Where is Tommy Hilfiger Made 2024: Clothes, Bags & more

Tommy Hilfiger is predominantly made in China and Vietnam.

Nonetheless, the Company has expanded its production facilities due to excessive demand. 

where is Tommy Hilfiger made

Tommy Hilfiger has decided to achieve some significant sustainability goals.

As a result, Tommy Hilfiger is now manufactured where energy, water, and chemicals are sustainably managed. 

You will get a massive collection of Tommy Hilfiger, from eyewear to small leather bags. 

Let’s find out where specific products of Tommy Hilfiger made: 

Products Manufacturing Country 
Clothes China, Vietnam, Bangladesh 
Watches China, Japan, Switzerland 
Bags China and Vietnam 
Shoes China and Vietnam 
Wallet China, Vietnam, and USA 
Cologne Switzerland 

From the table, we can see that the majority of Tommy Hilfiger products are manufactured in China and Vietnam. 

However, Hilfiger is an environmentally conscious brand. They have taken the necessary steps for sustainable production. 

As a result, Hilfiger is now manufacturing products extensively where raw materials and green production are possible.

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where is Tommy Hilfiger made in China

Where is Tommy Hilfiger made in China? 

In China, Tommy Hilfiger has a total of fifteen manufacturing facilities. Most of the Tommy Hilfiger plants in China are in the Shanghai region. 

For years, China has gained enormous popularity for manufacturing clothing tools, fabrics, and so on. 

China clothing also includes the traditional garments of ethnic minorities. The four classic Chinese clothing are the Tang suit, Hanfu, Cheongsam, and Zhongshan. 

Tommy Hilfiger has been manufacturing clothing items for centuries in China and Vietnam. While manufacturing in Chinese factories, the manufacturer uses traditional silk. 

As a result, Tommy Hilfiger comes with stylish smooth textures and fabrics. 

Besides, the labor cost in China is comparatively low. For massive production, China is the best location.

With this fantastic industrial facility, many companies have production facilities across China.

Tommy Hilfiger makes most of its line in China, keeping the product quality in check.  

Tommy Hilfiger made in Bangladesh


Tommy Hilfiger clothes are also made in Bangladesh.

Recently, Tommy Hilfiger announced its sustainability mission. As a result, Bangladeshi garments have gained extra attention from this clothing brand.

Like China, Bangladesh is also a densely populated country. Labor cost in this country is also cheap.

Bangladeshi garments are widely known for the high-quality manufacturing of clothes. World’s reputed clothing brands like Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, H&M, Gap, and Ralph Lauren make their clothes in Bangladesh.

Tommy Hilfiger has started manufacturing quality clothes in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has grown into an apparel powerhouse with factories producing clothes for Tommy Hilfiger after China.

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Though Vietnam is best known for making technological chips, Tommy Hilfiger clothes are also manufactured in Vietnam.

Tommy Hilfiger has factories throughout China and Vietnam. They have been making quality clothes in China and Vietnam for centuries.

Vietnam is located at the border area of China. On the other hand, Tommy Hilfiger predominantly makes its clothes in China.

For production feasibility, Vietnam has been considered the second home of Tommy Hilfiger.

Like China, production cost in Vietnam is also cheap. Tommy Hilfiger can also source raw materials in Vietnam quickly.

Considering the manufacturing feasibility, Tommy Hilfiger has established their manufacturing plants in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, Tommy Hilfiger also makes leather products. As a result, Tommy Hilfiger bags and shoes are tagged with “made in Vietnam.”

Tommy Hilfiger made in Pakistan


Tommy Hilfiger jeans are manufactured in Pakistan.

Tommy Hilfiger also makes quality jeans in Pakistan outside China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh.

Pakistan has made a top-notch impression through its jeans. Pakistani garments have been manufacturing quality denim for years.

As a result, Pakistan Tommy Hilfiger jeans directly provide the label “made in Pakistan.”

where are Tommy Hilfiger products made


Tommy Hilfiger watches are exclusively assembled in Switzerland.

Switzerland is the world’s leader in the quartz movement. For centuries, Switzerland has been making quality watches.

Tommy Hilfiger makes its products from the best location. Hence, Tommy Hilfiger ensures the perfect movement in their watches, making them in Switzerland.


Tommy Hilfiger designs its quality watches in Japan. But they don’t make or assemble their watches in Japan.

While making quality watches, Switzerland gets extra attention for its historic quartz movement.

Tommy Hilfiger makes most of its products in Asian countries. Nonetheless, the Company hardly makes its clothing items in Japan.

who manufactures Tommy Hilfiger

Who manufactures Tommy Hilfiger?

The PVH Corporation mainly leads the clothing manufacturing unit of Tommy Hilfiger.

Apart from PVH Corporation, the Movado Group makes Tommy Hilfiger watches.

In 2010, the PVH corporation purchased Tommy Hilfiger. Since then, under the leadership of the PVH corporation, Tommy Hilfiger has made all of its clothing items.

In 2001, Tommy Hilfiger licensed Movado Group for designing, distributing, and manufacturing Tommy Hilfiger watches.

As a result, Tommy Hilfiger is now jointly manufactured by the PVH Corporation and the Movado Group.

The PVH Corporation has more than 16k associates worldwide. Under the leadership of PVH Corporation, Tommy Hilfiger has built an extensive distribution network in over 100 countries.

where doesTommy Hilfiger get their materials from

Where does Tommy Hilfiger get their materials from?

Tommy Hilfiger gets the majority of its materials from China.

Outside China, they also source their raw materials from Asian countries like Turkey, Pakistan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and so on.

While manufacturing, Tommy Hilfiger uses a tiny proportion of organic materials. Tommy Hilfiger’s raw materials include:

  • Organic Cotton
  • Recycled Cotton
  • Recycled Polyester
  • Recycled Nylon

Tommy Hilfiger is highly conscious of the environmental impact of chemicals. They try to use organic materials to avoid the harmful effect of using chemicals.

The Company has also launched a sustainability production mission. This mission includes minimum use of natural resources.

Who owns Tommy Hilfiger?

The PVH Corporation owns Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Hilfiger was founded in 1985. Since its birth, Tommy Hilfiger has been delivering premium style and quality products.

Outside clothing, Tommy Hilfiger is licensed with fragrance, eyewear, home furnishings, watches, and so on.

In 2010, the PVH corporation purchased the ownership of Tommy Hilfiger. Today, Tommy Hilfiger operates more than 2k retail stores throughout North America, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

The retail sales revenue of Tommy Hilfiger was recorded at $6.9 billion last year. The Company is overgrowing under the leadership of PVH Corporation.