin.

Users of St. Croix Rods have addressed it as a lightweight and balanced fishing rod.

Winston Rod Company

Winston’s lower-weight rods are sensitive. By using these fishing rods, you can easily sense smaller fish bites.

On the other hand, Winston’s heavier-weight rods are stiff. Since 1929, Winston Rod Company has been manufacturing graphite fly rods.

At Winston, the manufacturers design and craft beautiful fishing rods that are featured with the following:

  • Flawless Finish
  • Perfectly formed grip
  • Precisely aligned guide
  • Reel seat

Holding a Winston Rod Company fishing rod, you will get the great feel of a smooth, balanced, and lightweight rod.

Thomas & Thomas fishing rods made in USA

Thomas & Thomas

Since 1969, Thomas & Thomas fishing rods have been handmade in the USA. Using the finest materials available, the manufacturers of Thomas & Thomas make their fishing rods.

Thomas & Thomas fishing rods come with a lifetime warranty. The brand guarantees every Thomas & Thomas fly rod to be 100% American-made.