Where is Samsonite Luggage Made 2024 – Is It Made in US?

Samsonite Luggage is made in India, Hungary, and China.

Samsonite International is a Hong-Kong based company that primarily focuses on designing, manufacturing, distributing, and sourcing luggage, computer, and business bags.

Where is Samsonite Luggage Made

From large suitcases to small toiletries bags, Samsonite covers everything. The company was founded in Denver, Colorado.

Since 1910, Samsonite has been manufacturing quality luggage. The company is one of the most trusted and oldest luggage brands in the travel industry.

While manufacturing, Samsonite weaves fibers of durable polypropylene together. Consequently, Samsonite luggage gets ultra-strong materials.

Besides, the durable polypropylene is reinforced with individual sheets, producing a robust outer shell.

Hence, Samsonite luggage is manufactured in an advanced production facility after melting several woven polypropylene fabrics.

However, the Samsonite Omni PC is made with polycarbonate construction which is extremely scratch-resistant. Thus, the Samsonite Omni PC looks as great on the 100th trip as the first!

Compared with aluminum luggage, Polycarbonate is the most durable luggage material. Aluminum luggage tends to be heavier than polycarbonate luggage.

Besides, polycarbonate luggage is flexible and highly resistant to cracks.

Regarding Samsonite backpacks, the manufacturers use 100% grain leather. The heritage of using genuine leather has made Samsonite one of the trusted brands in the industry.

In short, Samsonite manufacturers make their luggage and backpacks using quality and durable materials in India, China, and Hungary.

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Is Samsonite made in the USA

Is Samsonite made in the USA?

The answer is NO. Samsonite luggage is not made in the United States. Instead, its luggage is manufactured in China, India, and Europe.

Though Samsonite operates all of its marketing operations in the United States, the company has production facilities in China, India, and Europe.

The headquarters of Samsonite luggage is located in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. After manufacturing in China, India, and Hungary, Samsonite distributes its luggage from Luxembourg.

Production cost in the United States is comparatively high. Consequently, numerous brands establish factories outside the United States or import overseas.

In China and India, the production cost is meager. Besides, Samsonite gets all of its raw materials from these two countries.

Thus, Samsonite produces 40% of its luggage in India. The remaining 60% of Samsonite luggage is manufactured in China, Hungary, and so on.

In Samsonite manufacturing plants, more than 14,500 employees work sincerely. However, Samsonite doesn’t have any production facilities in the United States.

Who owns Samsonite

Who owns Samsonite?

CVC Capital Partners owns Samsonite.

In July 2007, finance investor CVC Capital Partners acquired Samsonite for $1.7 billion. Before CVC Capital Partners, the company was owned by the former CEO of Louis Vuitton, Marcello Bottoli.

In 1910, Jesse Shwayder founded Samsonite in Denver, Colorado. The company has mammoth experience in manufacturing quality luggage.

In 1973, Beatrice Foods first purchased the ownership of Samsonite from the Shwayder family. At that time, Samsonite was overgrowing. Beatrice Foods first released wheeled suitcases.

Later, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts acquired Samsonite from Beatrice Foods.

Today, CVC Capitals Partners make more than $2 billion in sales revenue from Samsonite.

What’s so special about Samsonite Luggage?

Samsonite luggage is a good choice for frequent travelers. A list of the top features of Samsonite luggage is mentioned below:

  • Unique Design
  • Use of durable Polycarbonate
  • Impact Resistant
  • Reliable and Practical
  • Combines bold designs with cutting-edge technology
  • Resistant to wear and tear during travel
  • Lightweight
  • Designed with a brushed exterior texture that hides scratches
  • Use of new revolutionary polypropylene material called Flowlite

Samsonite features a lot of advantages to travelers. The luggage brand also costs a bit higher than other brands.

Nonetheless, users of Samsonite luggage love it as the brand provides an incredibly high standard.

Is Samsonite worth the price?

According to many users of Samsonite luggage, the brand is worth the money.

Samsonite luggage may be expensive, but it features a lot of advantages. Samsonite luggage is well-known for its durable materials.

Besides, the brand has all the features you would expect a premium suitcase to have. The brand also covers a great warranty.

Samsonite luggage undergoes different tests to ensure its sturdiness and quality. Overall, Samsonite is worth the price.