Where is Burberry Made 2024? – (Bags, Clothes and more)

Burberry is made primarily in the United Kingdom and Italy. 

Burberry is connected through a network of global suppliers. The company’s owned sites are located across the United Kingdom and Italy. 

where is Burberry made

Thomas Burberry made the first Burberry product at their iconic Yorkshire factory. As the demand for Burberry products has increased dramatically, the company has expanded its manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Hence, Burberry products are now manufactured in many countries. 

For easy finding, look at the below table where we categorized Burberry products:   

Products Manufacturing Country 
Bags Italy, England, China, Scotland 
Clothes United Kingdom and Italy
Sunglasses Italy 
Shoes United Kingdom and Italy 
Coats England 
Wallets Italy, England, China, Scotland

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Burberry made in England


In England, there are two Burberry factories where the manufacturer makes Coats, Burberry Bags, Clothes, Shoes, Wallets, and so on. 

More than 200 incredible craftsmen work in Burberry’s England-based manufacturing facilities. 

The first Burberry products were also made in England. Burberry is committed to protecting British manufacturing. 

As a result, the Burberry heritage trench coat is exclusively manufactured here in England. 

Apart from Trench Coat, Burberry-manufacturer also makes quality leather products in England. 

Britain is a great leather nation in the world. The country has a rich history of making quality leather products.  

Through generations of artisans, England is now considered one of the prominent manufacturers of leather items. 

The leather products from England have a rich culture, heritage, history, tradition, and exceptional craftsmanship.  

As a result, Burberry holds the rich tradition of England’s leather products making their leather items in England. 

The Burberry Trench Coat is exclusively made in England and has the following features: 

  • Pliant 
  • Protection from element 
  • Comfortable to wear 
  • Reflects historic design 

Hence, England is a major manufacturing location for the world’s reputed fashion brand, Burberry. 

where are Burberry bags made


Burberry primarily makes its leather items in Italy. 

Near Florence, Italy, you will find a Burberry factory where the manufacturer primarily makes leather products like Bags, Shoes, wallets, and so on.  

After England, Italy is the second home for producing quality products. 

Besides leather products, Burberry manufacturer also makes menswear and womenswear here in Italy.  


Burberry doesn’t make its products in Turkey. 

From China to England, Burberry has a lot of manufacturing facilities. The company has also contracted other clothing markets to tailor its clothes. 

Nonetheless, our research doesn’t find any Burberry factories in Turkey. 

The fabrics produced in Turkey are world-class. Many reputed brands have factories in Turkey. 

Turkey has 59k companies in textile, footwear, and apparel manufacturing. Turkey garments make over $65 billion yearly. 

In the fashion industry, Turkish fabrics are well-adored. However, Burberry doesn’t manufacture its products in Turkey though it is rich in world-class materials. 

Burberry bags made in England

Hong kong 

There are no Burberry factories in Hong Kong. Burberry doesn’t make its products in Hong Kong. 

Instead, Burberry makes a vast collection of its clothes in China. Though textile and clothing production is the leading manufacturing activity of Hong Kong, Burberry prefers China to its neighboring countries or locations. 

Hong Kong’s one-third of its domestic exports come from textiles and clothing. After textile and apparel, the electronics industry is the second largest export earner for the country. 

In 2020, 310 textile factories were recorded in Hong Kong. The number is rising day by day. 

Hong Kong garment companies are experienced in fabric procurement, marketing, and sales. Nonetheless, Burberry doesn’t produce its clothes in Hong Kong. 


Burberry makes its lower-end Trench Coats in Thailand. The higher-end Burberry Trench Coat is manufactured in England. 

Burberry’s trench coat is world-famous. Using advanced manufacturing facilities, the manufacturer makes Heritage Trench Coats in England. 

The UK-made Burberry trench coat costs a lot, whereas you can easily purchase the lower-end Burberry Trench coat. 

Burberry makes its lower-end trench coats using a production facility in Thailand. There are more than 2.5k textile factories in Thailand. 

Across the United Kingdom, the original Burberry factories are located. Burberry has a contract with Thai textile factories. 

As a result, textile factories in Thailand make quality products for Burberry. 

where are Burberry clothes made


Burberry shirts are manufactured in Bangladesh. 

Bangladesh has grown into an apparel powerhouse, with high-end production facilities after China. In Bangladesh, luxury brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, H&M, Ralph Lauren, and Hugo Boss make their products. 

The Bangladesh garments sector has earned enormous popularity in manufacturing quality shirts, pants, jeans, and so on.

For years, Burberry has been manufacturing its Shirts in Bangladesh. Apart from Burberry, many global retailers have opened sourcing operations in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.  

Who manufactures Burberry? 

Thomas Burberry historically made Burberry clothes. Today, Burberry products are manufactured in numerous countries by skilled artisans. 

Until 1955, Burberry was an independent, family-owned company. Numerous shareholders now own the company. 

Where does Burberry get its materials from? 

The majority of Burberry’s materials come from Keighley Mill. 

Using unique GABARDINE fabrics, Thomas Burberry launched the business model of Burberry clothes. 

In 1879, GABARDINE was like the Gore-Tex. Using Egyptian cotton, unique GABARDINE fabrics are made. 

GABARDINE is a tough-wearing, water-resistant, and tightly-woven fabric. The idea of water-resistant GABARDINE fabric came from Thomas Burberry. 

However, Cross Hill, near Keighley, is the home to the historic Burberry Mill, which dates from the 1880s.  

Burberry predominantly sources its raw material from Keighley Mill and produces the check lining fabrics and GABARDINE using these sourced materials. 

Who owns Burberry? 

Lindsell Train Limited is the majority stakes owner of Burberry. 

Throughout history, Burberry was an independent, family-owned company. In 2005, the company sold its ownership to GUS Company. 

The GUS has distributed Burberry’s stakes to its shareholders. As a result, Burberry was listed on the London Stock Exchange. 

Today, Lindsell Train Limited is the largest shareholder of Burberry.  

Burberry made 339.1 million profit in 2019 selling its goods. This British fashion brand is rising rapidly.