5 USA Made Socket Set 2024: American Brands List

USA Made Socket Set

The primary use of socket sets is tightening or losing a wide selection of fastener sizes and types. 

There are a lot of Socket Set manufacturers in the world. Most of these companies are based in China. However, only five companies manufacture socket sets in the United States.

Here is the list of USA-based socket set manufacturers:

  • Wright Tool
  • SK
  • Proto
  • Bondhus
  • Armstrong

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Wright Tool socket sets made in usa

Wright Tool

Wright Tool socket sets provide more surface contact. Thus, it can offer more strength, extended tool wear, and torque.

Wright Tool also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. You can protect your investment on Wright Tool as it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Regarding aesthetic view, Wright Tool socket sets are highly polished. The high-quality chrome finish keeps Wright Tool socket sets more aesthetic.

Each set of Wright Tools contains quality tools. These tools in the Wright Tool socket set are carefully selected according to need and coverage.

According to its manufacturers, Wright Tool manufactures over 4000 of the highest quality hand tools for the professional. All products of Wright Tool are 100% manufactured in the USA. The brand has an advanced manufacturing plant in Barberton, Ohio.

Though Wright Tool socket sets are manufactured in the USA, the company supplies its products worldwide.

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SK socket sets made in usa


The best thing about SK’s socket sets is the SureGrip hex design. This innovative design drives the side of the fastener to avoid edge breakage. This type of breakage in socket sets can occur on rusted or damaged fasteners.

Users of SK socket sets have rated it gently. They have stated that the knurling of SK socket sets is exemplary and gives the socket sets a comfortable grip.

SK has become one of the giant manufacturers in this industry. The company makes mover3000 products and continues providing USA-made quality products.

The manufacturers of SK socket sets use domestically or globally sourced materials in their advanced production facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


The unique thing about Proto socket sets is their usage on stubborn or damaged fasteners. You can also use Proto socket sets on fasteners made from soft materials.

Proto socket sets fit around the head of a fastener and are less likely to slip off when tightening or losing it. Users of Proto socket sets have rated it as an excellent set of sockets for the money.

Skilled Proto manufacturers make over 5000 tools and sets, ensuring the highest quality standards in the United States.

Besides, Proto follows the specifications of ASME and TorquePlus. The company runs its factory in Dallas, Texas.


The innovative design of Bondhus socket sets has made it a time and money saver. These socket sets are designed to be strong.

ProHold technology is used in Bondhus socket sets. Thus, the Bondhus socket sets are non-magnetic and secure. Besides, there is no need for roll pins or set screws.

Every tool of Bondhus socket sets is manufactured to ensure the highest quality ball end. A lifetime warranty backs Bondhus socket sets.

Bondhus has been the leading innovator in the United States for over 50 years. The company operates its manufacturing plant in Monticello, Minnesota.


The innovative feature of Armstrong socket sets is the precious geometric design. The innovative design of Armstrong socket sets has enabled them to withstand the most challenging conditions, from factory floors to the US military.

Armstrong socket sets have a lifetime warranty that supports their commitment to industrial-grade tools.

The manufacturers of Armstrong socket sets have been producing products from globally or domestically sourced materials in the United States. The company has over 40 years of manufacturing experience.