The 6 Clothing Manufacturers in South Carolina 2024

Clothing Manufacturers in South Carolina

South Carolina is home to a diverse range of clothing manufacturers. The state’s textile industry has a long history and continues to thrive today.

If you are looking for a South Carolina clothing manufacturer, this article is for you.

Some notable clothing manufacturers in South Carolina include Hemingway Apparel, Vapor Apparel, Palmetto Shirt Company, Lesesne Industries, Loggerhead Apparel, and Berle.

South Carolina’s clothing manufacturing benefits from its nearby ports and transport links, making it attractive to businesses. It’s a significant contributor to the state’s economy and job market.

Let’s dive into more details…

Hemingway Apparel

Hemingway Apparel Inc. is an American company that specializes in knit products. It has a group of skilled craftsmen to produce high-end clothing for both men and women.

With experience in cutting various fabrics, they produce underwear, t-shirts, thermals, mattress covers, and other apparel items.

The company’s production takes place in Hemingway, South Carolina, USA. Hemingway Apparel items are made of the best raw materials, including rayon, lycra, spandex, and cotton.

All products are rigorously examined before leaving their production facility to ensure the highest quality. Hemingway Apparel items uphold the sewing tradition of South Carolina’s clothing industry.

Vapor apparel made in south carolina

Vapor Apparel

Vapor Apparel is a renowned brand in the American clothing industry. Chris Bernat and Jackson Burnett founded the company in 2004.

It has a 22,000-square-foot production facility in North Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Your favorite Vapor Apparel items are proudly made here.

Currently, Vapor Apparel offers a wide range of budget-friendly clothing collections for men, women, and kids. Its product items include,

  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Sol shirt
  • Jogger
  • Short
  • Solar hoodie
  • V-Neck short sleeve

The company has seen steady growth within a decade after starting apparel production. Vapor Apparel products are soft, breathable, versatile, comfortable, and stylish, particularly for summer.

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Palmetto Shirt Company made in South Carolina

Palmetto Shirt Co

Palmetto Shirt Company is best known for providing unique clothing designs specific to South Carolina. It has been producing quality apparel items since 2001.

The company has manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and a corporate head office in Columbia, South Carolina. All products are made in this production plant by expert craftspeople.

Palmetto Shirt Company manufactures and sells t-shirts, decals, hats, and other accessories. Below are some popular and best-selling products of Palmetto Shirt Company.

  • Boykin with Flags USC t-shirt
  • Saturday in SC USC t-shirt
  • USC Logo Mesh Hat
  • Feelin Cocky Decal

The t-shirts of this brand are made of 100% comfort soft cotton. In that case, Palmetto t-shirts are cozy to wear in summer.

Lesesne Industries

Lesesne Industries is an American company that sells personalized apparel or accessories. The company has a variety of outerwear like jackets, polo shirts, aprons, and caps in its product collections.

Each product of this brand is produced in a West Columbia, South Carolina facility. Their embroidery process creates a hand-stitched look that is perfect for a professional look.

If you need custom apparel items, Lesesne Industries could be a better option to customize products according to your choice. The company has more than 30 years of experience in premium embroidered designs.

Loggerhead Apparel made in South Carolina

Loggerhead Apparel

Loggerhead Apparel is an iconic clothing company in South Carolina. Zac and Sara founded the brand in 2010. The brand has gained enormous popularity in the American clothing industry within a decade.

Its popular apparel collections include high-quality Bellwether 360 Polos and Long-Sleeve Tees. These products are made in South Carolina, USA.

They use 100% American Pima cotton to make Loggerhead clothing items. The raw materials are collected from Georgia. After that, skilled tailors cut and sewn Loggerhead apparel in a South Carolina facility.

Loggerhead clothing products are lightweight, super-soft, breathable, and stylish. People are willing to buy apparel from this brand for its relaxed fit and excellent features.

Berle apparel made in South Carolina


Founded in 1946, Berle Manufacturing Company is one of the oldest fashionable and high-end apparel producers. Its manufacturing facility is located in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

That means all Berle products are proudly made in the United States. Berle has a vast collection of apparel items. Such as,

  • Twill pants
  • Khaki flat-front pants
  • Denim
  • Prime poplin shorts
  • Men’s Gabardine dress pants
  • Patch madras pants

Berle pants are hand-tailored with fine and luxurious fabrics. These pants are soft, breathable, relaxed fit, and affordable. In addition, Berle pants can provide extra comfort in the hot weather.

Final Word

From Hemingway Apparel’s dedication to high-quality knit products to Vapor Apparel’s budget-friendly and stylish collections, these manufacturers contribute significantly to the state’s economy and the American clothing industry.

Palmetto Shirt Company’s unique South Carolina-inspired designs and Berle Manufacturing Company’s legacy of fashionable, hand-tailored pants add to the state’s clothing manufacturing diversity.

Lesesne Industries specializes in personalized apparel, while Loggerhead Apparel stands out for its use of American Pima cotton in crafting lightweight, breathable clothing.

South Carolina’s strategic location and skilled workforce make it an attractive hub for clothing manufacturers, ensuring its continued growth and success.