Where is Monos Luggage Made 2024 (Made in USA!)

Monos is a North American luggage brand. However, it has no manufacturing facility but has factory partners in the Asian region, especially in China. There, this luggage brand produces its products.

Where is Monos Luggage Made

Compared to other luggage companies, Monos is a newbie to the baggage market. However, this brand proved popularity has nothing to do with age. Young to senior citizens, everyone loves Monos luggage design and features.

Oh, you have reached this line then. I can see you are a curious reader. Read the following text to know more about this newly founded luggage brand.

Which company makes Monos luggage?

Monos has no manufacturing facility. This brand has contracts with some third-party manufacturers in the Chinese region. The luggage brand calls those manufacturers factory partners.

First of all, you need to know that Monos is a for-profit company. Do you know what a for-profit company is? It is a type of company that operates to make money. The profit can either come from manufacturing and selling or only selling.

Monos makes a profit from selling luggage. However, manufacturing is not this brand’s concern. But wait. Does Monos entirely rely on the Chinese third-party manufacturers?

That would be a no for an answer. Though Monos makes its luggage from Chinese manufacturers, it controls the luggage quality from start to end of production and assembly. There is no compromise on this thing.

Every month, an audit team of Monos visits the manufacturing in China for a quality check. From this, we can be assured that this company is committed to its products’ quality.

Besides all these, the Chinese manufacturer has a SA8000 Certification. That means the factory has a safe working environment, and workers get fair wages. Therefore, there is no way of ethical violation.

But in the end, Monos is the one that gives luggage design from its headquarters to the factory partners. The brand also selects and seeks out materials for its bags and suitcases.

Thus, we can say Monos has full-fledged control over its luggage production.

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Victor Tam owner of Monos luggage

Who owns Monos luggage?

Monos is a private limited company. Victor Tam is currently the chief executive officer of this luggage company.

Victor Tam, Daniel Shin, and Hubert Chan established Monos. These three are childhood friends and had dreams of establishing something profound. And Monos is the result of that dream.

They named the company Monos from the Japanese phrase Mono No Aware. In this phrase, the fleeting moments’ beauty is appreciated. It indicates that this brand is concerned more with the aesthetics and design.

You know that Victor Tam is the CEO of Monos. But what about the other two co-founders? Well, they are also in responsible positions as well. One of them is Harbert Chan. He is the Chief Creative Officer or CCO of Monos.

On the other hand, Daniel Shin is the Chief Operating Officer or COO of Monos. Besides, there are around 200 employees currently working in the Monos headquarters. You will find them on Monos’ LinkedIn page’s people section.

What country is Monos from?

Monos is a Canadian brand that focuses on travel and lifestyle fashion. However, its luggage is manufactured in the Chinese region.

Three childhood friends founded this luggage company in Canada in 2018. However, it became fully functional in early 2019. The three started this brand in Vancouver, Canada, and now its headquarters is in that location.

You already know that Monos does not have any production or assembly facility. This brand manufactures its luggage from a third-party manufacturer in China. However, the products are designed and engineered in Canada’s headquarters.

However, Monos’ governing body members could have established a manufacturing facility in Canada. But again, the wage in Canada and China has a massive difference. So, the product’s pricing would have an enormous impact.

Besides, the way Monos is doing business is safe for the brand. Therefore, even though Monos is a Canadian brand, it has to continue its production in China.

Now, let’s talk about the brand’s name. You may think that Monos is a Japanese brand due to its Japanese name. But no. Monos’ co-founders just took a word from Japanese vocabulary for this brand. That’s it.

Is Monos a reputable company?

Monos is an esteemed luggage brand, and people always expect highly from this company. It is due to this brand’s commitment to quality and aesthetics.

As of this writing, Monos officially sells its luggage in four regions. The regions are given below:

  • The United States
  • The United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia

Besides these four countries, you will find Monos luggage and other travel accessories in other countries, such as India, China, etc. However, those are sold unofficially in those regions. But why is this demand?

Even though Monos is a new brand in the luggage market, it has delivered luggage with quality. The texture of its polycarbonate luggage is mindblowing.

The shape and features of Monos luggage are handy, unlike some other brands. Some of the features are listed below:

  • Built-in compression pads
  • Organized components
  • TSA-approved locks
  • Durable materials
  • Cool colors

Now, the question is why should not this company be reputed.