Which Country Makes Panama Hats? – Is It Made in Ecuador

Panama Hats are made in Ecuador.

Panama Hats are also known as Ecuadorian hats. This type of traditional hat originated in Ecuador.

Which Country Makes Panama Hats

Ecuadorian hats, aka Panama hats, are lightweight, light-colored, and breathable. Collecting leaves from the Carludovica Palmata, the manufacturers fabricate Panama hats.

The quality of Panama hats depends on the finesse of the weave, tightness, and the time spent weaving a complete hat out of the toquilla straw.

The tradition of weaving hats in Ecuador has existed for over 500 years. Due to the Panama Canal trading post, Ecuadorian hats gained a global name as Panama Hats.

In the 20th Century, Panama Hats became popular as seaside accessories owing to their ease of wear and breathability.

Panama hats protect from the hot sun and heat. Besides, the tightly woven Panama hat can be used as a bucket to hold water.

However, Panama Hats are not waterproof and won’t protect your head from the rain. In Ecuador, 80% of people weave ultra-fine hats. Panama hat production facilities are also located across Ecuador.

Thus, Panama hats are made in Ecuador.

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Where are the best Panama Hats made

Where are the best Panama Hats made?

The best Panama Hats are made in Ecuador.

The legendary genuine Panama Hat continues to be made of toquilla palm by artisans in Montecristi, Ecuador.

The best Panama hats in the world are well-known as the Montecristi Golden. Some people also call it Montecristi Fine 60 Point.

Montecristi Golden Panama hats are exclusively made in Montecristi, Ecuador. The city is located in the province of Manabi.

Monrecristi Panama hats take a longer time to weave alongside expertise and a lot of patience. These types of Panama hats are harder to find.

However, Montecristi Panama hats have the following characteristics:

  • Made from toquilla straw
  • Not much thicker than thread
  • Hand-split into strands
  • Woven finely (take months to complete)
  • Ensures quality and styles for all occasions

The word “Montecristi” means the highest standard in the Panama straw hat trade business. The Montecristi Straw hats are the badge of the town of Montecristi on the coast of Ecuador.

In short, expert and patient craftsmen in Montecristi, Ecuador, make the best Panama hats.

How can you tell if a Panama Hat is real?

There are numerous ways to identify a real Panama Hat. Here are some key points that you should focus on to identify the genuine Panama Hat:

Step 01: Look at the top of the hat.

This is the easiest way to identify a real Panama Hat. If the straw fibers flower out from the center of the hat, then the Panama hat is authentic. The Panama hat is undoubtedly fake if you find a square or without a center.

Step 02: Judging the materials.

The real Panama hat is made of toquilla straw. Fake Panama hats are generally made of poor-quality straw like Tetera, Iraca, and so on. By judging the materials, you can identify a real Panama hat.

Step 03: Finding the characteristic natural smell.

Authentic Panama hats have a characteristic natural smell. A real Panama hat gives a distinct scent of palm as it is made of Toquilla straw. On the contrary, fake Panama hats don’t smell.

Step 04: Checking handcraft quality.

The edges of a real Panama hat are made by hand with the same straw and never sewn by machine. Fake Panama hats are generally sewn by machine. These fake hats don’t have any traditional handicrafts.

Step 05: Looking at the inside weaving.

Authentic Panama hats should have uniform weaving of straw. A real Panama hat doesn’t have any gap between the interlaced straws. On the other hand, fake Panama hats contain gaps between interlaced straws.

Step 06: Judging the tags or labels.

A real Panama hat has a brown stamp that guarantees the origin. You won’t find brown symbols in fake Panama hats.

Step 07: Rolling or Folding.

An authentic Panama hat can be folded or rolled up. But you can’t roll up or fold a fake Panama hat.

Following the circumstances, you may identify a genuine Panama hat.

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Is the Panama Hat from Colombia?

The answer is NO. The Panama hat is not from Colombia. Instead, the product is from Ecuador.

Many people think that the Panama hat is from Colombia. The concept is wrong.

The Panama hat originated in Ecuador. In the early 1600s, hat weaving evolved along the Ecuadorian coast.

The Panama hat is never made in Panama. The product is historically made in Ecuador. In 1526, Spanish conquistadors first discovered the Panama hats in the coastal area of Ecuador.

The real name of Panama hats is Ecuadorian hats. Many people also call it a jipijapa or a toquilla straw hat.

However, the Panama hat is not from Colombia. Instead, the cap is from Ecuador.

Why are Panama Hats so expensive?

As the manufacturers of Panama hats take a lot of time to make, the hat seems expensive in the market.

The Panama hat serves a lot of features on a hot summer day. Compared with other hats, the Panama hats will cost you more.

The first and foremost reason behind the expensive marketing policy of the Panama hat lies in its manufacturing time.

A factory-made hat takes 10 minutes, whereas a simple Panama hat takes around 10 hours. The exclusive Panama hat is made by a human hand.

As skilled artisans give a lot of time to make your favorite Panama hat, you have to spend more money to purchase the Panama Hat.

How much should a Panama Hat cost?

The Panama hat cost anywhere between $50 and $25000.

By spending $50, you can easily purchase a decent Panama hat. If you want top-quality Panama hats, you need to spend $20000 or more.

The original Panama hats are expensive. While manufacturing, skilled artisans spend a lot of time making the best quality Panama hat.

The price of the Panama hat depends on the complexity of the weave. Nonetheless, you will get your favorite Panama hats by spending between $50 and $25000.