Where is Riverside Furniture Made 2024

Riverside Furniture Corporation is one of the largest American furniture brands. Its revenue growth in the past ten years was outstanding compared to most US furniture companies. And the reason is its mid-priced furniture line with a futuristic design.

In the past 76 years, Riverside Furniture has supplied its furniture internationally and all across the United States. Now, let’s find out where Riverside manufactures its home furnishings in 2024.

Riverside Furniture Corporation manufactures its furniture in Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States. The company has only one production facility here, from where it supplies its furniture all over the USA and worldwide.

Moreover, Riverside Furniture’s headquarters is also in Fort Smith.

Where is Riverside Furniture Made

Is Riverside furniture made in the US?

The answer is yes. Riverside manufactures all its furniture in the United States. The company has only one manufacturing plant which is in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Moreover, in Arkansas state, Riverside is known to be one of the best corporations.

Besides, Riverside Furniture exports its furniture through shipping worldwide from its only production facility. Around 3500 dealers sell its furniture in the US and Worldwide.

Some may think the company has more manufacturing plants in other countries because of its massive supply chain. However, Riverside has only one plant that is in the United States.

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is Riverside furniture made in the US

Is Riverside furniture made in China?

No, Riverside makes its furniture only in the United States and exports it to other countries, which is a post-production process. It has no plant in China or anywhere else outside the USA.

The company did not publish in which countries you can find its furniture. Besides some other countries, it may export its home furnishings to China. But the furnishings are made in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Who is the manufacturer of Riverside Furniture?

Riverside Furniture is an independent and privately owned furniture manufacturing company and does not have a parent company. In other words, the company produces its products under no one’s command.

In 1946, Riverside started its journey as a furniture manufacturer. Since then, the company has been working as a privately owned furniture producer.

Currently, Riverside Furniture’s annual revenue is around 200 million dollars. It means the company does not require a parent company for guidance and is doing well in business.

Who is the manufacturer of Riverside Furniture

Is Riverside Furniture good quality?

Riverside has committed to supplying good-quality furniture at an affordable price. To reduce pricing, any manufacturer has to compromise some aspects. And Riverside is not an exception to it.

Most Riverside furniture is made of composite materials. These materials are more durable than wood. However, composite is used only for durability but gives a cheaper experience.

Besides, some online reviewers complain that Riverside furniture quality is degrading. In 2022, the price hike is a staple issue. But Riverside’s furniture pricing is still in the affordable range. So, we cannot blame the company.

Considering the quality and pricing, Riverside Furniture is a good deal. But if any brand can provide wooden furniture at Riverside’s price points, go for that brand.

Does Riverside Furniture use natural wood?

Most furniture Riverside produces is made of composite materials. However, there is some furniture where the company uses wood. Even though the home furnishing is made of wood, the company still gives it at affordable pricing.

Besides, Riverside has stated why the company does not manufacture furniture using wood. One of the main reasons is durability. Wooden furniture color and quality change with the weather conditions.

Besides, wooden furniture has a maintenance cost which can be reduced using composites. However, the woods Riverside uses in its wooden furniture are listed below:

  • Pine Wood
  • Hazel Wood

How much does Riverside furniture cost?

If you are looking for affordable, durable, and futuristic-looking furniture, you can check Riverside Furniture. Most furniture brands compete to manufacture luxury furniture, whereas Riverside produces affordable but premium-looking furniture.

The pricing of Riverside furniture ranges from 130 dollars to 1800 dollars. There are several categories under which the company sells its products, including

  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Dining Room Furniture
  • Occasional Tables
  • Home Office Furniture
  • Home Theater

All the furniture in these categories is priced within that price range.

Where to buy Riverside furniture?

Riverside has a massive supply chain. As of 2022, the company supplies in 45 US states, including Texas, Arkansas, Florida, New York, Illinois, etc. Moreover, it ships its furniture outside the US.

Besides, some online retailers sell Riverview furniture on websites, such as

  • Walmart
  • Wayfair
  • Amazon
  • Home Living Furniture

Who is Riverside Furniture owned by?

Riverside Furniture is a privately owned company. As of 2022, Fred Henjes is the owner of this furniture company. Currently, he is in charge of being the president and chief executive officer of Riverside Furniture Corporation.

Where is Riverside Furniture’s headquarters?

Riverside Furniture Corporation’s headquarters is in Fort Smith. Moreover, it was established in that city.

Fort Smith is one of the largest cities in Arkansas, United States. It is near the border of two primary US states, Oklahoma and Arkansas.