Where is Tupperware Made 2024 – Is It Made in USA?

Tupperware is a famous American household production line. People widely know this brand for manufacturing food storage made of glasses and plastics. More than two million direct salespeople sell products of this company.

As of this writing, Tupperware is more than 76 years old and generates more than 2.2 billion dollars annually.

Let’s find out where this widely popular brand manufactures its food containers in 2024.

Tupperware manufactures its Tupperware products in Hemmingway, South Carolina, United States. However, it is not the only production house the brand has gotten.

Where is Tupperware Made

Tupperware has manufacturing sites in 12 other countries on four continents, including Asia, Europe, North America, and South America.

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Is Tupperware USA made?

The answer is yes. Tupperware Brands manufactures Tupperware products in the United States. Moreover, the brand was initiated in Leominster, Massachusetts, United States, in 1946.

It makes The brand an American brand as well.

According to The Journal of Commerce Online, Tupperware has three manufacturing facilities in the United States. However, most American Tupperware products come from the South Carolinian plant in Hemingway City.

To sell products in the USA, Tupperware does not have to import its products from outside the country. Instead of importing, it manufactures products according to the US market demand inside the country.

Where is Tupperware made in the USA?

Every Tupperware product sold in the United States is made domestically. So, many people ask where the brand manufactures its products in this country. Well, let’s find out below.

Tupperware has a massive manufacturing plant in Hemmingway, South Carolina. From there, the brand produces its food storage using glasses and plastics. Besides the mega plant in the United States, Tupperware’s headquarters is also in this country.

Is Tupperware made in Australia?

The answer is no. Tupperware does not have any manufacturing facility in Australia. However, it exports its products to the following countries and has a considerable demand in the market for Tupperware products.

If there is no manufacturing site in Australia, where does Tupperware manufacture its products sold in the country? The answer is simple. Tupperware produces plastic and glass products from Korea, China, and other European countries to sell in Australia.

Tupperware does not produce food storage in Australia. However, there are 13 countries where the brand runs its manufacturing process. And the countries, including

  • The United States of America
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • France
  • Greece
  • Belgium
  • Portugal
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • China
  • Japan
  • The Philippines
  • Venezuela
Where is Tupperware products Made

Why is Tupperware banned in the US?

Tupperware is not banned from the market. You can buy it in the United States. However, plastic is plastic, and it causes harm to the environment. Considering this, Tupperware is restricted from promoting its products publicly.

There is news floating all over the internet about plastic containers’ harmful sides. And plastic containers indeed carry some health risks as plastics can leach chemicals into stored food. The problems, including

  • Reducing fertility rate
  • Metabolic disorder
  • Obesity

One of the primary chemicals that contaminate stored food is Bisphenol A, also called BPA. However, Tupperware took a revolutionary step in 2010. The brand has banned BPA from its raw materials list that was used for manufacturing plastic containers in the past.

So, yes, Tupperware is safer than you think. Besides, University research centers have proved that Tupperware is free from BPA. However, it has increased its production cost a bit. But safer than sorry.

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Who manufactures Tupperware products?

Tupperware is a subsidiary brand. Its parent company is Tupperware Brands. Since Tupperware’s initiation, it has been acting as the parent company.

In 1946, Earl Silas Tupper founded Tupperware in Leominster, Massachusetts, United States. It started as a primary company, but as Tupperware grew, it turned into a subsidiary company under its group.

As of 2022, Tupperware Brands works as the dealer, manufacturer, distributor, exporter, and importer of Tupperware products. This segregation has helped Tupperware to use a multi-level marketing strategy.

How long do Tupperware products last?

Tupperware is a plastic food storage product. Technically, plastic lasts an infinite lifetime, which means you will not see its decay in your lifespan. So, yes, it solely depends on how you use the plastic product.

For gentle use, you should be able to use it for your whole life. But for rough use, its lifespan degrades. Plastics crack very easily as they cannot carry high loads. Besides, during the dishwashing, you may scratch its inner surface.

However, either way, Tupperware will still be usable. As this brand’s products are BPA Free, you do not need to worry when containers’ surfaces are scratched. It should not release harmful chemicals.

Where can I buy Tupperware products?

Tupperware’s selling chain is spread worldwide. More than 2 million sellers are in direct contact with this brand. So, you may find Tupperware everywhere on earth. And for the United States, every kitchenware and tableware retailer has its plastic containers.

Besides the offline stores, some online retailers sell Tupperware products on online marketplaces. So, you can buy its products sitting at home and waiting when the deliveryman will come with your desired products.

The websites where you will find Tupperware products, including

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Tupperware (Official Website)
  • Bed Bath And Beyond
  • Flipkart
  • eBay