Where Are Movado Watches Made 2024 – Is It Swiss Made?

Movado watches are made in Switzerland.

Movado is an American watchmaker brand. The company is well known for its minimalist style and signature metallic dot at 12 o’clock.

Where Are Movado Watches Made

Based in New Jersey, United States, Movado operates all its manufacturing and distributing operations.

Movado is also recognized for creating Museum dials and modern aesthetics. Movado has earned more than 100 patents and 200 international awards for designing creative watches and time technology.

In other words, Movado timepieces are in the permanent collections of museums worldwide.

While manufacturing Movado watches, the manufacturers craft this timepiece from stainless steel which is ion-plated with pale yellow gold. Besides, the manufacturers feature a matching Y-link bracelet and total dial with pale yellow gold-toned accents.

Movado Sapphire watches feature flat edge-to-edge sapphire crystal, black PVD, stainless steel, and gold-plated designs.

Movado can resist water up to 30 meters with a link bracelet style.

However, Movado manufacturers use premium materials in the Swiss manufacturing facilities to give the perfect shape and style. The brand is recognized for its inherent quality and distinctive image within its price category.

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Is Movado Swiss or American

Is Movado Swiss or American?

Movado is an American watchmaker brand. The company makes all of its watches in Switzerland. Consequently, Movado is a Swiss-made American brand.

In Esperanto, Movado means “movement.” Movado watches’ headquarters is in Paramus, New Jersey, the United States.

According to the Movado Group, nearly all its watches are manufactured by Swiss craftsmanship. Since 1881, Movado watches have been manufactured in Switzerland.

Throughout history, Movado watches were first established in Switzerland. Later, the North American Watch Corporation acquired Movado watches. Since then, Movado watches have been run by American entrepreneurs.

In short, Movado is an American watchmaker brand.

Who manufactures Movado watches?

Swiss craftsmanship makes every piece of Movado watch.

The founder of Movado, Gedalio Grinberg, first made the watch in Switzerland. Gedalio was a visionary entrepreneur and creative designer.

Within a decade, Gedalio Grinberg and his brother established large factories in Switzerland for mass production. The factory installed by Gedalio Grinberg was one of the area’s largest and most modern factories.

In 1999, VLG North America, Inc. purchased Movado Group for $30 million. Under the VLG North America, Swiss manufacturers make every piece of Movado watch today.

Consequently, Swiss craftsmanship makes Movado watches.

Is Movado considered a luxury watch

Is Movado considered a luxury watch?

The answer is YES. Movado is an expensive watchmaker brand that produces luxury and a mix of fashion watches.

Movado is an iconic brand for creating the Museum’s classic collection. The brand makes watches for both men and women.

Here is the watch collection made by Movado:

  • Museum Classic watch collection
  • Series 800
  • Museum Classic
  • Movado alta
  • Artist Series
  • Artist Series watch collection
  • Bangles

Users of Movado watches have reviewed it as an expensive brand. In some circumstances, the price of some of its watches can exceed expectations.

Hence, Movado is considered to be an expensive brand.

Is Movado Cuban owned?

The founder of Movado Watch was a Cuban-born Jew who fled Fidel Castro’s Marxist Revolution.

A Jewish watchmaker family owned Movado. Gedalio Grinberg and Achille Ditesheim are the founders of Movado Watch.

In 1960, Gedalio Grinberg and his family fled Fidel Castro’s Marxist Revolution. Gedalio Grinberg was a Cuban-born Jew.

Hence, Movado is a Cuban-owned watchmaking brand.

Is Movado made in China?

The answer is NO. Movado is not made in China. Instead, all of its watches are manufactured in Switzerland.

More than 1,330 employees work under Movado Group in Switzerland. Movado is a Swiss-made American watchmaker.

Since its birth, Swiss craftsmanship has been making Movado watches in its advanced manufacturing facilities. The company doesn’t have any of its production facilities in China.

All of Movado watches’ components, from bracelets to movements, are made in Switzerland.

Thus, Movado is not made in China.