Where is Solgaard Luggage Made 2024? – (Revealed)

Solgaard luggage is made in various locations in Asia, including the Philippines, Indonesia, and China.

The company works with local teams in these countries to collect ocean-bound plastics and produce quality products.

Where is Solgaard Luggage Made

Currently, it is headquartered in New York City, USA along with most of the teams. Solgaard has several remote team members worldwide to continue the company’s operation properly.

Since 2016, Solgaard has consistently supplied high-end watches, luggage, backpacks, and other accessories in the market.

The company enhances the mobile lifestyle of global citizens with premium gear. Besides, they believe in intentional and sustainable design. As a result, they designed products that elevate the travel experience without a negative impact on the planet.

Who manufactures Solgaard luggage?

Solgaard luggage is manufactured by local artisans in Asian countries. They collect the necessary materials from domestic sources and make luggage & other backpacks under the instructions of the Solgaard company.

Every Solgaard luggage is designed to last long and strongly withstand long journeys. These luggage are entirely made of innovative eco-friendly materials including,

  • Shore-Tex
  • Shore-Plast
  • ReLux
  • Recycled polycarbonate
Who owns Solgaard luggage

Who owns Solgaard luggage?

Adrian Solgaard currently owns Solgaard luggage. He is an American sustainable entrepreneur and inventor of Solgaard luggage. Now, he is serving the brand as the Chief Executive Officer.

In 2016, Adrian founded the company in New York City. He started the company with an operational team in the USA and other Asian countries.

Within six years, Solgaard became one of the leading luggage and backpacks producers in the United States. The company is extending its global presence under the remarkable leadership of Adrian Solgaard.

What is the quality of Solgaard luggage?

Solgaard luggage is one of the top-tier choices in the American market for its exceptional quality. They are best known for their innovative designs, functionality, outstanding features, and eco-friendliness.

Their patented built-in shelving system has gained enormous popularity among the consumer. TSA-approved three-digit lock is the unique feature of Solgaard luggage.

The specialty of Solgaard luggage is their interior closet insert system, which makes packing and staying organized with your necessary gear much easier while traveling.

On the contrary, their polycarbonate shell and Shortex lining are incredibly durable and sturdy. In addition, their handy USB charging port or lock system makes them unique in the market.

Carry-On Closet is currently the best-selling luggage in Solgaard collections. It is an award-winning suitcase that keeps you organized anywhere during travel.

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Is Solgaard worth buying?

Solgaard luggage is worth buying depending on your specific needs and preferences.  It is an ideal luggage to simplify the packing process with less hassle.

Every Solgaard luggage comes with unparalleled quality and functionality. They are budget-friendly, stylish, durable, and easy to carry.

The best thing is that Solgaard products are made from 100% recycled plastic. Thus, Solgaard has become a plastic-negative brand.

It maintains an eco-friendly production. The company uses ocean plastic to produce its products where 80% of plastic comes from rivers. Hence, they provide high-quality products as well as actively make a positive impact on the environment.