Where is Ralph Lauren Made 2024? – (Clothes, Bags & more)

Ralph Lauren products are predominantly made in Asia.

The fashion brand has manufacturing facilities throughout the USA, China, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Italy, Pakistan, and Vietnam.

where is Ralph Lauren made

Nearly 50% of Ralph Lauren shirts are made in China. The manufacturer also sources most of its raw ingredients from China.

Ralph Lauren has many labels under its name. Higher-end products of Ralph Lauren are undoubtedly made in the USA and Italy.

On the contrary, the Ralph Lauren Corporation makes its lower-end products throughout Asian countries, especially in China.

Hence, you may find different prices from Ralph Lauren Polo T-shirts to shirts.

In Italy, Ralph Lauren exclusively makes prestigious menswear products. The Ralph Lauren Purple Label is the brand’s most expensive and premium label, completely made in Italy.

The expert artisans in the Italian facilities make the Ralph Lauren Purple label using luxurious materials.

However, the actual number of Ralph Lauren factories is still under research. The brand has some giant third-party manufacturers.

Statista reported that the Ralph Lauren Corporation has 77 factory stores in Asia, whereas the number is 133 throughout North America.

Besides, Ralph Lauren has 59 manufacturing facilities in Europe, especially Italy.

As a result, we can say that the Ralph Lauren production unit is a mixed venture across Asia, Europe, and North America.

To be more precious, let’s find out where specific Ralph Lauren products are made:

where are Ralph Lauren clothes made


Ralph Lauren clothes are exclusively made in China, Italy, and the United States.

Ralph Lauren has manufacturing facilities throughout the world. The brand’s major production is done in China and the United States.

Besides, Ralph Lauren has manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Vietnam, Italy, and so on. 

You will find both high-end and low-end products in the Ralph Lauren outlets. The brand offers Polo T-Shirts to Shirts at a lower price.

These low-end Ralph Lauren shirts are manufactured in China.

On the contrary, Ralph Lauren manufactures high-end Ralph Lauren products exclusively in the United States and Italy.

However, 50% of Ralph Lauren shirts are made in China to cope with the market demand.

Using 100% cotton, Ralph Lauren makes its quality shirts. Hence, Ralph Lauren clothes are perfect for wealthy men who want to look professional, modern, and stylish.

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where are Ralph Lauren bags mde


Ralph Lauren bags are made in China and Italy.

Italian leather is widely famous among fashion lovers. While manufacturing Ralph Lauren bags, the manufacturer uses premium leather either sourced from Italy or China.

Some Ralph Lauren models are made of cotton canvas with leather.

Using quality animal skin, skilled artisans in Italy and China give shape to your favorite handbags, tote bags, and crossbody bags.

The best thing about a Ralph Lauren handbag is its ability to fit many things. If your budget is low, don’t need to be worried. Ralph Lauren also offers low-end handbags that also look stylish.

Skilled artisans make lower-end Ralph Lauren handbags in China. Considering your budget, Ralph Lauren has both high-end and low-end bags.

where are Ralph Lauren sunglasses made


Ralph Lauren sunglasses are made in Italy.

Luxottica Group S.p.A. mainly makes Ralph Lauren sunglasses. The group is recognized as the world’s biggest eyewear producer.

While manufacturing, the Ralph Lauren sunglasses are made with mixed materials like: 

  • Acetate Frame Fronts
  • Metal Temples
  • Plastic

Besides, the Ralph Lauren glasses are featured with 100% UV protection. Each pair of Ralph Lauren sunglasses come with a cleaning cloth and case to clean.

Hence, Ralph Lauren glasses are worth buying.

Where is Ralph Lauren Purple Label Made

Where is Ralph Lauren Purple Label Made?

Ralph Lauren Purple Label is made in Italy.

According to the Ralph Lauren manufacturer, the exclusive Ralph Lauren Purple Label is crafted in Italy for the perfect fit and proportion.

Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label collection features:

  • Small
  • Expensive
  • Limited-edition runs of premium
  • Exclusive Ralph Lauren Products

Under this Purple Label, clothes include tailored suits. Besides, the high-end Ralph Lauren luggage has enhanced the Ralph Lauren Purple Label collection.

As a fashion brand, Ralph Lauren offers both low-end and high-end products. Its high-end products are manufactured in Italy and the United States.

Likewise, Ralph Lauren manufacturers make their exclusive Ralph Lauren Purple Label in Italy.

who manufactures Ralph Lauren

Who Manufactures Ralph Lauren?

The Ralph Lauren Corporation manufactures every piece of Ralph Lauren products.

Since 1967, the Ralph Lauren Corporation has been manufacturing quality clothes and accessories. The Corporation offers both mid-range to luxury segments.

More than 18,250 employees work in Ralph Lauren Corporation.

The Ralph Lauren Corporation has manufacturing operations in numerous countries around the world. Generally, the manufacturer makes its luxury segments exclusively in the United States and Italy.

In the Asian region, Ralph Lauren Corporation has manufacturing operations across China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and so on.

To cope with the market demand, Ralph Lauren Corporation has been focused on its manufacturing operations in China.

Besides, the company has a lot of third-party manufacturers around the world. Ralph Lauren’s mid-range products are manufactured by its third-party manufacturer, especially in the Asian regions.

However, Ralph Lauren Corporation is a global leader in the world’s design and distribution of luxury lifestyles and marketing sectors.

where is Ralph Lauren made in the USA

Where is Ralph Lauren Made in the USA?

Ralph Lauren has 133 manufacturing facilities in the North American region. The brand’s major manufacturing operations are done in California, Nevada, and so on.

Though the exact number of Ralph Lauren factories is unknown to us, Statista estimated that Ralph Lauren has 133 factories throughout the United States.

According to Statista’s report, the brand’s major and largest factories are located across the North American region.

Ralph Lauren makes its high-end collection, especially in these factories. While manufacturing, the brand uses exclusive materials sources from premium locations.

Moreover, Ralph Lauren operates its marketing and distribution operations in New York City. Hence, we can say that Ralph Lauren is an exclusive American brand.

When did Ralph Lauren Start Manufacturing in China?

In 2011, Ralph Lauren started its manufacturing in China.

Ralph Lauren manufacturers make 50% of their shirts in China. The brand also sources fabrics from China while manufacturing in its Chinese plants.

Besides, Ralph Lauren manufacturer makes most of its mid-range products in China.

Ralph Lauren established its manufacturing operations in China as the labor cost in China is comparatively low.

Ralph Lauren has established its manufacturing operations in China to maintain a strong supply chain.

Apart from China, Ralph Lauren has factories in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Vietnam, and so on.

In short, Ralph Lauren has been operating its manufacturing operations in China for a few decades.

How do you check if Ralph Lauren is real?

Ralph Lauren products have been manufactured in many locations around the world. As a result, it has become very difficult to identify the real one.

Nonetheless, you can judge the claiming Ralph Lauren products by the three steps:

Step 01:

Check the Logo. Real Ralph Lauren shirts contain rectangular-shaped and a small stitched graphic of a polo player riding a horse. The fake Ralph Lauren logo features a more circular shape than the rectangular one.

Step 02:

By examining the stitching, you may identify the real Ralph Lauren. Turn your t-shirt inside out and look at the stitching on the bottom.

The product is undoubtedly fake if there is no stitching or uneven stitching.

Step 03:

Real Ralph Lauren products feature labels under the collar. Besides, the collar label contains the size, logo, and small tag with a sticking.

If there is not an identical size label, the item is fake.

The stitching along the collar should be the same color as the shirt.

Following the three steps, you may identify the real Ralph Lauren products.

who owns Ralph Lauren

Who owns Ralph Lauren?

The American fashion designer, Ralph Lauren, owns the ownership of Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren has been working as the executive chairman and chief creative officer of Ralph Lauren Corporation.

Besides, Ralph Lauren controls 85% voting rights of the Corporation.

As a fashion designer, Ralph Lauren initiated the journey of Ralph Lauren Corporation in 1967 in a tiny office. After obtaining Neiman Marcus’s order of 1,200 ties, Ralph Lauren first came to the limelight.

Today, Ralph Lauren has expanded its manufacturing and distribution operations in numerous countries worldwide.

In 2022, the annual revenue of Ralph Lauren was $6.219 billion. The company increased its sales revenue by more than 40% from 2021. The brand is rising day by day.